Demon Steel Pedal

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Demon Steel Pedal
Command b+4
Damage 21
Hit Range m
Properties CSc,GB
Move Frames Hit Advantage
16 -2 (TTT)
+2 (Devil Jin in T5 onwards)
Block Advantage CH Advantage
-4 KD
Chains from Chains to

Demon Steel Pedal, called Demon Belfry (鬼鐘楼 Oni Shourou) in Japan, was added to Jin Kazama's movelist in Tekken Tag Tournament. Since Tekken 4, Demon Steel Pedal is no longer part of Jin's movelist, though Devil Jin has been able to use it since Tekken 5.

[edit] When to use

On block, Demon Steel Pedal is safe from most forms of retaliation. During normal situations, there is nothing special about the move; it's real value is the Crumple Stun on counter hit, which will guarantee juggles/combos. It can also be used during wakeup games (furthering its usefulness on counter hit), but the user must keep in mind that Demon Steel Pedal won't normally hit a grounded opponent unless they rise for whatever reason.

[edit] Trivia

  • Though Demon Steel Pedal was officially added to Jin's movelist in Tekken Tag, he performs it during a few of his 10 hit strings in Tekken 3.
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