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Being a character swap of Devil, Angel had only one outfit through the Tekken series.

Tekken 2[edit]

Tekken 2 Angel

In her first appearance in Tekken 2, Angel was introduced as the player two outfit of Devil. Being an angelic creature, the dominant color in her outfit is white. She has characteristic white angel wings, she wears white pants, a white dress top and a pair of sandals. She also wears ornaments around her arms, a jewel on her forehead which she uses to shoot laser-like beams, and some leaves around her head.

She's selected by pressing one of the kick buttons while selecting Devil.

Tekken Tag Tournament[edit]

Tekken Tag Tournament Angel

In Tekken Tag Tournament, Angel returns as the player 3 outfit for Devil and she is identical to her previous appearence, but has been designed with improved graphics.

She's selected by pressing the Start button while selecting Devil.

Tekken Tag Tournament 2[edit]

Player 1 Outfit: She returns as a Playable character for the first time since Tekken Tag Tournament, her main outfit receives notable changes: First, her top is now held by a single strap and extends past her hips (in a similar fashion to Roman robes), She still retains her arm bands from previous incarnations, but with cloth now attached to it, additionally, she receives new wrist bands with cloth extensions. As for her bottom, Angel now has a blue jewelled belt, and she also receives longer sashes tied to her knees. She no longer wears her golden slippers, but instead has golden anklets while fighting at barefoot. Her hair's no longer tied in a bun, but has been curled instead, while hear side bangs have been elongated.

Player 2 Outfit: Her outfit is black for the first time, instead of white.

  • She has her own character space now, due to Kazuya/Devil playing as one.