Knee Bash

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Knee Bash
Command 1+3 (King I, Armor King I, Armor King II)
d/f+2+3 (King II)
Type Front
Escape 1+3 (King I, Armor King I T2)
2 (King II)
1 (Armor King I TTT)
Damage 30
Move Frames Escape Advantage

Knee Bash is a move which has been around since the first Tekken, and is exclusive to King I, King II, Armor King I, and Armor King II.

Starting with the PlayStation version of Tekken 1, Armor King's version of the Knee Bash was slightly modified, making the opponent roll over after being slammed, instead of bouncing back on impact. This move should not be confused with the jumping Knee Bash (f,f+4) move used by Yoshimitsu and Kunimitsu, or the Knee Drive (f,f+3+4) throw performed by Marshall and Forest Law, and Lee Chaolan.

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