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Origin Netherlands
Age 26
Has played Tekken since Tekken (for the PSX)
Favourite Tekken Tekken 5
Favourite characters Alisa Boskonovitch, Asuka Kazama, King II, Lars Alexanderson, Lili, Ling Xiaoyu, Miguel, Tiger Jackson

Best CGIs[edit]

My opinion of the best CGIs of each fighter.


Alex TTT2CG.png He looks quite crazy here, but it's obviously better looking than his T2 and TT CGIs. 2/5


Alisa Boskonovitch TTT2CG art.png Definitely her new TTT2 CGI. She looks very cute here. 5/5


Angel (T2)222.jpg She surely looked better in T2 than TTT2 and especially TTT. 2.5/5


Annawilliams.jpg Always looked gorgeous but her purple dress she wore instead of red in T5:DR is the sexiest. 4/5

Armor King[edit]

Armor King - CG Art Image - Tekken 6 Bloodline Rebellion.jpg He totally looks bada** here in T6:BR! 4/5


I love her smart 'backstreet Japanese' looks. T5 the best one. Great outfit. 5/5


Baek Doo San - Full-body CG Art Image - Tekken 6.png Great pose here from T6 arcade. Way better than TTT2. 4/5


Bob - Full-body CG Art Image - Tekken 6.png Looks better here in T6 arcade than T6:BR/console and TTT2. Still, copied from Jin's T5 pose. 3.5/5


Bruceirvin.jpg He looks very cool and strong here in T5:DR. Both his T6 and TTT2 ones suck. 3/5


Christiemonteiro.jpg Her T5:DR salsa is downright sexy. Better than T6, TTT2 and particularly T4. 4.5/5


Combot TTT2 CG.png Not major difference from T4 though. Looks quite nice for a robot. 3.5/5

Craig Marduk[edit]

Marduk t5.jpg Shows his power here in T5. Still, could be better. 2.5/5


Devil (T2)33.jpg Purple? Really? 1.5/5

Devil Jin[edit]

Deviljin.jpg They mostly look the same but his T5:DR CGI is the best. Cool. 4/5

Doctor B[edit]

Tekkentag2 drb.png Obviously better than T3 where he looks like a handicap. 3.5/5


Eddy t5.jpg Looks cool in T5. Also like his T3 but the newer ones suck. 3/5


Fengwei.jpg Not the best pose here in T5:DR but certainly better than T5 and T6 and TTT2. 3.5/5


Forest Law TTT2 CG.png Looks smart and nice, with his pose like his T3 ending. But why does he look fat? 4/5


Ganryu - CG Art Image - Tekken 6 Bloodline Rebellion.jpg This pose in T6:BR/T6 console is definitely better than his others. 3.5/5


Gon - Full-body CG Art Image - Tekken 3.png He looks very cute here! I miss him! 4/5


Heihachi (T2)3.jpg Not really a nice pose but he certainly looked better in T2 than in newer games. 3/5


Hwoarang.jpg Looks very cool here. 4.5/5


Gun Jack (T3)2.jpg T3's Gun Jack was the best looking Jack. He's so differently uncool in T5 and T6. 3/5


Jin Kazama (T3).jpg His outfit looked so cool here in T3. But in terms of poses, T5 wins. 4/5


Jinpachi t5.jpg Not really different from each other, but the T5 CGI shows some 'action'. 2.5/5


Julia t5.jpg She looked good in T5, at least better than now. 3/5


Jun Kazama - CG Art Images - Tekken 2.jpg I had to visit the gallery for this one because Jun's simply beautiful. Her face looked way better back in T2 than now. She looks very cute on the right with that outfit. 4.5/5


Kazuya t5.jpg Cool pose and good outfit, T5. 4/5


King - CG Art Image - Tekken 6 Bloodline Rebellion.jpg Simply a awesome pose. Greta outfit. 5/5


Kuma 2nd 1258.jpg His fur looks great here on T5. His poses have always been good though. 4/5


Tekkentag2 kunimitsu.png Nice outfit and nice hair. 3.5/5


Lars Alexanderson - CG Art Image - Tekken 6 Bloodline Rebellion.jpg Great, awesome outfit and looks on T6:BR/T6 console. Like a superhero! 5/5


Lee Chaolan - CG Art Image - Tekken 6 Bloodline Rebellion.png Nice character who never really had the best CGIs. T6:BR/console is his best. 3/5


Lei Wulong (T3).jpg Nice and chilling character and pose. He started to become serious after T4. 3.5/5


Leo - CG Art Image - Tekken 6 Bloodline Rebellion.jpg Her outfit on T6:BR/console suits her very well. Okay-ish. 3/5


Lili - Full-body CG Art Image - Tekken 6.png Very cute/sweet, everything about her. This T6 arcade CGI is her best by a hair. 5/5


Ling Xiaoyu - Full-body CG Art Image - Tekken 6.png She looks very nice here on T6 arcade. More mature than previously while still showing her good skills with a nice pose. Her TTT2 image sucks though. 5/5


Law t5.jpg Awesome pose on T5. His T6 and TTT2 CGIs suck big time.


Michelle Chang TTT2 CG.png A nice outfit that combines her heritage with some Western elements. Better than T1 and T2. 4/5


Miguel Caballero Rojo TTT2 CG.png One of the only characters whose TTT2 CGI is very good. He looks very cool here. 5/5


Tekkentag2 miharu.png Sexy DOA-style beach outfit in TTT2. Nicer than her school uniform in T4. 4/5


Mokujin - CG Art Image - Tekken 6 Bloodline Rebellion.jpg Except from T3 and TTT, his CGIs don't differ as much, but I guess his T6:BR/console CGI is best. 4/5


Nina(T2)2.jpg Her T5 CGI rocks and is way better than all the newer CGIs. But I still love her T2 looks! 4/5


Ogre TTT2 CG.png He does indeed look Ancient. It's okay. 3/5

True Ogre[edit]

True Ogre TTT2 CG.png Very, ugly creature. 2/5


Looks cute in T5:DR. 3.5/5


Paul t5.jpg His T5 looks is the best. 4/5

P. Jack[edit]

Prototype Jack (T2)2.jpg He looks great with those glasses and twisting hands in T2. His hands in TTT2 are just WAY too big. 4/5


Raven - Full-body CG Art Image - Tekken 6.png Here in T6 arcade he looks better, yet still not good enough. 2/5

Roger Jr.[edit]

Rogerjr.jpg Nice pose with his mummy on T5:DR. 3.5/5


Sergei Dragunov - Full-body CG Art Image - Tekken 6.png It's okay, nothing special. Nice outfit though on T6 arcade. 3/5


Steve Fox - Full-body CG Art Image - Tekken 6.png Cool T6 arcade pose. 4/5


Tiger Jackson TTT2 CG.png Simply awesome classic looks! 5/5


Tekkentag2 unknown.png Strange, but I like it in some way. 3.5/5


Wang Jinrei - Full-body CG Art Image - Tekken 6.png Looks like a wind stopper! Epic. 4.5/5


Yoshimitsu(TTT).jpg Miss his old look in TTT. Great. 4.5/5


Zafina - Full-body CG Art Image - Tekken 6.png Nice outfit in T6 arcade. 3/5