King's Bridge

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King's Bridge
Command 1+2,3,4,1+2,1+2+3+4 (T2)
1,3,4,1+2,3+4 (T3 onward)
Type Chain
Damage 50
Move Frames Escape Advantage
Chains From Chains To
1+2,1,3,1+2+4 (T2)
1+2,1,3,1+2 (T3 onward)

King's Bridge, called Romero Special (ロメロスペシャル romero supesharu) in Japan, is a move usable by King I and King II.

[edit] Trivia

  • The Japanese name is more true to the actual hold than the US name, as King's move, King's Bridge, is the professional wrestling hold called the "Surfboard", also known as the La Tapatía or the Romero Special after creator, Rito Romero.

The Tekken 2 version of this move is one of the only moves which require all four attack buttons to be pressed simultaneously, with the exception of the Supercharger introduced in Tekken 3.

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