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Tekken 5: Dark Resurrection[edit]

T5DR 1P: Consists of a grey corset with white feather adornments and matching grey pants with an embroidered "white rose" print. Additionally, she wears a pair of white laced sneakers, black leather hand-wraps, and a black armlet on her left shoulder.

T5DR 2P: Consists of a white Victorian-style dress with lace trimmings on the skirt and the cuffs. She also wears a pair of matching red and white gloves and boots, along with a red checkered ascot tie.

Tekken 5DR Outfits

Tekken 6[edit]

T6 1P: See T5DR 1P.

T6 2P: See T5DR 2P.

T6 3P: (Guest outfit made by Oh! Great). An unusual bridal themed outfit consisting of a white leather abdominal corset connected to white skin-tight chaps, a white chest piece that covers the upper half of her bosom, and a white embroidered lace attached to her neck that covers her right arm. Finally, she wears a pair of white open-toed boots that are attached to her chaps, a white flowing lace veil, and golden chains and shackles.

Tekken 6 Outfits

Tekken Tag Tournament 2[edit]

TTT2 A: See T6 2P. Player 2 variant wears a black dress, with matching black and blue gloves and boots, and a blue checkered ascot tie.

TTT2 B: Oilshock Designs extra outfit.

TTT2 C: Nintendo outfit, Princess Peach (Nintendo Wii U only.)

TTT2 Outfits