The Mishima Saga

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The Mishima Saga serves as a large portion of Tekken 7's Story Mode. The portion acts as the continuation of the previous game's story, as well as giving various flashbacks of events dating back to before the first Tekken. The Mishima Saga has many minigame-esque moments, such as quick time events, fighting from a third person's perspective, and many fights starting in special conditions (e.g: The player's character and the enemy will start the fight with a trade).

Upon clearing Chapter 14, the player will unlock the chance to encounter Heihachi, Devil Kazuya, Jin and Akuma throughout Treasure Battle, each boss also has special abilities, which they can use during fights. Completing Chapter 14 also unlocks the 10-star difficulty. The higher the difficulty the player finishes, the better titles and player customization items they are given.


Prologue - Stirrings of Destiny

A narrator begins telling his story of familial love, how he loved his son, and how his son loved him. Turning his attention to another pair of father and son, he finds that the boy's first letter to his father was "Father, one day, I will tear you to pieces!". Soon, a flashback occurs, with a young Kazuya attempting to fight Heihachi at the Precipice of Fate, with Kazuya showing clear anger over the death of his mother.

The child's attempts prove meaningless, and Heihachi knocks the boy unconscious before tossing him off the cliff.

Returning to the present, Nina, now the head of the Zaibatsu with Jin's disappearance, recounts the final moments of the Scenario Campaign, where Jin defeated Azazel, but has disappeared in the Middle East. A soldier soon reports that UN vehicles have started searching an area within the Middle East.

As Nina is organizing plans, Heihachi appears outside the Zaibatsu, stating that the Zaibatsu either needs a guiding hand or an iron fist to reshape it.

Chapter 1 - King of Iron Fist Returns

Heihachi successfully breaches the Zaibatsu's doors, defeating multiple Tekken Force members. After defeating a group, he breaks through some metal doors, and boards the elevator of the Mishima Building. Though Nina is alerted to his presence and orders more soldiers to attack him, Heihachi retaliates by flinging one of the metal doors he broke at the soldiers using guns. The Tekken Force proceed to use rocket-propelled grenades, only for Heihachi to fling the other door to destroy one of the rockets and for him to swat out the rest. The Tekken Force soldiers then jump onto the elevator to fight Heihachi instead, officially beginning the chapter.

Defeating all the Tekken Force members, Heihachi reaches the top and meets Nina Williams. Heihachi proceeds to challenge her, stating that he returned to take back the Zaibatsu. After defeating Nina, Heihachi tells her that with Jin gone, only he can bring back the Zaibatsu to its former state. She relents and orders the Tekken Force to stand down, with Heihachi telling her that she now works for him and has a new job. A broadcast is soon aired to publicly show Heihachi's return to the Zaibatsu. His first declaration coming back, the return of the King of Iron Fist Tournament.

Chapter 2 - Blazing Vengeance

The narrator, now homeless and without many friends left, stays at a cheap hotel. Uninterested in Heihachi's return to the Zaibatsu, the narrator wonders who truly attacked his hometown; the Mishima Zaibatsu or G Corporation. Another report found the narrator and revealed to him highly confidential information regarding G Corporation that ran opposite to the biotech firm's reputation as saviors. The narrator and the reporter soon watch a special incident that occurred only months before

A flashback begins the official stage, retelling the battle Heihachi and Kazuya had against the Jack-4s at Honmaru. Both Heihachi and Kazuya find themselves surrounded by Jack-4s. Kazuya defeats scores of the machines before scoffing at G Corporation's attempt to kill him. The chapter then moves to Heihachi's perspective, and he proceeds to defeat various Jack-4's as well. Eventually, Kazuya turns on Heihachi and flings him towards the remaining Jack-4s, who proceed to detonate on him.

The flashback soons ends in the present with Kazuya watching over Millenium Tower.

Chapter 3 -The Sirius Marksmen

Shortly after the "accident", many of G-Corporation's chief executives mysteriously died. While the media wrote it as a series of tragic events, in reality, the executives failed to kill someone, and that person took his revenge. The target was Kazuya Mishima.

Nina and Heihachi begin talking about the Sirius Marksmen. When Nina asks why they are paying a visit, Heihachi replies that Jin's attempt at world domination would've failed because he lacked popular support and the need for the public to join him. Planning to use the organization's network, Heihachi hopes to reveal the Kazuya's devil gene and atrocities and be celebrated as the more humane of the two. Arriving at the cathedral, the two are soon attacked by multiple Marksmen, though the two defeat them all. Claudio then arrives to restate the organization's refusals. Heihachi, however, refuses to back down, and a fight begins between the two.

