Jumping Powerbomb

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Jumping Powerbomb
Command 2+4
d+1+3_2+4 King, T3+
Type Front
Escape 2+4 (T2)
2 (T3+)
Damage 35 (T1-T2)
30 (T3-TTT)
45 (King, T3+)
Move Frames Escape Advantage

Jumping Powerbomb is a move which has been around since the PlayStation version of the first Tekken, where it was exclusive to Heihachi. On the arcade version of Tekken 1, Heihachi did not have this move, instead he shared the Hip Throw throw with Kazuya. In Tekken 2, Paul, Roger and Alex also had this move. In Tekken 3, King received a derivative of this move. In Tekken 5, the animation of this move has changed.

King's version of this move requires the opponent to be crouching, whilst Paul's version of this move is actually an attack reversal (limited to falling kick attacks such as Demon Scissors or a Frankensteiner).

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