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Redirect from Manly Man[edit]

If they're the same character then let's point them towards the same page. Samuel 02:02, 24 May 2007 (PDT)

Miguel - possibly inspired by...[edit]

...a guy who appeared in J.C Van Damme movie "The Quest" from 1996. Actors name is Peter Malota Lulgjuraj, and he seems to be a J.C Van Damme good friend, as they worked together while making many movies, and mr.Malota is also the martial arts choreographer.

here are some links:

The funny thin is that in "The Quest" he did not even have a name, he was simply "a guy from Spain" ^.^

Miguel is not the first character who seems to be a silly homoerotic phantasy of a game makers who wanted to show that torreador-bull fighter skills such as speed and grace of movement can be deadly... For example Balrog from Street Fighter (also known as Vega in US version), or, though it's just an impression - Raphael from Soul Calibur 2-3.

Let,s hope he wont be using a mulette or a small sabre as his sub-weapon. Anyway, weapons in Tekken??? Anna can throw her hi-hills??? OMG! ROTFL, ROTFL!!!

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Miguel's style[edit]

Hi, I was checking Wikipedia and in Miguel's page, his style is said to be Zipota, the Spanish version of Savate. Anyone wants to change it to that, or should I do it myself?--Game over 09:24, 17 December 2007 (PST)

I dunno its much more of a street fight than a boxing style , ive seen this some of his moves in mafia games/movies ALLmasked
What is "Garyuno Kenka Kakutou-waza"? Angie Y. 05:25, 14 May 2009 (UTC)
A very inflated way of saying "brawling". The official site however specifically states that he has no actual fighting style. --Hecko 17:54, 14 May 2009 (UTC)

General Information[edit]

I'd like to know why there's the mention of "sculpture" in hobbies? Someone can tell me? Aigloune

I was wondering about his height. Don't you think 6'5" is a bit too tall? I saw his height before was 6'0". He sure has a growth spurt! How come you can be so sure that he's 6'5"? Mayahabee
When you look the matches video, you can see is taller than nearly any other fighters. But maybe 6'5" is too tall. So he is certainly between 6'0" and 6'5" Aigloune
Well, that makes sense now. He's taller indeed but not 6'5" tall. I'm guessing he's around 6'2" or 6'3". MayaHabee
Yeah certainly, and for the weight too, 209lbs is too much in my opinion, i'd rather say 190 lbs...but this is a thing we'll never know about. Aigloune
Instead of trying to guess, either find actual data or wait for the game to come out. The information is likely to be stated in the manual. Also, use indentation via colons, not 'arrows' as four dashes is translated as a horizontal rule. --Hecko 22:33, 17 October 2009 (UTC)

Your Guys Are Tripping[edit]

Miguel is about 6'6"- 6'8". Have you seen him next to Bruce Irvin who is 6'3"? He is much taller than him and taller than All the fighters who are 6'4" and under. I agree don't put anything down but I promise you, he is nothing less than 6'5". I would also say Bob is 6'4"+ 06:36, 25 August 2010 (UTC)

He also wears boots with a good 1½-2 inch elevated heels, making him appear taller, so comparing with other fighters doesn't really have much impact. But it's funny how this is a topic on so many fora as well. --Hecko 11:00, 25 August 2010 (UTC)

I highly doubt the designers would count his boots to his height. But trust me. Just look at him next to 6'1" Paul, 6'2" Eddy. 6'1" Feng. He is at least 4 inches taller than them. I think the idea is that he fights sloppy but his freakish height and strength give him an advantage over the fighters. But we should ask namco. 07:06, 26 August 2010 (UTC)

I made a point of this because you said "have you seen him next to[...]". The heels would elevate him compared to whomever he's standing next to, which you seem to have neglected to take into consideration. When you compared him to other fighters, did you also make sure the they were standing completely straight, as opposed to slouching or/and having bent knees? --Hecko 14:40, 26 August 2010 (UTC)

No I heard you. I just said I really doubt the designers would give a barefoot height for Miguel. But it doesn't make a difference for now. Keep him at height and weight unknown for now until Namco gives out that info. 22:04, 26 August 2010 (UTC)

He slouches and has really long legs. He looks similar height to King whom is 6'7".I personally would guess him at 6'6" But, we shouldn't make any assumptions until Namco gives that info out.

My Question is, how do we even know about Feng's, Steve's, Marduk's, or any character past tekken 3's height? From Tekken 4 and on up, they just give the age and nationality of the character in the manuals to Tekken 4 on up. 04:50, 1 November 2010 (UTC)

Information for trivia section[edit]

The reason that Michael wears a new outfit in TTT2 is because Katsuhiro Harada himself dislike the idea that Miguel wears a matador suit, in fact, many Spanish fans criticized this point of the character, even Harada himself apologized and promised that in the new Tekken game, Miguel wears a new outfit.

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