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Millennium Tower is a G Corporation-owned building, housing only highest executives of the organization. Its security contains the best soldiers and machines of G Corporation and the best equipment to complement them. The tower is a recurring location in Tekken, which made its first appearance as a stage in Tekken 6's Scenario Campaign, where the player must fight Anna Williams and has the option to use Nancy-MI847J. After Tekken 6, the tower's rooftop is used in Tekken 7 for the stages, G Corp Helipad and G Corp Helipad (Night)

In Tekken 7's The Mishima Saga, the tower is destroyed when Heihachi shoots a laser at it from a satellite in space after retrieving footage of Kazuya using his Devil Gene. Later on, Kazuya stands atop the debris of Millennium Tower and takes his revenge by destroying the same satellite and pinning the blame on the Zaibatsu.

During the Scenario Campaign, there are two portions of Millenium Tower. The ground floor is labeled as "G Corporation, Millenium Tower", while the second portion uses the stage Lightning Storm, and is labeled as "G Corporation, Millennium Tower Heliport".

Alisa's Journal[edit]

G Corporation, Millennium Tower

With the assistance of Mr. Tougou's men, we were able to reach the entrance to Millennium Tower. Even from a distance, the tower appeared large, but up-close, it is overwhelming. There is much reason to believe that Kazuya Mishima is residing on the top floor.

G Corporation, Millennium Tower Heliport

Kazuya Mishima located. While biologically Lars's half-brother, they share no similar traits. Kazuya is clearly cruel and manipulative. We failed in apprehending Kazuya, and lost Mr. Tougou, as well. Lars's shaking fists and quickened heart rate were indications that I should not interfere.