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This move is currently lacking a video. Please wait for it to be uploaded and added. If you have a recording of the move yourself, contact a member of the staff to have them upload it for you.
Command f,f+1+2
2+4,f (Kuma T1)
2+4,b (Kuma T1-T2)
1+3 (Roger/Alex)
f,f+1+4 (Kuma/Panda T3+)
Type Front
Escape 2+4 (Kuma T2)
1+3 (Roger/Alex T2)
1+2 (T3+)
1 (T3+)
Damage 35 (T1-T2)
45 (Kuma I, T2)
30 (Roger/Alex)
33 (T3+)
35 (Kuma II/Panda)
Properties Opponent can tech roll the throw
Move Frames Escape Advantage

Stonehead, called Ultra Headbutt (超ぱちき chou pachiki) in the Japanese version, is a throw used in Mishima Style Fighting Karate. It has existed since the first game in the Tekken series and is used by all practitioners of Mishima Style Fighting Karate, with the exception of Jinpachi Mishima, and also by Roger, Alex, Kuma I, Kuma II and Panda. In the latter case, the move is called "Headbutt" (Bear Headbutt (ベアぱちき bea pachiki) in the Japanese version). Only the Mishima Style Fighting Karate practitioners use the name Stonehead. The move is spelt Stone Head in the US and EU versions of Tekken 2.

Two variations of Stonehead exist. The before-mentioned Headbutt Carnival and the Devil Stonehead.


In Tekken 2, the Stonehead is an inescapable throw, yet the seemingly identical Headbutt by Kuma, Roger and Alex can be escaped.