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The movelist for Eliza, who is introduced in Tekken Revolution.

Special Art / Critical Arts[edit]

Move Name Command Stance Damage Hit Range Properties
Astral Shot b+3 30 Middle
Shadow Ring d/b+4 20 Low
Rising Chaos b+1,2,4 13,15,30 (13,15,21 on launch) Middle, Middle, Middle
Splendid Edge u/f+4,2 10,10 Middle, Middle
Bloody Claw f,F+2_MGS+2 None, f+4 25 Middle

Standard Moves[edit]

Move Name Command Stance Damage Hit Range Properties
Left Punch 1 7 High
Right Punch 2 10 High
Left Kick 3 17 High
Right Kick 4 24 High
Left Uppercut d/f+1 12 Middle
Right Mid Kick d/f+4 16 Middle
Crouching Left Jab d+1_FC+1 5 Middle
Crouching Right Jab d+2_FC+2 6 Middle
Low Right Kick d+4_FC+4 7 (d+4), 10 (FC+4) Low
Spinning Low Left Kick FC,d/f+3 12 Low
Rising Left Uppercut WS+1 12 Middle
Rising Right Kick WS+4 15 Middle
Jumping Left Punch u/f+1 12 Middle
Delayed Jumping Left Punch u/f,N,1 15 Middle
Right Slap u/f+2 17 High
Ground Punch u/f,N,2 16 Middle
Jumping Left Spin Kick u/f,N+3 20 Middle
Delayed Jumping Left Spin Kick u/f,N,3 25 Middle
Descending Low Left Spin Kick u/f,N,N,3 15 Low
Jumping Right Kick u/f,N+4 25 Middle
Strong Right Hopkick u/f,N,4 25 Middle
Tackle WR (3 steps away) 5 Middle
Tackle Punches 1,1,1,1_2,2,2,2 Tackle 5,5,5,15 N/A
Unblockable Shoulder Tackle WR 30 Unblockable
Run Chop WR+1+2 24 Middle
Dash Sliding WR+4 17 Low

Command List[edit]

Move Name Command Stance Damage Hit Range Properties
Left Right Combo 1,2 7,10 High, High
Left Right Moonrise 1,2,3 7,10,20 High, High, Middle
Left Right Arc Kick 1,2,4 7,10,20 High, High, High
Arc Kick 2,4 10,20 High, High
Moon Glide f+4
Stardust 1,2 f+4 11,12 High, High
Broken Dream f+1+2 21 Middle
Rending Claw d/f+2 17 Middle
Spin Assault d/f+3 24 Middle
Sweeping Nail d+3_FC+3 12 Low
Queen Needle d/b+3 24 Low
Swan Shot u/b_u+3 16 Middle
Moonrise u/f+3 25 Middle
Splendid Wave u/f+4,2,qcf+2 10,10,14 Middle, Middle, Middle
Death Impact u/f+1+2 40 Unblockable
Deadly Slumber f,F+2_MGS+2 (must hit) 25 Middle
Bloody Claw to Standing f,F+2,B_MG+2,B (must hit) 25 Middle
Stardust Dream f+4,1,2,1+2 f,F+2_MGS+2 (must hit) 11,12,21 High, High, Middle
Noble Slash WR+3 30 Middle
Dark Wave qcf+2 20 Middle
Dark Wave to Moon Glide qcf+2,F 20 Middle
Dark Wave to Moon Glide Cancel qcf+2,D/F
Dark Wave Chaos qcf+1+2 40 Unblockable
Delta Smash WS+1,4 12,16 Middle, Middle
Rising Shadow WS+2 16 Middle
Rose Thorn WS+3 21 Middle
Majestic Stomp (While enemy is down) d+3+4 17 Low
Taunt 1+3+4


Throw Name Command Escape
Bloody Bite 1+3_f+1+3 1
Soul Rend 2+4_f+2+4 2
Phantom Rave 1+3_2+4 (Left or right side)
Deep Shadow 1+3_2+4 (Behind)
Phantom Rave d/f+1+2 1+2