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Can someone please tell me what happened to the forums, I was addicted, then I stopped for a few months, then I came back again only to find that the forums I've always loved have disappeared into thin air. WHAT HAPPENED?

--Dee Jay 12:37, 28 November 2011 (PST)

Omg, Me too! oh, and It's T6:BR FAN here. Made a new account because I hate my name (; I really miss the forums.

--Dev 08:37, 13 December 2011 (PST)

Main Page Talk[edit]

The Main Page Talk was suddenly entirely erased. WHAT HAPPENED?

--Dee Jay 12:39, 28 November 2011 (PST)


Is it possible to add Tekken 3D Prime Edition to this list on the Main Page? I feel it's missing :x JanicedragonheartDiscussion 09:26, 25 March 2012 (PDT)

Minor change request[edit]

Could you change this please? (2011) Tekken Tag Tournament 2 (the 2011 to 2012) It's on the main page

The Arcade version was released on 2011 so it's more accurate to say that the game was first introduced on that date. - User:Toilethead101 22:50, 16 September (PHT)


Can any of the admins block off User:TongerHuo and his other account, User:Beats132

Tekken Card Tournament[edit]

Recently it was announced that there would be a Tekken card tournament, so can anyone help me fill out information on it- User:Toilethead101 07:52 January 22 2013 (PHT)

  • Hello again, so, i'm create article, go to this link -> Tekken Card Tournament. Wow, i'm very happy, this is my first article on this encyclopedia.
Hamachi 07:25, 23 January 2013 (PST)
  • Sorry if a little sloppy, I'm just in a hurry.
Hamachi 07:31, 23 January 2013 (PST)
Thanks Hamachi, I'll also start editing once I get more info on the game. Toilethead101 06:32 January 24 2013 (PHT)
Hamachi 03:28, 24 January 2013 (PST)


I've installed the Twitter feed extension but it looks like a theirs a bug with using it in this version of Mediaiki. I'm chasing the details down here:

Hamachi (talk) 15:19, 25 December 2013 (CET)

I Still Like It, But Not Use To It Anymore[edit]

All of this/that talking about Tekken was amazing and combo moves has increased the amount of damage to your opponents and/or CPU. There's other fighting games out their in the world especially Street Fighter, most top "T" fighting game in the world and was also presented in X-Play's "Games of All Time." Wakarimasen: meaning "I don't understand" in Japanese. This wiki needs more support, interesting topics, a new look, and may look NEW! So I've joined DeviantART for fun (I'm a traditional artist: [4]). What else I have to say? New characters? New stages? New customizations? New and larger health meters?! That's all I have to say about Tekken Pedia and I hope your adaption will become frabjous(splendid). I still like this site, nothing wrong but it's just getting a bit boring now.

Part of the problem is that theirs nothing new happening in the Tekken world at the moment, so that slows things down a bit. A few other things I'd like to implement:
  • Short animated gifs / webm videos of all of the moves. This is a massive undertaking however.
  • Tidy up some of the writing. I was looking at the article for Tekken over the weekend here and the writing is of a low quality.
  • We need citations for most of the facts in the wiki.
Actually, while I was checking Kor's Tekken Academy on Facebook, a guy actually said he wanted everyone to post gifs of every single move in TTT2 and began doing so for Paul. However, I can't remember the link, so it'll take me a while to find it again. Plus, things have been way quieter ever since the "Answer before edit" thing was implemented. Though I'm sure this year will be a busy one once the new games Harada stated get more teasers and trailers. - Toilethead101 17:25 22 April 2014 (PHT)
Lol, NVM, I just found the guy's Paul archive. Unfortunately, I don't have my own console at home, so I can't help out. Toilethead101
The captcha is required otherwise we spend most of the time cleaning up bots that erase the page and insert ads. That said, you only have to answer it once when making an account, once you're confirmed and signed in, you never see it again. Perhaps I could make sign ins a bit easier by allowing Facebook / Twitter sign-ins?
That Paul archive is almost exactly what I want to do, with one exception: The gifs are too small and the framerate too low. I want at least 640x480+ at 60fps.
Secondly, I don't have a console anymore either but I think we can do it (and do it much easier) without one. The PS2 is very easy to emulate these days, so it shouldn't be hard to run the emulator with FRAPS or some other image capture software. The PS1 is really, really easy to emulate so we could start with Tekken 3. Samuel (talk) 23:39, 22 April 2014 (UTC)

I'lll update COM[edit]

Tonight, at work at the moment.

Characters pages[edit]

Ogre and True Ogre have different pages, Bob and Slim Bob have different pages, Devil and Kazuya have different pages, Jin and Devil Jin have different pages, Jun and Unknown have different pages... but Jaycee and Julia not!!! Are you fucking kidding me?

