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T 1P: Consists of tattered white karate gi pants with a black and yellow belt, red foot guards and red fingerless gloves, embedded with ten metallic studs arranged in an inverted triangle.

T 2P: Consists of a white tank top, ripped blue jeans, red converse sneakers and red fingerless gloves, embedded with ten metallic studs arranged in an inverted triangle.

T 3P: Kazuya's Devil outfit, the first appearence of Devil. He has purple skin except for his neck and a line down the middle of his face, his hair is spiked out towards the back of his head, and he wears black shorts, gloves, and boots.

Tekken Outfits

Tekken 2[edit]

T2 1P: Mostly the same as T 1P, but his belt is only black and his gloves are no longer fingerless.

T2 2P: Consists of a white, unbuttoned dress shirt, with a see-through tank top underneath. Notably, there is a large image of a demon on the back of his shirt, possibly representing his other self, Devil. He also wears dark blue jeans, a black belt, and black boots with metal protectors. He wears no gloves.

T2 3P: Consists of a purple tuxedo jacket with a black collar, purple pants, black dress shoes, and a black sash around his waist as a belt. Underneath the jacket, he wears a white vest and an orange and yellow scarf tucked into his vest. He wears no gloves.

Tekken 2 Outfits

Tekken Tag Tournament[edit]

TTT 1P: See T2 1P.

TTT 2P: Mostly the same as T2 3P, but the jacket has golden buttons on the front and sleeves, the scarf is recolored to red, and the collar extends out from the back.

TTT Outfits

Tekken 4[edit]

T4 1P: An updated version of his T 1P. Kazuya's pants are no longer tattered, his belt is purple and yellow, and the right pants leg now has a yellow cloud and lighting-like design.

T4 2P: Consists of a dark dress shirt, black corduroy pants, black dress shoes, black sunglasses and his trademark red gloves.

Tekken 4 Outfits

Tekken 5/Tekken 5: Dark Resurrection[edit]

T5 1P: Mostly the same as T4 1P, but the right pants leg now has a gold and purple flame design and the left pants leg has a gold and red flame design. DR variant is a brown (Gloves/Pants/Leg guard) recolor.

T5 2P: An updated version of his T2 3P. His jacket is now a tailcoat and he wears a red formal vest and tie underneath. DR variant is a white (Jacket/Pants) recolor.

Tekken 5/T5DR Outfits

Tekken 6[edit]

T6 1P: See T5 1P.

T6 2P: See T5 2P.

T6 3P: (Guest outfit made by Takayuki Yamaguchi). Kazuya's Shinden outfit. Consists of a full robotic suit, with glowing green eyes, glowing red spots on his chest, shoulders, and back, and purple lines on his helmet and arms.

Tekken 6 Outfits

Tekken Tag Tournament 2[edit]

TTT2 A: See T6 1P. Player 2 variant See T5DR 1P.

TTT2 B: Oilshock Designs extra outfit.

TTT2 C: Nintendo outfit, Mario (Nintendo Wii U only.)

TTT2 D: Snoop Lion outfit (Nintendo Wii U only.)

TTT2 Outfits