Hip Throw

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Hip Throw
Command 2+4
Type Front
Escape 2+4 (T2)
2 (T3+)
Damage 35 (T1-T2)
28 (TTT)
26 (T4)
Move Frames Escape Advantage

Hip Throw, called Body Drop (体落とし taiotoshi) in the Japanese version, is a move by Kazuya Mishima which has been around since the first Tekken. In the arcade version of Tekken, other characters also received this move, being Heihachi, Wang and Ganryu. Of those three characters, only Ganryu would retain this move in the later games; the other characters would lose this move in the upcoming PlayStation version when they became selectable. In Tekken 2, Devil and Angel also received this move; both being part of Kazuya.