Toilethead101 - The one who never smiles
TALK - 22:31, 28 April, 2015 (PDT)
The matter was quite a subject to debate back in the day. The main difference is obviously that Jaycee and Julia are treated as the same character (When Jaycee is available, Julia isn't in name, not even as a palette swap as with Lee and Violet during Tekken 4). Devil Jin and Jin are taken as different characters with major differing movesets. Devil and Kazuya were treated as separate entities in Tekken 2 and Tag Tournament. This case applied to both Jun and Unknown and Bob and Slim Bob. Both characters in each pair were treated separately in name, yet were in the same game.

And Kazumi and Devil Kazumi?

Toilethead101 - The one who never smiles
TALK - 02:27, 05 May, 2015 (PDT)
Treated separately as well (as was the case with Ogre and True Ogre during 3's arcade release). If Julia and Jaycee were in the same game, we can talk turkey, but since they aren't, it's a no-go.


Combot (T4) and Super Combot DX (TTT2) are different models and characters, like Jack, Jack-2 and other Jacks. Read TTT2 story.

Toilethead101 - The one who never smiles
TALK - 20:14, 10 May, 2015 (PDT)
Are you referring to the thing Lee accidentally deleted the data to (The purple machine)?

Combot is a general-purpose humanoid robot created by Violet Systems. Due to it's powerful learning AI function, Combot is suitable for a wide spectrum of applications from childcare, housekeeping, and even military duty. Violet entered Combot in The King of Iron Fist Tournament 4 to publicize their new technology but the plan back fired when it malfunctioned on stage. After embarrassing himself in front of the public, Violet swore to take revenge with the latest model Combot, Super Combot DX, created using Violet System's full resources.

A multipurposevhumanoid robot created by Violet Systems. Equipped with an advanced learning system, Combot was designed to cover a wide variety of tasks--from childcare to household chores, to military warfare. Hearing that the King of Iron Fist Tournament 4 was going to bevheld, Violet entered Combot in the event , hoping for a chance for good publicity. Unfortanality, Combot ended up mlfunvtioning during the tournament, Violet set about creating Super Combot, using all of Violet System's resources to fit his new creation with the latest and greatestbin technology.

Toilethead101 - The one who never smiles
TALK - 18:35, 11 May, 2015 (PDT)
During the Fight Lab mode, we see a purple robot which malfunctions, and destroys itself when Violet accidentally deletes the data. From that point on, he notes in the first stage that he needs to start at square one. The Super Combot DX robot could've possibly been that purple robot considering how the Combot that's used in the Fight Lab's stages is actually the original Combot because it was Violet's "square one".

What? This text is the official description for a playable character (Combot), not for a minor character. In addition... (0:36):

Toilethead101 - The one who never smiles
TALK - 20:22, 18 May, 2015 (PDT)
The project was a major plot point in the Fight Lab, and most of the information for said project can be found within the dialogues of the fight lab. Besides, the bigger concern is now actually whether or not the original Combot frame is being used. If it's being used, then Tekken 4 Combot = TTT2 Combot. Given the dialogue in the Fight Lab, it should be the original Combot. TTT2 Combot = T4 Combot + updated data.

Lili's official name[edit]

Her official name is Lili Rochefort, not Lili de Rocherfort. Sources:!/es/characters/lili!/en/characters/lili

Toilethead101 - The one who never smiles
TALK - 21:23, 27 May, 2015 (PDT)
Sorry if I'm late in replying. Apparently, Lili's full name was spelled differently in BV, having "De" (of) added. You can ask Harada on the real official name though, but currently, we're accepting BV's version since it wouldn't seem too far fetched for her real name to have "De".

Your decision is very strange. BV is a non canonical film. Tekken 6 is a canononical videogame. You should give preference to canonical videogames.

Toilethead101 - The one who never smiles
TALK - 21:23, 28 May, 2015 (PDT)
Preference is given to the longer name it seems. Though BV is considered non-canonical in story, things such as character naming, and character personality are further explored and seen. We can include the expanded personalities, but not the story obviously.

Character of the month[edit]

Who changes the character of the month? Dragunov has been the character of the month for more than 2 months now.

Toilethead101 - The one who never smiles
TALK - 23:45 February 6, 2016 (PST)
That would be JunKazamaFan.

Oh, so it's Cody Fuqua. Seems like he's been inactive in here these days, but I see he's pretty active on YouTube.

Where is he now? I think it's time to change it because I'm fed up with seeing Dragunov on the main page JK

Toilethead101 - The one who never smiles
TALK - 09:25 March 2, 2016 (PST)
He should be here somewhere. You can try giving him a pm through youtube.
I need to get around to doing it, sorry. I'm very time poor these days with an 18 month old. Samuel (talk) 05:12, 9 March 2016 (UTC)

It's April now. It's Dragunov's 4 month. For some reason, I don't think Cody can see my PM, probably because it's not notified, so I just had to delete it.

I actually tried to change it a few nights ago but I can't find the previous character of the month page for the life of me. Samuel (talk) 00:34, 8 April 2016 (UTC)

Toilethead101 - The one who never smiles
TALK - 00:52 April 8, 2016 (PST)
Tekkenpedia:List of past Characters of the Month

Finally, it has changed. Thanks for that.