After Claudio is defeated, Heihachi reveals to him the data proving the Devil Gene of Kazuya. With the revelation, the Sirius Marksmen decide to side with the Mishima Zaibatsu.

Chapter 4 - Overwhelming Power

The narrator begins researching even more about the Mishima family. His findings reveal the clan's earliest establishment during the Genpei War, and the family's military expansion during the world wars. The head of the family at the time, Jinpachi, decided to move away from the needless conflict, choosing to instead have his family's legacy be that of martial arts. This all ended when Heihachi took power, and the Mishima Zaibatsu was born thereafter. Jin would later take the Zaibatsu, and begin the war that cost the narrator's hometown.

To properly initiate his plan, Heihachi tells Claudio that Jin is necessary to his plan, and that he also has the Devil Gene. Claudio then states that there were reports in the Far East about something "Inhuman". Jin is later revealed to have been captured by forces of the United Nations after the defeat of Azazel. Wrapped by a straitjacket, Jin then transforms, and destroys the helicopter with Devil Jin's laser. Escaping into a Middle Eastern bazaar, Jin is cornered once again by soldiers. Lars, however intervenes with a humvee and proceeds to fight the soldiers.

After defeating some soldiers, Lars manages to finally board his vehicle, and make a break. Barely running behind a tram, they escape together. The footage of the escape soon reaches the Mishima Zaibatsu. With the revelation that Jin was apprehended at the Middle East, Claudio begins to wonder what exactly was the "inhuman" being in the report.

A screen then shows Akuma emerging.

Chapter 5 - System of Hatred

The narrator finally finds an entry regarding Kazumi Mishima, confirming Heihachi's link with Kazuya. Coincidentally, when Kazumi died, Heihachi took control of the Zaibatsu, and Kazuya fell off the cliff on the same year.

A G Corporation soldier tells Kazuya of Heihachi's attempt to retrieve Jin, though Kazuya replies to hasten operations.

Chapter 6 - Awakening

While visiting a restaurant, the narrator meets a man with an ungodly fighting spirit. Lee greets the narrator as the person who is attempting to pry into the Zaibatsu's affairs. Intrigued, the narrator followed suit, and Lee formally introduced himself as they left the restaurant.

At Violet Systems, Alisa finally wakes up, and instinctively attacks Lee. Lee then reattaches Alisa's head back to her body, only for her to attack him. After defeating her Alisa finally regains her memories and recognizes Lee.

Chapter 7 - The Onslaught

Lee reveals his past and adoption along with the rivalry with Kazuya to the narrator. Lee then states that Kazuya's blood was cursed in the family.

Lee speaks with Alisa regarding her memories. She recollects her last memory of fighting Lars, and her final moments before shutting down. With tears falling, Lee reminds Alisa that these are signs of her humanity and that he will take her to meet Lars. Before they can properly move, a gas bomb detonates, revealing an attack by the Tekken Force. With Lee incapacitated, Alisa goes out to fight the soldiers. Lee later appears, and also helps deal with the intruders.

With the assault ending in failure, the Tekken Force withdraw temporarily, angering Heihachi. With little choice, Nina leaves to deal with the situation herself.

Chapter 8 - A Visitor Calls

The narrator visits the Hachijou household in Kyoto in order to find information regarding Kazuya's "cursed" blood. Finding mostly unusable information from an old man that served the Hachijou, he hears the old man humming a traditional rhyme in the family, perking the narrator's interest.

Meanwhile, Heihachi is meditating alone in the Mishima Dojo, before a man suddenly bursts in. The man reveals himself and attacks Heihachi. After enough fighting, Heihachi discovers that the "inhuman" creature Claudio was referring to was the man he had just fought. Before any statements can be made, Heihachi and the man are attacked by a force of Jack-6s. While confused, Heihachi and the man team up against the machines. Kazuya, also watches intently from the cameras of the Jack-6s.

After defeating all of the Jack-6s, Heihachi asks for the man's name. The man introduces himself as Akuma, who was sent by Kazumi to kill Heihachi and Kazuya, surprising both. Heihachi then asks why Akuma only appeared now, which he replies that he was only waiting for Heihachi to become stronger, and the two fight once more. In the end, Akuma defeats Heihachi, and he sent flying, with the cameras unable to locate him.

