List of Tekken 2 moves in the PlayStation release of Tekken

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While Tekken 2 was in development, work had begun on creating a home version of their 1994 arcade hit, Tekken, using the brand new Sony PlayStation console. To enhance the game from its arcade counterpart, all boss characters were made playable in the console version. Because the boss characters were originally clones, barely changed from the eight selectable characters of Tekken, Namco felt the home version could do with some new moves exclusive to the newly playable boss characters. These moves were back-ported from Tekken 2, which was still in prototype stages.

Lee Chaolan[edit]

Forearm Drop, 1+3. Replaces Run Up To Drop (Law).
Infinity Kick, WS+3,3.
Infinity Kick Combo.
Infinity Kick Low Combo.
Shin Kicks, d+4,4,4,4.
Shin Kick to Shaolin Spin Kicks, d+4,N,4,3,4.
Shin Kick to Crescent Kick. d+4,N,4,u+3.
Spinning Slide Kick, f,f,N,3+4.
Somersault, b,b,b. Different notation than Tekken 2.

Kuma I[edit]

Bear Hug, 2+4. Replaces Lift Up (Jack).
Head Butt, 2+4,b_f.

Wang Jinrei[edit]

Spin Behind Elbow Smash, 2+4. Replaces Hip Throw (Kazuya).
Headlock Toss, 1+3. Replaces Arm Turn (Nina).
Medium Power Punch, d/f+1+2.

Anna Williams[edit]

Falling Arm Break, (following Reverse Arm Lock),2,1,3,4,1+2.
(Possibly other chain throws)

Prototype Jack[edit]

P.Jack loses the ability to use Jack's special throws.
Ground Zero, 2+4. Replaces Lift Up (Jack).
Megaton Uppercut, b,d/b,d,d/f+1.

Armor King[edit]

Jumping Pile Driver, 2+4,d,d,d+1+2.
Knee Bash, 1+3. Replaces Knee Bash (King). Different animation to King's version.
Exploder, f,f+3+4. Replaces Exploder (King). Different animation to King's version.
Running Exploder, f,f,f+3+4. Replaces Running Exploder (King). Different animation to King's version, rising mid kick (3_4) is no longer guaranteed if the Running Exploder is blocked.


Ganryu loses the ability to use Jack's Windup to Gigaton Punch, Sitting Punches, and the 10 Hit Combo.
Body Slam, 1+3. Replaces Body Press (Jack).
Sumo Stomp, d+4.
Thunder Clap, d/f+2+3.
Rushing Uppercut, FC+1,1,1,2,1. Replaces Rushing Uppercut (Jack). Uppercut animations changed to match the Triple Uppercut, but reverted back to the standard Jack format in Tekken 2.
Triple Uppercut L, FC,d/f+1,2,1. Replaces Triple Uppercut L (Jack).
Triple Uppercut R, FC,d/f+2,1,2. Replaces Triple Uppercut R (Jack).
Strong Open Palm, b,d/b,d,d/f+2. Replaces Megaton Blast (Jack).
Sumo Juggle, d/f+2. No follow-up to Palm Combo, unlike Tekken 2.
Double Step In Palm, d+2,2. Not infinite, unlike Tekken 2.


Kunimitsu loses the ability to use Yoshimitsu's unblockable moves.
7 Hit Combo, 1,2,1,4,4,4,1. Shortened version of Yoshimitsu's 10 Hit Combo, with the last three unblockable moves taken out.

Heihachi Mishima[edit]

Neck Breaker, 1+3. Replaces Double High Sweep (Kazuya).
Jumping Powerbomb 2+4. Replaces Hip Throw (Kazuya).
Shadow Step, b,b,b. Different notation than Tekken 2.
Demon Uppercut, f,f+2.
10 Hit Combo, f,F+2,1,2,2,3,4,4,1,2,1. Tekken 2 version, player must hold the second F for around 10 frames.
Spinning Demon Tsunami Kick, f,N,d,d/f+4,[4],[4],N,4,4.
Hell Axle, u/f+3,4.
Running Hell Axle, f,f,f+3,u/f+4