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This is the current update log for Tekken 7 and Tekken 7: Fated Retribution


14 September

Via niconico stream of Namco Sugamo Cup, Katsuhiro Harada announced that Tekken 7 will be having an arcade version test in Japan on October 3rd, 4th, and 5th[1][2].

20 September

At a Mad Catz panel during Tokyo Game Show, Katsuhiro Harada announced new character Katarina and new information about Tekken 7's Location Test: that there will be "yet to be revealed" character, as well as Katarina set to be playable at Location Test, and that Tekken 7 will be have two new 'systems'[3].

3 October

Location Test event in Tokyo and Osaka. Players got a chance to play in alpha version of the game with 18 characters available. First of all, Bandai Namco via Tekken-Net site uploaded a few manuals for the event, that shows new information about the game[4]. In one of it, revealed two new 'systems', Rage Art and Power Crush moves[4]. Bound system was changed to new system unofficially named Kirimomi"[5]. Also revealed was a second new character, Claudio, an Italian fighter with some kind of demonic powers within him. Kazuya received a new costume, which looks the same as his old costume from Tekken Tag Tournament intro and costume from Tekken Tag Tournament 2 Kazuya's artwork by Shunya Yamashita. Xiaoyu received a new face model. Tekken-Net also revealed some images of few new customization items. All characters have only one costume for play. Asuka, Lili, Kazuya and Heihachi have new CG-arts when other characters use their TTT2 CG-arts. Location Test build have three stages (one of them is temple from Tekken 7 trailer), which has some new changes in "Break System" (like two Wall Breakers in one stage). No official stream was available, so all of the gameplay footage was shot on mobile phones.

4 October

Continued Location Test event and brings some new information about Tekken 7. During first official niconico stream of this event from Namco Nipponbashi Arcade from Osaka (second stream will be on 5th October from Namco Sugamo Arcade from Tokyo[6]) showed third Banapassport Card with Kazumi's artwork by Mari Shimazaki on it.

5 October

During fifth day of the Location Test, Katsuhiro Harada has arrived to Namco Sugamo Arcade and via second stream of the event he said some information about upcoming game[7]. He said that Tekken 5 have 1/4 of the Tekken 7's budget, that Location Test build of Tekken 7 is from 2 months old, that exist a chance of collaboration between Tekken, Idolmaster and Tales Of (collaboration of Tekken and Idolmaster was later confirmed, and will be in number of banapassport cards with pictures of Idolmaster characters in Tekken characters costumes[8][9]). The statement regarding the budget, has been revealed to be a mistranslation. In reality: Tekken 7's budget is actually quadruple of Tekken 5's budget.

11 November

At November 11, 2014, another Location Test scheduled for November 22-23 was made, with machines being placed in Osaka's Round One Stadium Sennichimae Arcade, Tokyo's SEGA Ikekuburo GiGO Arcade, Fukuoka's Taito Station Tenjin Arcade and Tokyo's Leisureland Akihabara Arcade. Those who arrive early for this test will receive Banapassport cards featuring Claudio and Katarina respectively. There will also be stickers given out, and a chance for players who participated in the location test to have their names entered into the game's credits. The test's cast would be limited to the same cast as the first location test. The reason to why the machines were released in separate areas was to test the capabilities of Tekken 7's online matches between different arcades.

7 December

At early December 2014, a Tekken 7 test would be having a niconico stream, as well as a tournament, in commemoration for Tekken's 20th Anniversary. Aside from the tournament, Namco also stated that they would also be announcing new things for the game. Additionally, both, Tekken Director, Katsuhiro Harada, and renowned cosplayer, Yuriko Tiger, were confirmed as audience members, along with more "Special" guests. The stream began at December 7 in Japan. Prior to the tournament, the stream played a "revenge match" between Harada and, Street Fighter director, Yoshinori Ono, as a follow up from their "match" from Street Fighter X Tekken. The tournament's participants included many international champions such as, JDCR and Saint from Korea, Mr.Naps from USA and AK from the Philippines aside from local players such as Nobi. The tournament was won by Nobi, and he received a special Banapassport from Harada. During the event, a new character was introduced; Lucky Chloe.


1 January

On New Year's Day, Katsuhiro Harada has revealed another new character; Shaheen via Twitter.[10] Harada first raised the possibility of adding a Middle Eastern character to Tekken 7 with a concept art design he presented to fans back at August 2014.

28 January

Tekken Crash, a famous South Korean Tekken competition, returned on January 28, bringing forth Tekken 7. It has been confirmed that newcomer, Shaheen will be available for use by tournament participants. There are four teams of three in the tournament.

