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RaiJinX - ♥煩悩の紙和本脳野上♥


Origin- Brooklyn, New York, U.S.A

Occupation- Student, Aspiring Novelist/Writer

Has Played Tekken since- Tekken 4

Other likeable characters (not in order)- Lei Wulong, Julia Chang, Jun Kazama, Miharu Hirano, Panda, Combot, Christie Monteiro, Eddy Gordo, Kuma 2nd, Paul Phoenix, Forest Law, Marshall Law, Anna Williams, Nina Williams, Hwoarang, Michelle Chang, Yoshimitsu, Kunimitsu, Baek Doo San (if you ever saw the Tekken Tag Tournament Extravaganza), Angel, (although he has no soul) True Ogre ('cause he actually looks cool), Roger ('cause he's a kangaroo), Roger Jr. ('cause the joey's cute and his mom wears the pants in the family), Alex (who wouldn't want a raptor with boxing gloves on? atleast he can't scratch you), Unknown (because I wanna know who she is), Mokujin (we can recycle him), Tetsujin ('cause we can recycle him, too), Steve Fox, Raven (c'mon: a black ninja that's Dennis Rodman and Blade?), Michelle Chang, Kuma (although, in Tekken he didn't even look like a bear), Combot ('cause he's in Tekken 4 and probably made from a recycled Mokujin and Tetsujin), Tiger Jackson ('cause the 70s rules), Leo, Lili, Armor King, King, King 2nd, Gon (I love random things in video games), Ho Chi Myong (Christie and Eddy's awesome mentor), Baek's father (c'mon, it's Baek's dad!), Kazume Mishima (Kazuya would be nice if she were still alive. Jin and the entire Tekken series would also never exist!), Feng's Master ('cause he actually had a soul unlike the guy who murdered him), and Mrs. Law (c'mon! the wife and mother and Tekken's WATAAHH masters) Ryu (Reminds me of Jin.)

Characters I don't like- Bruce Irvin (has no soul for siding with Kazuya on the whole "let's put a bounty on Jin's head" thing), Bryan Fury (has no soul), all the Jack robots (because of all their Tekken Tag Tournament endings, Jack-3 for not existing, soon enough Jack-6, and 'cause they suck), Devil (for not being cool enough), Ogre ('cause he has no soul), Jinpachi ('cause he's such a cheater that I never play Tekken 5 story mode unless I'm really bored), Wang Jinrei, Lee Chaolan (for being so girly), Violet ('cause no man should be named "Violet"), Bob (too outlandish to be a Tekken character), Feng Wei (has no soul), Ganryu (what a sad little man), Devil Kazuya ('cause he doesn't exist), Sergei Dragunov (has no soul for trying to steal Devil Jin), Crow (WHO NOT IN JAPAN WHO ISN'T SOME SORT OF CRAZED COLLECTOR HAS A WONDERSWAN?!), Richard Williams (favoritist), and Dr. Abel (BIGGEST LOSER WHO HAS NO SOUL), Azazel (most likely has no soul, could be the reason why Jin's insane, doesn't look anywhere as cool as True Ogre and is most likely 20xs the cheater Jinpachi ever had the chance to be, since he's Jinpachi, True Ogre AND Night Terror combined into one).

Characters I don't like yet I do- Heihachi Mishima (the reason why the Mishima's are so deranged, yet he wore a diaper in Tekken 4), Kazuya Mishima ('cause he has so many problems and loves killing people, though it's not really his fault and so he's also a likeable character), Ken Mishima ('cause he's not a real Tekken character and he doesn't even have a page anymore), Zafina (she'd better not hurt Jin if he is one of the dark stars!), Miguel Caballero Rojo (I hate his second player costume, and he doesn't like Jin, although I understand why), Dr. Boskonovitch (he's a cool guy, but why would you wanna play as a sick 92 year old?), Jane (creates the worst robots ever and works for the bad guys), and Asuka's father (losing to Feng Wei clearly means that Kazama-san has just disgraced Jun, thus he has offended Jin, his possible nephew), Craig Marduk (he's cool with King #2 now, although I probably still won't play as him in the "near" future).

Hobbies- writing movie rants for Tekken, Soul Calibur, playing PS2 games, giving older brother Tekken/Soul Calibur lecture while he is preparing to trick, writing second novel, making the randomest videos ever.

