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The Rage System was a system that was first introduced in Tekken 6, though a similar system, Netsu Power, had been implemented already in Tekken Tag Tournament.

The Rage System activates when a characters health drops below a set point, whereafter the character enters "Rage" and has increased attack power. The set point was initially set to 10%, but after complaints of it being too high, Namco created a patch where the set point was decreased to only 5%. This can be changed in Scenario Campaign.

During Rage, a characters hands and feet will have an afterglow, which reportedly is default red in all characters, but can be customized into other colors.

Scenario Campaign[edit]

In Scenario Campaign, entering Rage mode will grant you a 35% damage bonus. Rage Mode's trigger health and damage output can be modified with the use of costume items found in treasure chests while playing Scenario Campaign.

Rage attack bonuses are added directly to the 35% figure. So, for example, a 100% rage attack bonus means you get a 135% damage bonus during Rage. Similarly, a Rage health trigger bonus will directly add onto the default rage health, so if you'd normally enter Rage at 5%, and have a 50% bonus item, you will now enter rage at 55% of your total health, taking into account any extra health item you have active.

The maximum rage damage bonus is 120%, and the maximum trigger bonus is 50%. Combining these with additional health and a regular attack bonus will give you a very considerable damage increase, in the range of 400-500% damage while in Rage mode if using S Rank items, maxing out completely at 561%. This is because the two attack bonuses multiply instead of adding up, giving higher than expected results.

Tekken Tag Tournament 2[edit]

In Tekken Tag Tournament 2 a new tag rage system was introduced into the game. When the main character takes a specific amount of damage his or her partner will become enraged throwing them into rage mode when they tag in. As for solo characters that fight a team, they will automatically go into rage mode once they take enough damage. Also when a character is hit by a Tag Assault, either the character or their teammate will automatically be enraged. An "Allegiance Chart" was later released showing if a character loved, liked, disliked or hated another character. These would affect the rage system of the game for example: In the Allegiance Chart, it states that Kazuya and Heihachi hate each other, so one of them has to take more damage before the other can go into rage mode. In the one on one system, the rage system will work the same way as it did in Tekken 6. The rage system also introduced a new feature call a "Tag Crash". Hitting 2 and 5 simultaneously while your active character is grounded and your partner is enraged will result in a tag crash. A Tag crash basically removes all the recoverable health of the main character but gives the player an opportunity to save the said character. When the tag crash is activated the second character will dive in and sometimes "crash" on the opponent forcing them to guard while the main character will retreat.

Tekken 7[edit]

In Tekken 7, Rage no longer grants as much additional damage, instead, it will allow access to Rage Arts, a single attack that will do considerable damage. Once a Rage Art is attempted, the Rage is consumed. Fated Retribution later expanded on this mechanic, and decreased the amount of lost life required to enter rage, and the less health the user has, the more damage the Rage Art will inflict. Additionally, Rage can be used to perform Rage Attacks, expanded or upgraded versions of strings or attacks. Rage Attacks are highlighted by a blue aura, and failing to complete or to hit a Rage Attack will still consume rage.

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