Kazuya then laughs at the absurdity of Akuma's link with Kazumi and how she sent Akuma to kill her son and husband.

Chapter 9 - Plan E

The Zaibatsu's attack on Violet Systems soon hit world-wide news. Shortly after, the narrator is contacted by Lee, revealing another person who was closely linked with the war, Lars Alexandersson.

Lee later takes Alisa to a facility, where Lars soon arrives. Alisa then hugs Lars, and Lars takes Lee to the unconscious Jin, who is still reeling from his fight with Azazel. Soon, more Tekken Force arrive. With the situation critical, Lars tells Alisa to retrieve Jin. On her way, Nina then interrupts her on the way and a fight ensues.

Nina is able to knock Alisa down, before tossing bombs at her, which blow her outside of the building. However, Alisa returns, and knocks out the guards near Nina, beginning the second fight. After the fight, Lee and Lars arrive and inform Nina that Jin has now been successfully extracted.

Chapter 10 - False Rumours

The narrator meets with Lars. With Lars's existence, it proved that Heihachi's blood did not contain the Devil Gene. Soon it was revealed that Jin was found. While the narrator wanted to get his revenge, Lars noted that Jin was necessary for stopping the war.

Heihachi finally emerges from where Akuma sent him and returned to the Zaibatsu. A Tekken Force member then reports that the entire squad sent to find Jin was annihilated. With Akuma in the fray, Heihachi decides to fake his death, and cancel the tournament. With this, Akuma is seen setting his sights on Millenium Tower.

Chapter 11 - Judgement From Above

The narrator pays the unconscious Jin a visit. Listening to Lars's plan to use Jin to stop the war, the narrator nodded in agreement. In the Mishima Zaibatsu, the Tekken Force proceed with Heihachi's plan of faking his death, which signals G Corporation's victory. With Heihachi out of the picture, Akuma will likely target Kazuya, who, given Akuma's strength, will be forced to use his Devil Gene, which Heihachi hopes to broadcast to the world.

Meanwhile, as Heihachi's "death" is being broadcasted, Akuma invades Millenium Tower. Kazuya orders his soldiers to lead him to the roof, and before the two fight, Kazuya asks for Akuma's relations with Kazumi. At the Millenium Tower's helipad, Akuma politely replies that she had saved his life on one occasion, and that is the debt he pays for her. The two finally begin their fight.

Overpowered initially, Kazuya finally unleashes his devil form against Akuma. With the footage of Devil Kazuya retrieved from a satellite in space, Heihachi orders the satellite to fire its laser on Millenium Tower, engulfing it in an explosion. With the destruction of Millenium Tower, Heihachi begins to gloat over his victory.

Chapter 12 - The Sun Sets

Footage of Devil Kazuya is finally revealed to the public. With this footage, the world begins to ask who to truly side with. As many people were asking questions, Kazuya finally emerges from the rubble, angered by the attack.

Claudio speaks with Heihachi. Heihachi thanks the exorcist for his service and relieves him from service. At a G Corporation base, a soldier tells Kazuya that public opinion was now turning against them. As a response, Kazuya destroys the Zaibatsu's satellite, causing it to plummet to the Earth and destroy a town, in what the media claims is "The Worst Man-Made Disaster", under the belief that it was the Zaibatsu that downed their own satellite. Figuring out that Kazuya was responsible for it, Heihachi pounds the planning table in anger, believing that everything went back to the single day he threw his son off the cliff. The world soon begins to antagonize the Zaibatsu once more, forgetting the footage of Devil Kazuya.

Chapter 13 - Truth

The narrator begins recounting the atrocities of the war, questioning the humanity of the ones leading the sides. With sides of good and evil changing by the day, the narrator visits the HQ of the Mishima Zaibatsu, declaring that he would expose them. The guards paid no attention to the narrator and rebuffed him. While wandering around, a man in black arranged to fetch the narrator, telling him that Heihachi had agreed to their meeting.

The narrator reveals all his information to Heihachi, including information regarding Kazumi and Jinpachi. Heihachi proceeds to give the journalist all the details of the Mishima family, including the curse of the Hachijou's blood. Heihachi revealed that she first entered Jinpachi's dojo as a student, and became a rival of sorts against Heihachi who also devoted himself to training. In time, they fell in love, and Kazuya was eventually born. On the year of Kazumi's death, she collapsed from one of the training regimens and was unnaturally hot. Rushing her to bed, and preparing the tools to help ease her pain, Heihachi reveals that her fever disappeared the next day.

