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Character Page 2.0[edit]

Please refer all comments and questions regarding the new layout to Tekkenpedia English talk:Character Page 2.0 and I'll be sure to get back to you. :)

All previous comments regarding this have been moved there.


I think the new layout is looking good now actually. Just a little iffy on the videos not being in their own section since it's a bit more confusing. Hopefully we can find a way to fix that though. And I'd love to help with the layout as much as I can, but since I started college, I probably won't be able to edit as actively as I used to. Congrats on the new layout.

Oh, and what is your PSN? Because I didn't bring my PS3 with me to college for this semester and I'm not sure if you added me before then. Probably won't be able to get on until November. *sadface* --Youri

Thanks, glad your on board with it :) I would still like the videos with the instalments but the only way I can think it would work is sizing them to 180px and putting them beneath the "VS" screenshots but then that might be a little too small for videos :/? The basic conversion of all the pages is almost done then starting on fixing the smaller details, such as the introductions and main profile pictures. Well, any help you can manage with the layout is appreciated. Good to see you back on tekkenpedia. My psn is "skikes" but be warned, I SUCK at Tekken. Honestly I'm terrible lol

devil edits[edit]

You cant say the opening "suggest" it. It is the viewer that suggest it. And suggest and believe have to different meanings. We cannot take in consideration that devil possess jin in that opening. The scene in that opening could be symbolic, we dont know What it means. And the scene in the opening doesnt mean the devil gene took over him. User: Teriko

Tekken Comic[edit]

I just wanted to Thanks you for your help on the tekken comic page, i was really strugling on that page, thank you :)

No problem, ;)


What has happened to all the contributors? It seems like there used to be a lot of active contributors and now... not so much :S

I'd just like to say, if I'm working on something, feel free to go right ahead and help or improve on what I'm doing. I'm kinda getting lonely around here lol I wonder if anyone will even read this... --Skikes 02:43, 13 October 2011 (PDT)