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Armor King II is the younger brother of Armor King I, which is revealed in his Tekken 6 ending. His first outfit is similar to his brother's, but his second costume has the basic design from his brother's alternative Tekken Tag Tournament outfit.

Tekken 5: Dark Resurrection[edit]

In Dark Resurrection, Armor King (not the same Armor King from the previous game) appears in two redrawn versions of his brother's outfits. Unlike his Brother, he doesn't have two costumes identical to each other. (With the only differences being the color scheme.)

Player 1 outfit
Player 2 outfit
  • Player 1 Outfit:

His Player 1 outfit is based upon his brother's classic armor outfit. The main differences with the original are that he has blades on his heels, his body armor is now divided in two pieces, to allow more movement, and that the shoulder pads are now more rounded and have some armor pieces going down his arm.

  • Player 2 Outfit:

His Player 2 outfit is based upon his brother's Tekken Tag Player 3. The main differences are that he still wears his arm protections, he has some white flame-like designs on his pants, and he doesn't wears boots. He instead wears gym shoes with stings on their tip and a red base.

Tekken 6[edit]

Player 1 outfit
  • Armor King returns with the same costumes as Tekken 5: Dark Resurrection and receives no new default costumes whatsoever. Although, Like every other character, he can be heavily customized.

Tekken Tag Tournament 2[edit]

  • Like every other character, Armor King returns with two costumes that are identical to each other. His Player 1 Outfit is the same as it was in the previous games. His second costume however, is identical to the aforementioned Player 1 Outfit but, his leather pants become Mahogany colored, instead of Black.
Armor King's (Player 1) appearance in Tekken Tag Tournament 2