While her fever was gone, she had no recollection of the sickness, and now had a split personality, one human, and one something else. Things proceeded until one day.

A flashback of Heihachi begins and it is revealed that Kazumi approached him after he was training. Kazumi told Heihachi that he would one day be a threat to the world, and proceeded to attack him. She tells Heihachi that the real reason she entered the Mishima family was to destroy Heihachi. She then transforms in Devil Kazumi and fights Heihachi. After her first defeat, Heihachi begins walking away from his wife. While his back is turned, she transforms again to try and kill him, but Heihachi grabs her by the neck.

Kazumi then warns Heihachi that if he kills her, he will start an everlasting chain of hatred and that if he loved her, he would let her go.

Heihachi, however, declares that she is no longer Kazumi, and breaks her neck, crying silently after the deed.

Chapter 14 - The Purpose of Battle

Concluding the story of Kazumi's death, the narrator asks Heihachi why he dropped Kazuya off a cliff. Heihachi replies that if Kazumi was not human, then it was likely that Kazuya was also to share the same fate. If the fall did not kill Kazuya, then his theory would've been correct. Heihachi then expresses regret at simply not killing Kazuya then and there.

Heihachi then gets up, stating that the only thing left for him to do is to reveal the truth and be judged. Heihachi then reveals to the narrator that he knows everything about the journalist, including his collaboration with Lars. Taken away to an unknown location, the narrator was fetched by Lars, who was contacted by the Zaibatsu to go the assigned location. In desperation, Lee and the rest of the Resistance attempted to locate Heihachi.

Heihachi was soon found in a volcano, fighting Kazuya. The fight between the two is bloody and unrestrained, with Heihachi severely wounded by Devil Kazuya, yet able to force him to his normal form. The fight finally ends with Kazuya's victory over Heihachi. Carrying his father once more, Kazuya tosses the unconscious Heihachi into the lava with the statement "A fight is about who's left standing. Nothing more."

The narrator soon publishes his work of Heihachi's story, with the hope that the fighting will end and the world will be at peace.

Special Chapter - Instant Carnage

Akuma emerges after Heihachi is dropped into the volcano. Akuma then states that he will not rest until Kazuya is dead. Kazuya transforms once again, and the two fight.

Epilogue - Epiphany

The narrator soon publishes his work of Heihachi's story, with the hope that the fighting will end and the world will be at peace.

Despite Heihachi's apparent death, it shows that G Corporation is far from ending the war. While Lee and Lars listen to Alisa's assessment of the situation, Jin finally emerges, having regained consciousness. He then states that he also has the devil in his blood and that he is the one who will kill Kazuya.

The scene closes with the following quotation from Oscar Wilde, "Children begin by loving their parents; after a time they judge them; rarely, if ever, do they forgive them."


For the most part, the Mishima Saga plays identical to any standard game, but there are various aspects to the game that give it many minigame-like moments, such as Lars being able to switch between using his fighting skills or using a gun. Inputs to switch and use specific moves will be located at the bottom left portion of the screen.

Story Assist

Throughout the story, some moves can instantly be inputted with a different command. To allow this, Story Assist provides moves to allow the player to work with the change.

Playable Characters

Prologue: Kazuya Mishima. Kazuya will still be a child when using him

Chapter 1: Heihachi Mishima.

Chapter 2: Kazuya Mishima and Heihachi Mishima. The stage will begin with Kazuya before shifting to Heihachi.

Chapter 3: Heihachi Mishima.

Chapter 4: Lars Alexanderson. Lars can switch between normal fighting and using a gun.

Chapter 5: None.

Chapter 6: Lee Chaolan.

Chapter 7: Alisa Bosconovitch and Lee Chaolan. Alisa will be played first and will start her portion with an "Eject Slider". When Lee's portion begins, he will begin by using "Blazing Kick"

Chapter 8: Akuma and Heihachi Mishima. Akuma will begin the first fight slightly damaged, after which, Heihachi will be played when fighting against the Jack-6s, before control is given back to Akuma. For the second and third rounds against Heihachi, Akuma will have a full meter.

Chapter 9: Alisa Bosconovitch. Alisa will begin in Rage mode during the second round against Nina.

Chapter 10: None.

