Headbutt Carnival

Headbutt Carnival
Command f,f+1+4
Type Front
Damage 30 (T3)
33 (TTT onwards)
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Escape 1+2
Properties Can be reversed and counter-reversed with (1_2)

Headbutt Carnival, called Headbutt Competition (ぱちきくらべ pachikikurabe) in the Japanese version, is a secret throw for Heihachi Mishima introduced in Tekken 3. Headbutt Carnival bears resemblance to the move Stonehead; the damage, escape are exactly the same and the animation is very similar.

The difference in animation is, instead of the opponent being knocked to the ground, they are pushed away and electricity surrounds Heihachi's head. Another difference is that Headbutt Carnival can only be performed against certain characters. If playing against a character that aren't among the "chosen few", the grab simply won't initiate and Heihachi will do a regular attack instead.

Characters that Headbutt Carnival can be used againstEdit

Tekken 3Edit

In Tekken 3, these characters are:

Tekken Tag TournamentEdit

In Tekken Tag Tournament it can be performed against:

Tekken 4Edit

In Tekken 4 it can be performed against:

  • The characters mentioned in the above Tekken 3 list
  • Bryan Fury

Tekken 5 and onEdit

Since Tekken 5 it can be performed against

Escape and ReversalsEdit

The escape to this move is 1+2. This move can also be reversed by pressing 1 or 2 just before the hit connects, which makes the opponent headbutt him back. Heihachi can reverse the reversal by doing the same. This sequence can potentially last infinitely if done in practice mode, as every reversed headbutt can be reversed leading to a loop.

Damage re-calculationEdit

Reversing the headbutt changes the entire damage calculation. Every headbutt that is reversed does 30 damage, whether it be Heihachi or his opponent who headbutts. The final headbutt will do 34 damage, regardless of who headbutts.