13 February

The game was temporarily released to a select few at the Japan Amusement Expo. In this build, Shaheen and Lucky Chloe have been successfully added with new stages. Additionally, new confirmations were added such as Kazumi acting as the game's final boss, as well as both new data and new moves given to the cast. There was no formal stream, however, forcing people to either record play using their phones or posting the known information online. Also during this event, Harada provided and recorded a small walkthrough for both Lucky Chloe and Shaheen.

18 February

The game has been pre-released in Japanese arcades. Additionally, the official Namco Tekken site has also added in the movelists for the current cast of characters. Due to the more public access of the pre-release, more players were allowed to experiment items and features. Among those features, some players complained about lag when playing against other arcades, while others took photos and recorded matches to show both Kazumi and gameplay changes.

18 March

The game is officially released to Japanese arcades. Notably, there are no new characters, and customizations are still limited, however, Harada states that updates can be done to the system online.

19 March

The game, although patched, still suffers from bugs that cause it to hang. Leaks were revealed showing models for Jin, Devil Jin and two unnamed characters. When asked by Avoiding the Puddle's Aris during Final Round about these characters, Michael Murray and Harada both confirmed that they have sketches like these all the time, and that none of the four characters are even guaranteed to make it into actual gameplay. During the interview, Harada noted that on the March 29, he will announce the first set of time release characters.

26 March

Tekken 7 has been updated to the E10 version. Aside from additional customization items and command list changes, there are now Daily Bonuses that reward items to players who play for consecutive days.

29 March

Namco's stream has started with Katsuhiro Harada, cosplayers, Yuriko Tiger and Hinako Sano, Tekken player, Gen and Tekken reporter, Hameko. Jin, Josie Rizal and Devil Jin are revealed. Jin would later be released to arcades on March 31, Devil Jin would be released a week later at April 7 and Josie would be released on April 21.

26 April

Following Josie's release, Tekken 7's second announcement occurred during Capcom's Chokaigi niconico stream. Gigas is revealed, and is released on April 28, 2015.

30 April

The game has been updated once again, from E10 to F08. The F08 version balances out the cast's attacks, as well as changing some of their move properties. Some glitches and visual bugs were also fixed in the process.

12 May

Yoshimitsu has been added into the cast.

19 May

Jack-7 is added to the cast.

2 June

Kazumi Mishima is added to the playable cast.

4 June

G15 update is made. Aside from fixing more bugs, and balancing issues, more customization items have been added. It was also now possible to form teams.

7 July

Namco announced a global tournament called the "King of Iron Fist Tournament" for 2015 with prizes in $80,000 total. It was confirmed that the top two players from EVO would automatically become participants for the tournament. The grand finals of the event are confirmed to take place on December 12, 2015. Also, Tekken 7 was updated to the H06 patch. The patch involved major character balancing, especially regarding Jack-7 as well as additional customizations.

18 July

During EVO 2015, Bandai Namco held a panel alongside Avoidingthepuddle's Aris. Harada reiterated multiple things he had answered in the past as well as clarifications regarding the current set of updates the Tekken team has planned.

Harada first notes that, at the moment, though they do have limited cabinets, but the bigger concern is if there are people who will buy the cabinets. He states the understandability of North American and European players requesting for a more immediate console release, but cites similar profit margins from Tekken Tag Tournament 2's respective arcade and console releases, and that the arcade version is still subject to further development such as graphics and balances. He also mentions a possibility regarding an American site for Tekken-Net.

Regarding updates and other time release characters: Harada noted that updates would be stalled due to major tournaments such as EVO and Mastercup, but he guaranteed the roster is still subject to change as well as potential changes. When asked regarding the decisions to replace, add or to leave out characters, Harada stated that they base choices first on the usage and popularity factor, and make some characters play differently. Murray stated that Tag 2 players had actually complained over the game's overly large cast, and noted the difficulty of having all the characters in a single go. He also considers following Street Fighter's strategy of having a base cast before releasing more in new updates, but Harada's noted to have the personal dislike for the method, believing it to have players "pay" for new characters. Harada clarified that simply because a character's moves are given to another DOES NOT guarantee that the moves' original owner is dead, citing that the case occurred during Tekken 3. The team believed that giving new characters a "familiar" feel from older characters encourages players to use the character.

With the release of the new global tournament, Aris noted concerns about the game not being accessible to a lot of countries, and Harada's response was that it was actually against his decision, and that the "Global" tournament was really meant just for the arcade sector, and they are trying to make amends by releasing location tests first in North America. With regards to the costumes, he notes the difficulty in knowing if new or old costumes have good receptions.

Japan's Nobi and AO received first and second place respectively at EVO 2015, meaning that both players can automatically be participants for the Global Tournament.

19 July

Namco unveiled a new video showing collaboration outfits from iDOLM@STER.

