Double Face Kick

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Double Face Kick
Command 1+3 (T1-TTT, T5-T6)
f+2+4 (T4)
Type Front
Escape 1+3 (T2)
1 (T3+)
2 (T4)
Damage 40 (T1-T2)
10,20 (T3-T4, TTT)
10,22 (Jin TTT, when teamed with Kazuya)
12,23 (T5)
Move Frames Escape Advantage

Double Face Kick is a move which has been around since the first Tekken, and is a signature throw of Mishima Style Karate practitioners. Up to Tekken 3, the move was called Double High Sweep, and the move still retains this name in Devil Jin and Angel's command lists. Starting with Tekken Tag Tournament, the animation of this move was changed and renamed to its current title.

On the arcade version of Tekken 1, Heihachi had this move, however for the PlayStation version, a Neck Breaker and a Jumping Powerbomb replaced his Kazuya-derived throws. As with most of his Mishima-style moves, Jin Kazama 'unlearned' this move when he changed fighting styles in Tekken 4, although he reclaims it from Tekken 5 and onward.


  • This throw's name is shortened to "Double Sweep" in Devil and Angel's TTT command lists.
  • When teamed with Kazuya in TTT, using this throw while playing as Jin will add an extra two points of damage to the second kick. Jin will also scoff at the opponent afterwards.
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