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Nina Williams is notable for her blonde hair, always into a ponytail, and crystal-blue eyes. Nina usually wears lipstick, from violet, to red, to bronze, and even peach. Her signature color is purple, as she has at least one purple outfit per game.


T 1P: Consists of a skin tight purple and black outfit with a yellow sash around her waist. The outfit is sleeveless and the bottoms are three quarter length. There's a black cuff around her ankle, and black armbands around her wrists. She has a red hairband, and her nails and lipstick are also red. She is barefoot.

T 2P: Consists of a black crop top with black sleeves that have yellow patterns on them. She wears black three quarter length trousers with vertical yellow ovals down the outside of her legs. On her feet are flat black and tan shoes. She has blue earrings on, a blue hairband, and her nails and lipstick are red.

Tekken Outfits

Tekken 2[edit]

T2 1P: Consists of a skintight purple outfit with very short bottoms. She has high purple stockings with purple high heels. On her forearms, Nina has purple sleeves. She has big purple earrings, and her hairband and lipstick are red. There also seems to be a yellow ribbon dangling on the back of her dress.

T2 2P: Consists of a green camouflage skintight suit with a flaming skull and helmet design on the back. She has black leather gloves and black leather boots that end just below her knees. She has a black hairband, and her lipstick is red.

Tekken 2 Outfits

Tekken 3[edit]

T3 1P: Consists of a purple stealth suit. She has a knife holster on her right thigh and her purple high-heeled boots go up to above her knee. Her forearms have purple sleeves and she has purple cuffs around her upper arms.

T3 2P: Consists of a short, sleeveless, maroon leopard print crop top, along with some tight, black, leather pants. She has black stilleto heels on, and her black bra is visible. Her lipstick is dark red to match with her top.

Tekken 3 Outfits

Tekken Tag Tournament[edit]

TTT 1P: Based on T3 1P, her hair is recolored to white and her stealth suit is recolored to maroon.

TTT 2P: Based on T3 2P, her hair is recolored to white, her crop top and shoes are recolored to blue, and her pants are recolored to light blue.

TTT 3P: See T3 1P.

TTT 4P: See T3 2P.

TTT Outfits

Tekken 4[edit]

T4 1P: Consists of a camouflage purple and blue sleeveless catsuit. She has purple and blue long gloves that reach to her elbows and purple and silver high boots. She has a holster on her right leg and there is a choker on her neck.

T4 2P: Consists of a hot pink body suit unzipped to her chest. She also has a silver necklace, a dark choker, pink sunglasses, purple leather gloves, and white boots that go up to her knees.

Tekken 4 Outfits

Tekken 5/Tekken 5: Dark Resurrection[edit]

T5 1P: Consists of a purple and grey camouflage army suit. The lower body area is separated from the top with four straps. She wears long purple gloves that have two buckles and covers most of her arms. Her purple and grey high boots look similar to the design of her gloves. She also has a knife holster on her right thigh. DR variant is a white (Body suit/Gloves and stockings/Legs) recolor.

T5 2P: Consists of a gold sleeveless latex bodysuit. The chest area is open with a leopard design surrounding it. She also wears some white gloves and white opentoe shoes with heels. DR variant is a black (Gloves/Slippers) and purple (Body suit) recolor.

Tekken 5/T5DR Outfits

Tekken 6[edit]

T6 1P: See T5 1P.

T6 2P: Consists of a red-velvet leather jacket with a white shirt and some white trousers. She also wears white strapped opentoe shoes, and a red-velvet belt belt around her jacket.

Tekken 6 Outfits

Tekken Tag Tournament 2[edit]

TTT2 A: See T6 1P. Player 2 variant See T5DR 1P.

TTT2 B: Generic extra outfit.

TTT2 C: Nintendo outfit, Princess Zelda (Nintendo Wii U only.)

TTT2 Outfits