Likes- tricking, the characters stated in favorites/likeable, Martial Arts movies,playing video games, Japanese/Asian culture, JunKazamaFan, poptarts, bacon, throwing muffins at people, eating muffins, Invader Zim, Code Lyoko, anime, manga, Isshin Chiba (so sexy), Crispin Freeman (also sexy), people who like reading my "novel(s)".

Dislikes- snobby clique girls, directors that screw up movies based on games, comics and books, cocky people, annoying people, mosquitoes, boredom, jerks, people who like spamming this site.

--雷仁X/RaiJinX/Sakura 06:32, 24 January 2008 (PST)


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Special Thanks[edit]

To those who give me information when I need it most on random talk pages; to those who have other opinions on my statements on random talk pages; to those who answer my questions on random talk pages; and to JunKazamaFan for his awesomeness and for being such a pal, since I'm like his sidekick. To all you guys, I say: "Domo arigatou gozaimasu" ("thank you very much")!

The Name[edit]

Rai (雷)Japanese, thunder. Comes from Jin's element (his pretty red electricity/thunder/lightning).

Jin 1. (仁)Japanese, benevolence. Jin's name written in kanji. 2. (人)Japanese, "man." The kanji that is pronounced "jin" but means "man." Rarely used by me.

X 1. English, 24th letter of the alphabet. Very cool to add to the end of things (ex. Megaman X). Also used in Math. 2. Latin, Roman numeral for "10" (ten). Not the reason I use it.


My partner in crime, JunKazamaFan being like Batman and myself like Robin (the one that became Nightwing). A true friend. Don't stop being awesome!


Anyone on this site is automatically a nerd, and not just any other nerd, but a cool, Tekken-obssessed nerd. So don't make fun of anyone for it.


The images I upload (such as the ones below, excluding the Devil Jin wallpaper), are from (see here [1]). The Tekken Forever comic pages are from ([2]).

Character Themes[edit]

Things that you tend to see a lot on characters. This section was inspired by Christie's butterfly fetish.

1. Jin: Flames.

2. Christie: Butterflies.

3. Eddy: Being green and yellow and having "Faisca" on his chest.

4. Jun Kazama: White (mostly her white headband).

5. Heihachi: Tigers.

6. Anna: Peacock/Phoenix on her red cheongsam dress; red dress.

7. Nina: Purple jumpsuits.

8. Paul: His leather suit and his brush head.

9. Kazuya: Thunder.

10. Lee: Purple and [apparently] unicorns.

11. Jinpachi: A mouth for a stomach.

12. Julia: Native American hair-decorationy thingies (headband, feather, little thingies on braids..).

13. King/King II/Armor King: Jaguar masks.

14. Yoshimitsu: Sword and cool mask.

Official Greeter[edit]

I hereby give you the position of Tekkenpedia official greater to new users because you've been doing such a great job of it so far, keep it up! Samuel 17:07, 4 January 2008 (PST)


<youtube>_HrEVdMao1Y</youtube> Tekken's Beautiful Fighters.

<youtube>t852aWDBhAs</youtube> See description below.

<youtube>FV8tgeH_bdM</youtube> I made this video so I could put it here. Enjoy the random image I just randomly found on the internet.

<youtube>oASQWRvkYuw</youtube> Miharu Hirano and the song "I am...".

Tekken 6 Character Images[edit]

This is why I don't (or do) like certain Tekken 6 images. Credit for the idea goes to JunKazamaFan. Feel free to agree or disagree with me on my talk page.

Ling Xiaoyu, Tekken 6. Now, I actually like this one, because Xiao looks so grown up, mature and tough (watch out Asuka). The pose is awesome. 5/5.

Christie Monteiro, Tekken 6. I also like this one, too, because, as someone who takes dance (meaning tap, jazz and lyrical) lessons (although I REALLY wanna quit now), I think Christie is really "working it." It really suits her. 4/5.

Eddy Gordo, Tekken 6. I just noticed that he was thumbsing down. Still, I don't really like this one too much. Not enough feeling. 3/5.

Marshall Law, Tekken 6. This one's pretty good. Tells me that Law is ready for action (or should I say WATAAH?). 4/5.

Lei Wulong, Tekken 6. Now this is really a bad one, so bad that I just boosted Eddy's up (to a 3). He looks like a bored, angry chicken. 1/5.

Bruce Irvin, Tekken 6. Alright, this one is REALLY bad. He looks like he's trying to be "gangsta fresh." Not happening. 1/5.

Panda, Tekken 6. This wasn't isn't too great, too bad. Kawaii! 3/5.

