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This article is about the Pile Driver, performed by King, Armor King, Roger, Alex and Roger Jr. For the article about the identically-named move performed by the series of Jack robots, see Tombstone Pile Driver.

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Pile Driver
Command qcf+1
Type Front
Escape 1 (T3 onward)
3+4 (10+ frames, T3 onward)
Damage 25
Move Frames Escape Advantage
Chains From Chains To
1+2 (King only, T2+)
1+2,3,4,1+2 (King only, T2+)

The Pile Driver is a move which has been around since the first Tekken, and is exclusive to King I, King II, Armor King, Armor King, Roger/Alex and Roger Jr.

The series of Jack robots also have a similar version of this move, called the Pyramid Driver, however Prototype Jack is unable to perform this move outside of the arcade version of Tekken 1.


In earlier move lists, Heihachi's Jumping Powerbomb was incorrectly referred to as a Pile Driver, including on Namco's official US Tekken 3 and Tekken Tag Tournament websites. Roger and Alex's versions of this move were correctly named however, and the move is referred to as a Jumping Powerbomb for all three characters in Tekken Tag Tournament's in-game move list on the PlayStation 2.

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