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Ling Xiaoyu/Outfits

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Ling Xiaoyu is Chinese teenager with dark brown eyes and black hair tied in two high pigtails. She is also a student at Mishima High School in Japan. As such, her outfits have a dominant chinese-oriental theme, and her Mishima High School uniform has been a staple outfit ever since her debut.

Tekken 3[edit]


Default Outfits

Ling Xiaoyu made her debut as one of the 6 characters to have three different outfits. Only Forest Law, Jin, Eddy, Gun Jack, Anna and Xiaoyu have a third outfit. This third outfit is unlocked by playing as Xiaoyu fifty times and then selecting her with either the "Start" button or the "Triangle" button.

Player One outfit
Xiaoyu's first outfit is traditional Chinese outfit, consisting of an orange sleeveless qípáo top and a lighter-toned inner shirt with puffy sleeves, tucked in a yellow Obi (sash) tied in a big ribbon at the back, orange Kung-Fu pants, dark Kung-Fu slippers and thick red bracelets.
Player Two outfit
Xiaoyu's second outfit also features an oriental motif, consisting of matching traditional blue long-sleeved blouse with yellow embroidery and loose yellow cuffs, and blue shoes with black roll-top, and black shorts with yellow lining.
Player Three outfit
Xiaoyu's third outfit, like Jin's, is her Mishima High School uniform. It consists of a white blouse attached with a sailor-style collar with one green stripe on each side, a black sleeveless vest, pleated blue-green checkered skirt, and brown loafer shoes with white loose socks. A ribbon is tied in the front and is attached to the collar. The "Sailor Outfit" [1] is a common style of uniform worn by female students in Japan.

Tekken Tag Tournament[edit]

Xiaoyu's player 1 and 2 outfits in Tekken Tag Tournament
TTT - XiaoLP.gif
TTT - XiaoLK.gif
TTT - XiaoRandom.gif

Default Outfits

She retained her all 3 outfits from Tekken 3. However, Xiaoyu gained recolored versions of her original 1P & 2P costumes. One of whom can only be selected by the pressing R1 on the random character question mark icon boxes.

In her Player 1 Outfit, her qipao gets recolored in pink and in her Player 2 Outfit, her costume is recolored in orange and yellow and if you choose her randomly, it becomes green.

Tekken 4[edit]

Xiaoyu's Player 1 and 2 outfits in Tekken 4
Player 3 outfit and Miharu Hirano palette-swap

Default Outfits

Ling Xiaoyu gained two new primary outfits that are huge contrasts of her previous traditional ones from Tekken 3. Her friend, Miharu Hirano, becomes an alternate character swap when unlocked.

Player One Outfit
Xiaoyu's first outfit is a dainty pink sleeveless dress with yellow and white floral designs on one side, and matching pink hairbands and thick glowing bracelets with a yellow glow. She also wears pink shoes with black lining and glowing yellow stripes on the front and back. Underneath her dress is dark purple underwear.
Player Two outfit
Xiaoyu's second outfit is a modern sporty outfit consisting of a red cropped sports cardigan with a large white stripe design, outlined in black, on the sleeves and a black sports bra with white lining underneath. For her bottoms, she wears white track pants with black stripe designs going down the sides, and pink sneakers with black-and-red designs and white soles. She has matching pink hairbands and thick glowing bracelets, like in her Player One Outfit.
Player Three outfit
(See Tekken 3 Player 3 outfit)
Miharu Hirano
(See Miharu Hirano/Outfits)

Tekken 5/Tekken 5: Dark Resurrection[edit]

Xiaoyu's Player 1 and 2 outfits in Tekken 5
Player 4 outfit
Player 5 outfit

Default Outfits

Ling Xiaoyu gained new primary outfits that slightly resemble her previous ones from Tekken 3 and Tekken 4, and three extra costumes that can be purchased, giving her a total of five outfits, making her the character with the most outfits in Tekken 5.

Player One outfit
Xiaoyu's new player one outfit incorporates her previous Tekken 3 traditional outfits. It is a pink sleeveless qípáo, similar to her previous Tekken 3 Player 2 outfit, with white feathers on the shoulder holes and a Chinese symbol on her chest, and white shorts with black lining, similar to her previous Tekken 3 Player 2 outfit. She wears pink ballet slippers with straps around her shins, and matching pink hairbands and thick glowing bracelets, similar to her previous Tekken 4 outfits.
In Tekken 5: Dark Resurrection, the qípáo and bracelets were changed to orange.
Player Two outfit
Xiaoyu's new player two outfit, in design, is similar to her previous Tekken 4 sporty outfit. It is a sportswear consisting of yellow sleeveless sporty vest with a rabbit-shaped hood and black sleeveless shirt worn under, black elbow pads, black-and-white fingerless glvoes, gray-white jogging pants with black stripe designs, yellow rubber shoes, and matching orange hairbands and thick glowing bracelets.
In Tekken 5: Dark Resurrection, her vest was changed to white, and her jogging pants was changed to black with white stripe designs.
Player Three outfit
(See Tekken 3 Player 3 outfit)
Player 4 outfit
Xiaoyu's fourth new outfit is a trendy Panda themed outfit, consisting of a white corset with white fur on top and black furry round sleeves, a pink rose choker, a white miniskirt with white fur on the bottom and trendy belt straps, and black long gloves with fur matching her sleeves. She wears black knee-length socks, and trendy pink boots with various black-and-white designs, and black fur on top.
Player 5 outfit
Xiaoyu's fifth new outfit is a big multicolored Panda suit, with matching pink paws and feet. She also wears a small Panda-head hat.

Tekken 6/Tekken 6: Bloodline Rebellion[edit]

Player 1 and 2 outfits
Player 3 outfit

Default Outfits

  • Her 1P costume from the previous game is retained and she is the only character to keep her palette swapped costume from Dark Resurrection. However, she gains two new alternate costumes.
In her Player Two outfit
She wears a white denim jacket with a black collar stitched on, pink fingerless gloves, black sleeveless shirt worn under, a blue belt, black shorts and pink shoes with black lining similar to the ones she wore in Tekken 4.
Player Three outfit
Like Armor King II, Marduk and King II, She wears a TapouT shirt with a red checkered skirt white boots and her bangles from Tekken 5 return.

Street Fighter X Tekken [edit]

Player 1 Outfit:( See Tekken 5: Dark Resurrection Player 1 Outfit.)

Tekken Tag Tournament 2[edit]

Prologue Outfit
Xiaoyu's render in Tekken Tag Tournament 2 & Tekken Revolution

Her 1P outfit is retained from the last game, and when two people choose her default costume, her outfit will be recolored in pink like it was in Tekken 5.

Prologue Outfit[edit]

In Tekken Tag Tournament 2 Prologue, she wears a white polo long sleeved polo shirt (though the sleeves are rolled up to her elbows) with a red tie, while retaining her hairpins. Her skirt is light blue and checkered while she also wears dark blue knee-high socks and brown leather shoes. It is her Tekken: Blood Vengeance attire.

Tekken 7 & Tekken 7: Fated Retribution[edit]

Xiaoyu's new outfit.
Xiaoyu's original costume and render for Tekken 7.

Her costume was retained from the last game in the earlier stages of Tekken 7.

In Tekken 7: Fated Retribution

She gains a new costume which follows the style of her previous outfit. Xiaoyu once again wears her traditional qipao, but with a twist; her dress remains orange but is much longer and trimmed in gold and green, she wears black leggings, and instead of wearing bangles she wears bracelets and gloves thus, giving her a more mature look.

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