Kuma II, Tekken 6. One of the best ones yet. I guess I think so because it looks both ferocious and funny. 4/5.

Wang Jinrei, Tekken 6. This one's ok... Kinda reminds me of a Chinese Martial Arts movie. 3/5.

Lee Chaolan, Tekken 6. Even though I don't actually like Lee, this pose is pretty good. 4/5.

Feng Wei, Tekken 6. I don't like this guy... 3/5.

Sergei Dragunov, Tekken 6. I don't like this guy either... 3/5.

Zafina, Tekken 6. This one's nice. Looks like she's dancing. 4/5.

Miguel Caballero Rojo, Tekken 6. Now we can see why Namco originally called him "Manly Man." 4/5.

Craig Marduk, Tekken 6. I hate this one. 2/5.

King II, Tekken 6. Better than Marduk's. 3/5.

Paul Phoenix, Tekken 6. Alright, now this one just plain sucks. 1/5.

Anna Williams, Tekken 6. Now she is just trying much too hard to out-do Christie. 3/5.

Nina Williams, Tekken 6. Even though I think Nina is cooler than Anna, her pose isn't. 2/5.

Steve Fox, Tekken 6. Jesus, is he even trying to look cool? I really don't think so. 3/5.

Raven, Tekken 6. This one is horrible. I know he's a ninja and all, but still--I hate it. 1/5.

Leo, Tekken 6. This one's ok. Not much for me to say about it. 3/5.

Emily "Lili" Rochefort, Tekken 6. Daddy's little girl, eh? 2/5.

Armor King, Tekken 6. This picture speaks to me. It says: "I'll punch you in the face if you get in my way. Who am I by the way?" 4/5.

Kazuya Mishima, Tekken 6. This picture says: "Don't get in my way. Otherwise you'll end up with a face even your mother couldn't love." Ouch. 4/5.

Sexy--I mean--Jin Kazama, Tekken 6. No contest, this picture is just as awesome as Xiao's. I love it! 5/5.

Yoshimitsu, Tekken 6. He just keeps getting creepier and creepier; still, he looks awesome. 4/5.

Heihachi Mishima, Tekken 6. Woah... dude, I think you should go see a dentist or something. 2/5.

Asuka Kazama, Tekken 6. Is it just me, or does it seem as though Asuka and Xiaoyu have switched places? I mean, Xiao looks so damn tough, and Asuka... I don't even know what she looks like! 2/5.

Bob, Tekken 6. As JKF said, unoriginal. Very. How dare he steal Jin's Tekken 5 pose. 1/5.

Devil Jin, Tekken 6. Oh my God... OH MY GOD. I love Devil Jin, but I DON'T love his new pose. 4/5.

Ganryu, Tekken 6. This one is the WORST Tekken 6 pose EVER!! 1/5.

Roger Jr., Tekken 6. I actually like this one. It's cute and kinda tough at the same time. 3/5.

Baek Doo San, Tekken 6. This one's pretty cool, too. Kinda reminds me of my older brother. 4/5.

Hwoarang, Tekken 6. I don't know what to think of this one. I'm not really liking his pose, and his costume has such a horrible color. But it is Hwoarang, so... 2/5.

Jack-6, Tekken 6. As much as I DISLIKE the Jack-bots (ironically the name of the enemy robots from Xiaolin Showdown), this pose is pretty ok. 2/5.

Bryan Fury, Tekken 6. Alright, now this one downright SUCKS. 1/5.

Julia Chang, Tekken 6. Oh my God.. Julia doesn't look very good here. As a matter of fact, it looks like she's beefed up. 2/5.

Mokujin, Tekken 6. This actually is pretty ok. 3/5.

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See my sandbox.

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Soul Calibur


  • JunKazamaFan is my best friend on this site.
  • I have a Jin fetish.
  • I'm a girl.
  • "Sakura" means "cherry blossom."
  • KingIsBest and Maria are my other friends on this site.
  • HikaruTora is my Youtube name. I can also be seen on BECproductions.
  • My theme song is "I am (album version)" by Miharu Arisawa.
  • The Tekken movie better not suck.
  • The Soul Calibur movie better not either.
  • Code Lyoko is a cool show.
  • The best part of Tekken: The Motion Picture was Jin's cameo at the end.
  • Angie, are you ignoring me? :(
  • The arcade version of Tekken 6 was released a day after my birthday :D.
  • Im excited about sf x t

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