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Tekken 3[edit]

His Player 1 outfit.
His Player 2 outfit.
  • Player 1 Outfit:

His Player 1 outfit consists of a mostly yellow Capoeria suit with green running down on his left and right side of his top and bottoms. He has on a green wrist band and no shoes. His top exposes his lower abs and naval.

  • Player 2 Outfit:

His Player 2 outfit consists of a purple sleeveless shirt with red on the sides, dark blue shorts, gray socks, and hot pink shoes with a horizontal black strip pattern. In this outfit he has black elbow pads, (most likely) a watch, and wears sporty shades.

Tekken Tag Tournament[edit]

His Player 1 outfit
His Player 3 and 4 outfits
  • Like all Characters returning from Tekken 3, he returns with the same two costumes as the previous game, but gains two palette swapped versions of the costumes as well.
  • Player 1 Outfit

Following the concept, of his Player 1 Outfit from Tekken 3, he loses the half shirt, and The yellow parts of his pants are Changed to blue, and the green parts are changed to white. He gains a necklace.

  • Player 2 Outfit

This outfit shows his Shirt changing to a magenta color with the sides changing to white instead of red. His loses the Elbow Pads and gains white wristbands on his triceps and wrists. Finally, his sunglasses are changed to White.

  • Player 3 Outfit

Eddy's Player 1 Outfit returns with a few changes: The wristbands are changed to white and the logo on his chest is changed to purple.

  • Player 4 Outfit

Eddy's Player 2 Outfit returns but receives no changes whatsoever.

Tekken 4[edit]

His Player 1 outfit
  • Player 1:

This is the only outfit in the game for Eddy since he is just a costume swap for Christie. This outfit consists of a violet opened jacket, black jeans, and teal shoes.

Tekken 5[edit]

His Player 1 outfit
His Player 2 outfit
  • Player 1:

The same as his Tekken Tag Tournament Player 1 Outfit, except for the "Faisca" logos are bigger and the logo on his chest is blue.

  • Player 2:

This outfit consists of a light brown jacket with vertical dark gray stripes. It has a royal purple outlining going from his collar down to the unbuttoned section. He wears orange pants with several black outlining, making it look brown and brown shoes. A white belt is above his pants with a golden center. He wears more stylish shades than his Player 2 Outfit from Tekken 3. He also wears more gold in this outfit. (A watch, necklace, and his ring).

Tekken 5: Dark Resurrection[edit]

Both outfits with his customization
  • Since Eddy was only a character swap for Christie, his outfits receive no color changes.

Tekken 6[edit]

His Player 1 outfit
  • There are no changes made to either one of his costumes.
Heihachi vs Eddy in his Player 1

Tekken Tag Tournament 2 [edit]

  • Like every other character in the game, Eddy returns with two outfits that are Identical to each other. His Player 1 Outfit remains the same yet again. His Player 2 Outfit shows the aforementioned Player 1 Outfit changing to Blue and White, like in Tekken Tag Tournament, but this time, he keeps the top.