29 July

Tekken 7 has its Summer Campaign. The campaign gives characters swimsuit customizations and new title plates.

24 September

Namco announces the release of Tekken 7 for Southeast Asia. The new Tekken 7 Tekken Net website will be active starting at October 6.

27 October

It was confirmed at Paris Games Week that Tekken 7 will be coming to PlayStation 4, plus it was announced that it will be coming to PlayStation VR too. [11].

11 December

The King of Iron Fist Tournament took place. The English stream at Twitch had Aris and MarkMan leading commentary, while Harada, Nakatsu and Hameko led the Japanese commentary at Niconico. The tournament was won by Nobi, the runner-up is Knee and second runner-up is AO. The top three placers were each given prize money of different amounts; Nobi received exclusive Tekken Net customization items to commemorate his victory, a champion's ring and 3 million yen, Knee received 1.5 million yen and AO received 0.5 million yen. There was also an additional reward from the sponsor of the tournament given to the player who "stood out the most", and it was given to Daburu. Post-tournament, Harada announced story-related matters, and that the original picture of Kazumi and Heihachi in Tekken 2 indicated that the story had been planned since Tekken 2 prior to Tekken 7. Akuma is revealed. The updated version was also revealed to be Tekken 7: Fated Retribution. Fated Retribution was also confirmed to give majority of the current roster characters a completely new default costume change.


All updates for 2016 and succeeding times are for Tekken 7: Fated Retribution

26 January

Nina is revealed.

5 February

A new trailer for Fated Retribution has been released, detailing major game changes from Tekken 7. There were also a few images that were leaked by South Korean Ratings Board prior to the trailer itself.

12 February

The location version of Fated Retribution is released to a small amount of arcades in Japan from February 12-14. Additionally, a stream was made on Niconico and Twitch with commentary led by Nobi, Yuu and Hameko on February 12.

20 February

An exhibition match between Nobi and, Street Fighter player, Murderface Tokido takes place. Aside from the exhibition match, there was also a showcasing of Fated Retribution's new features, changes and characters. The event was broadcasted over Niconico

26 February

It was announced on the Korean Tekken-net website that South Korea will receive Location Tests from February 26 to February 28.

18 March

The game held a location test during Final Round 19, from March 18 to March 20, in conjunction with a Tekken Tag Tournament 2 tournament, won by Speedkicks, and a Tekken 7 tournament, won by Saint.

1 April

Heihachi's new default costume Tekken 7: Fated Retribution is released online.

13 June

During E3 2016, the console release date along with a new trailer was released. The release date was simply labeled as "Early 2017". The trailer also confirmed that the game will be available for, aside from the Playstation 4, Xbox One and Microsoft Windows through Steam. Michael Murray confirmed in an interview that the story mode will no longer have load screens between fights, to provide a more seamless transition between cutscene and fights. The preview of the console's main menu screen also showed that there were two unknown modes. Players, Nobi and Tokido also had an exhibition rematch.

14 June

The King of Iron Fist Tournament 2016 is announced.

5 July

The game is released in both South Korea and Japan. For the build, item battles are not yet in the game, and only Nina and Akuma are the new characters. The game will still be updated through various patches in the future to add new features, characters and balance changes as with the original Tekken 7.

17 July

Bob and Master Raven were revealed at EVO 2016.

1 August

A stream is released to showcase Bob and Master Raven, as well as to show a few more balance changes made to the game.

8 August

The game is updated to Patch C, with the main bulk of the balance changes being on Akuma. The issue of some Rage Drives being unscaled or outright resetting the scaling has been fixed. Bob has been added.

17 August

Lee and Violet are revealed. Additionally, there are screenshots of the game's story mode and pictures of an unreleased stage.

15 September

Game is updated to Patch D. Notable changes include Rage now being activated at 25% of health instead of 33%, and universalizing backdashes and backwalking. Numerous balance changes were placed into the game. Master Raven is added.

26 September

The South-East Asian qualifiers are announced. Singapore, Malaysia, and Indonesia will have their qualifiers from October 7 to October 9. The Philippines's qualifier will occur at the E-Sports Gaming Summit from October 28 to October 29. Thailand's qualifiers will take place on November 5.

3 October

The North American qualifiers for The King of Iron Fist Tournament 2016 is announced with the qualifiers set at November 8.

6 October

The European Qualifiers are announced. The dates and locations are set to the Warsaw Games Week at Poland on October 16, the Paris Games Week at France on October 28 and an unconfirmed date on November at London.

8 October

Miguel is revealed at the Barcelona Games World 2017.

14 November

Version H is announced with minor changes to Akuma, Master Raven and Gigas.