Chapter 11: Akuma.

Chapter 12: None.

Chapter 13: Heihachi Mishima. Heihachi will be young when using him. When starting the fight against Kazumi, Heihachi will be partially damaged.

Chapter 14: Heihachi Mishima. For the last two rounds, Heihachi enters his Final Form. Heihachi will begin the fourth round with a quarter of health, but can only be damaged at specific times.

Special Chapter: Kazuya Mishima. Kazuya will be in permanent "Devil Transformation" for the entire fight.


Prologue: None.

Chapter 1: Tekken Force Members. The first Tekken Force Member will shoot his gun at Heihachi as a quick time event to start the chapter

Chapter 2: Jack-4s. The first Jack-4 Kazuya fights will always use an extended version of the "Windmill Punches" to start the chapter. The first Jack-4 Heihachi fights will always use the "Sliding Attack" to start the fight. All the Jack-4s can occasionally heal themselves and can counteract if attacked while recovering.

Chapter 3: None.

Chapter 4: United Nations Soldiers.

Chapter 5: None.

Chapter 6: None.

Chapter 7: Tekken Force Members.

Chapter 8: Jack-6s. The first Jack-6 that Heihachi will fight will be launched and damaged by Akuma.

Chapter 9: None.

Chapter 10: None.

Chapter 11: None.

Chapter 12: None.

Chapter 13: None.

Chapter 14: None.


Prologue: Heihachi Mishima. Heihachi will be young when you fight him. Heihachi cannot be defeated.

Chapter 1: Nina Williams. The fight will start with Heihachi damaging Nina. After defeating her in the first round, both Heihachi and Nina will enter Rage Mode for the second round.

Chapter 2: None.

Chapter 3: Claudio Serafino. Claudio will begin the fight by shooting an energy arrow at Heihachi, which he can do throughout the fight. Additionally, Claudio will always have "Starburst" active. After the first round, Claudio, begin the second round by shooting another arrow, and will permanently be in Rage mode.

Chapter 4: None.

Chapter 5: None.

Chapter 6: Alisa Bosconovitch. Alisa will begin the fight by using "Linear Elbow".

Chapter 7: None.

Chapter 8: Heihachi Mishima. The first fight with Heihachi will have both him and Akuma already receive some damage. In the second round, Heihachi will open the fight with an "Omen Thunder God Fist" from "Raijin Stance". In the third round, the fight will begin with a trade. During all rounds, Heihachi can perform the "Omen Thunder God Fist" from "Raijin Stance" and will be treated like a Power Crush. For the final part, Heihachi will charge up "Lightning Bolt" and cannot be interrupted. A quicktime event will play to finish the final round.

Chapter 9: Nina Williams. Nina begins the first round with a "Bombshell Blast". Alisa will begin the second round with a "Thruster Right - Burst". The third round will begin with both characters being in Rage Mode.

Chapter 10: None.

Chapter 11: Kazuya Mishima. The first fight will begin with a trade. The second round will start with Devil Kazuya performing "Devil Blaster", and will have him permanently in "Devil Transformation".

Chapter 12: None.

Chapter 13: Devil Kazumi. The fight begins with Devil Kazumi firing a laser at Heihachi. Once her health has been depleted, Kazumi will attempt to use her Rage Art, and a quick time event will play in order to stop her, but only if she is damaged while charging up.

Chapter 14: Kazuya Mishima. The first round against Kazuya will start with a trade. The second round against Kazuya will have him start by performing "Inferno", which he can perform despite not being in "Devil Transformation". The third round will begin with a trade, and Kazuya will be in permanent "Devil Transformation", albeit in true form. The fourth round will have the damage of Devil Kazuya limited to certain scenarios.

Special Chapter: Shin Akuma. Akuma's health constantly regenerates when fighting him. His movement and attack speed have also been increased, and he can instantly refill his meter by performing Ashura Senku. During the final part of the fight, a quicktime event will play, and Kazuya must use his Rage Art to defeat Akuma.


  • Although some events occur before Tekken 7, the characters still use their Tekken 7 move list. For example, Kazuya does not have access to his "Twin Pistons", which he had during Tekken 4 and Tekken 5, although he can perform the "Demon Steel Pedal", which he acquired during Tekken 7.
  • In the flashback of Honmaru, Heihachi uses Unshō Ishizuka's voice during gameplay, but during the actual cutscene, he uses the late Daisuke Gōri's voice.