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Kazuya's outfits in Tekken

Player 1 outfit: Kazuya wears tattered and torn white karate gi pants with a black & yellow belt, red foot guards and red gloves, embedded with ten metallic studs arranged in an upside down triangle.

Player 2 outfit: Considered to be His "casual" clothes, he wears a white tank top, ripped blue jeans, red converse sneakers and his red gloves from the aforementioned Player 1 Outfit.

Tekken 2[edit]

Tekken 2
1P outfit
Tekken 2
2P outfit
Tekken 2
3P outfit
  • Player 1 Outfit He retains the similar Player 1 Outfit from the previous game. However, his gloves are no longer fingerless and he loses the yellow outline to his belt. He's most likely to appear in this costume whenever he's fighting in the tournament.
  • Player 2 Outfit

His player 2 costume for this game remains one of his most unusual yet. He wears a white, unbuttoned dress shirt, with a see-through version of his original tank top from Tekken 1 underneath. Notably, there is a large image of a demon on the back of his white shirt, possibly representing his other self, Devil. He also wears a dark blue jeans,black belt and black boots with metal protectors.

  • Player 3 Outfit

This outfit consists of purple tuxedo jacket, purple pants, black dress shoes, and black sash around his waist as a belt. Underneath the purple jacket, his white V shaped vest that is connected to his white collar in his both hands is shown. He also wears a orange-yellow scarf underneath his vest. This rare outfit represents that Kazuya is the head of Mishima Zaibatsu and his player 1 and player 2 outfit would be inappropriate for him as long as he is seated on the top level throne. He's not most likely appear in this costume when he goes to fight in the tournament, but he does every time you fight him in the story mode because you are invading his Mishima Zaibatsu's throne room.

Tekken Tag Tournament[edit]

Kazuya in 1P and 2P costumes.

Player 1 Outfit His Player 1 Outfit remains the same.

Player 2 Outfit: For his Player 2 Outfit, his tuxedo has changed in several notable ways. The black sash is gone, and the jacket now only hangs to the waist, instead of being tied into his pants. The suit also has a strange, metallic glow.

Tekken 4[edit]

Kazuya's outfits in Tekken 4

For his triumphant return to The King of Iron Fist Tournament after 20 years of absence, Kazuya's player one costume gains it's first notable change and got a new player two costume.

  • Player 1 Outfit

His white gi pants are no longer tattered and torn and now have a yellow cloud and lighting-like design on the left leg. His belt changes from black to purple with the yellow outlines from Tekken. His gloves have also been updated, gaining black leather wrist straps and they are fingerless.

  • Player 2 Outfit

His new Player 2 outfit consists of a dress shirt, black corduroy pants, black dress shoes, black sunglasses and his trademark red gloves. The color of his shirt is hard to tell because it looks slightly different depends on in what stage you fight him. It's most likely black although it's mixture of black and blue because its color is very dark.

Tekken 5[edit]

Kazuya's outfits in Tekken 5
  • Player 1 Outfit

For this game, the yellow cloud and lighting logo on his pants is replaced with gold flame designs on the individual right and lower left sides of his pants with respective purple and red colors on the insides of the flames.

  • Player 2 Outfit

His Player 2 Outfit marks the return of his trademark purple tuxedo. However, it has a modified design: It now has a long back-tail and he wears a red formal vest and tie underneath. Additionally, he wears his trademark red gloves in this Outfit.

Tekken 5: Dark Resurrection[edit]

Kazuya in 1P and 2P costumes.

Player 1 Outfit: His gloves, foot guards and pants become burgundy instead of their usual white and red Colors.

Player 2 Outfit: His tuxedo changes To white instead of its usual purple color. His gloves however, remain red.

Tekken 6 [edit]

Kazuya's outfits in Tekken 6
  • For Tekken 6, The only Changes made To Kazuya's outfits are that they regain Their original colors from Tekken 5. He receives No New Default Costumes whatsoever.
  • He gains a console exclusive Metal Full Body Armor Suit.

Street Fighter X Tekken[edit]

  • He wears the same Player 1 Outfit as Tekkens 5 & 6.

Tekken Tag Tournament 2[edit]

Kazuya in Tekken Tag Tournament 2 and Tekken Revolution.
  • Kazuya's 1P outfit is retained from the last game as his only default costume. However, when two players choose his default costume at the same time, his gi pants, gloves and foot guards switch to the palette swap colors from Dark Resurrection.
  • Note: his purple tuxedo can be unlocked in ghost battle.

Tekken Revolution[edit]

  • His default Costumes are carried over from Tekken Tag Tournament 2.

DLC Costume 1: Tuxedo from Tekken 5 (with alternate colors in white and black.)

DLC Costume 2: Long sleeved purple camouflage military fatigues with black tactical vest, armored pants, and his Red gloves (Alternate colors in olive green and beige)

Tekken 7[edit]

His new attire is based on what he wore during the intro of Tekken Tag Tournament. He wears a charcoal grey suit with a matching dress shirt and red tie underneath a black leather trench coat.

  • In the game's trailer and arcade intro, He wears the same karate gi pants from the previous game.
Kazuya's new outfit in Tekken 7.