9 December

The King of Iron Fist 2016 takes place. English commentary on Twitch was led by Aris, Tasty Steve and MarkMan, while Harada and Hameko led the NicoNico stream. The tournament initially has preliminaries with eight groups of four, and the top seed in the group is sent to the winner's bracket while the runner-up of the group would play in the loser's bracket. After which, the remaining players would play in a double-elimination bracket format. The grand finals was introduced by Yumi Hara, Kazumi's voice actress, while finalist, Saint, was introduced by Taketora, Akuma's voice actor. At the final set of games, RushCash earned 3rd place and received 500,000 Yen, Chanel took 2nd place and received 1,500,000 yen, and while the winner was Saint and he earned 3,00,000 yen.

Aside from the prize money, some of the other players received additional rewards. 5th-6th placers received Real Arcade Pro V Kai and 4th place received a Tekken 5 King Statue. Chanel received silver-themed life bar, a special yellow aura effect, and the "Rival" title. Saint received the "Champion of Tekken 7 FR" title, a golden-themed lifebar, a special yellow, electric aura and a champion's ring. AK also received a "Best Performer Award" and a 200,000 yen travel ticket. The "Most Tekken" award was given to Yamato for being the most Tekken-esque, and she also received a 200,000 yen travel ticket.

After the tournament, the second Tekken Pachinko and Line Stickers of Tekken characters were announced. Finally, Tekken 7 FR Kuma and Panda are announced and New Japan Wrestling also made a customization collaboration item for King, which allows him to perform a new move. Online tournament mode is announced for the console version.

14 December

The Kiwimami Campaign begins, bringing in multiple new items and patterns for players. The campaign duration will last until January 18.

16 December

The Bandai Namco Festival demonstrates the PS4 version of the game. The build also includes Lee, Violet and Miguel.


2 January

Namco releases a full video showcasing the collaboration items with New Japan Pro Wrestling. The video highlights King's collaboration costume with then-IWGP Heavyweight Champion, Kazuchika Okada. King's new costume will replace his regular Rage Art with Okada's Rain Maker [1].

23 January

The official release date of the console is slated to be at June 2, 2017. Pre-ordering the game will also give Eliza for free. The Playstation 4 will have exclusive "Legacy" costumes featuring costumes from previous games along with Jukebox Mode. The Xbox One version will instead have a download code for Tekken 6.

2 March

Eddy is revealed.

16 March

A full map of the season passes from 2017-2018 is announced. For Summer 2017, a new game mode and over 50 new costumes will be released. On Winter 2017, another guest character will be introduced. Finally, at Spring 2018, a third guest character will be introduced.

24 March

A new trailer is released showing in-game cutscenes for some characters. The stories for Feng, Law, Hwoarang, Devil Jin, Bob and Bryan are updated.

30 March

During an official stream, an updated build for PS4 was shown. It includes Kuma, Panda, Eddy and all stages that have been announced so far, plus some new ones.

26 April

Famitsu releases scans talking about each of the available modes of the game. Parts of the story are mentioned, including a fight between Kazuya and Akuma, Child Kazuya and Young Heihachi, along with a side episode involving Jack-7 and King.

27 April

A full [2] is released going into more detail about the modes available, such as Story Mode and the Gallery.

1 May

Tekken Talk is streamed over at Twitch featuring MarkMan, Dalton Link from Bandai Namco's US division, and fight game community figure Maximillian Dood. The trio showed a demo of what the game currently had, and confirmed that the NJPW content, such as the Bullet Club shirts, would be in the console version.

17 May

A second character trailer is released, featuring: Miguel, King, Jack-7, Steve, Nina, Lucky Chloe and Eddy.

21 May

English bios of the characters are released on the official website. Additionally, it was announced that console characters, Eddy, Kuma, Panda, Lee, Miguel and Eliza will arrive in arcades at summer 2017.

22 May

A third trailer featuring Josie, Kuma, Xiaoyu, Claudio, Paul and Panda

24 May

A fourth trailer is released featuring Lili, Asuka, Master Raven, Yoshimitsu and Leo

25 May

The Tekken World Tour is announced.

4 June

Modders are able to break into the game, finding the swimsuits, iDOLM@STER and school outfits along with the returning Tekken Bowl. Details show that the other guest characters are decided but have yet to be properly named and developed.

5 June

After multiple reports by users failing in connecting with their opponents, Namco announced a full patch to resolve these issues as well to help higher skilled players find matches.

6 July

Ultimate Tekken Bowl is revealed and is set to be released on August.

16 July

Geese Howard is revealed to be the guest character of the winter DLC.

21 July

1.04 Patch is released to address issues using black and other dark colors during customization.

25 Aug

The first DLC pack is revealed and contains Ultimate Tekken Bowl, Female Bikinis, Vintage Bathing Suits, