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Bruce has worn kickboxer shorts throughout all Tekken games as his Player 1 outfit, while his Player 2 outfit changed rarely. He always has the same tribal tatoos on his chest and back and the same hairstyle.

Tekken 2[edit]

Bruce was one of the new Tekken 2 sub-boss characters, so he had two almost identical outfits.

Bruce's Tekken 2 Player 1 outfit.
Bruce's Tekken 2 Player 2 outfit.

In his Player 1 outfit (selected pressing one of the punch buttons) Bruce wears navy blue trunks with red flame drawings on them. He also wears hand and foot wraps.

In his Player 2 outfit (selected pressing one of the kick buttons) the trunks are white with red stripes and the red writing "Bruce" on them. He also wears black foot wraps and black boxing gloves instead of hand wraps. His Mohawk is in a ponytail.

Tekken Tag Tournament[edit]

Bruce's Tekken Tag Tournament Player 1 (left) and Player 2 (right) outfits.
  • As for almost every character returning from Tekken 2, in Tekken Tag Tournament Bruce has the same two outfits he had in his previous appearance, but is designed with improved graphics.

There are just little differences in his outfits: in his Player 1 outfit his hand and foot wraps also cover his forearms and calfs and his trunks color is now purple with red,orange and yellow flame designs; in his Player 2 outfit his ankle supports are purple instead of black.

Tekken 5[edit]

In Tekken 5 Bruce returns with a new Player 2 Outfit and an unlockable Player 3 outfit in the PlayStation 2 version.

Bruce's outfits in Tekken 5.

Player 1 outfit: His Player 1 Outfit is updated and is now blue. It also has red, orange and yellow designs/flames on them.

Player 2 outfit : Bruce's new Player 2 Outfit consists of a black jeans, brown boots, a white tank top and hand wraps. He also has white designs similar to his tatoos on the tank top and jeans.

Bruce's Tekken 5 Player 3 outfit.

His Player 3 Outfit (bought in the customization area is selected by pressing the right punch button) is a Muay Thai classic style fighting uniform. It consists in blue trunks, a golden belt, white hand wraps, orange bands around his ankles and traditional Prajioud around his arms and head.

Tekken 5: Dark Resurrection[edit]

Bruce's Dark Resurrection Player 1 (right) and Player 2 (left) outfits.
  • As for almost every returning character, Bruce's default costumes have been recolored in Dark Resurrection. His Player 1 Outfit shows his kick boxer shorts changing to pink instead of blue, and in His Player 2 Outfit, his Tank top is Changed to Black and his Jeans change to purple. His boots however, remain Brown.
  • His Extra costume remains the same, with no further changes.

Tekken 6[edit]

Bruce's outfits in Tekken 6.

Like most of the other characters, Bruce receives no new default costumes.

Tekken Tag Tournament 2 [edit]

Like every other character, Bruce returns with two costumes that are identical to each other. His Player 1 Outfit, remains the same as it was in Tekkens 5 & 6. His second costume is the same as the aforementioned Player 1 Outfit, but it becomes Pink again, like it was in Tekken 5: Dark Resurrection.