Tombstone Pile Driver

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Tombstone Pile Driver
Command d/b,f+1+2 (T1-T2; Jacks, T3 onward)
d/b,f+2 (T3 onward)
Type Front
Escape 1+2 (T3 onward)
Damage 65 (T1-T2)
70 (T2, Jack-2 only)
58 (T3 onward)
Move Frames Escape Advantage

The Tombstone Pile Driver is a move which has been around since the first Tekken, and is exclusive to King I, King II, Armor King, Armor King, Roger/Alex and Roger Jr.. This move differs from the regular Pile Driver, as the opponent is now facing King, and King drops to his knees when performing the move, resulting in a much heavier fall for the opponent. This move was made popular by The Undertaker.

The series of Jack robots can also perform this move, however it is listed simply as a Pile Driver in their move lists. Prototype Jack is unable to perform this move outside of the arcade version of Tekken 1.


In Tekken 3, the player can perform a ground throw (King) directly after it; this move will always be a Shoulder Cracker because the opponent ends up in the Play Dead position. This is not possible against Gon, since you cannot throw him unless you are also using Gon (who cannot perform a Tombstone Pile Driver).

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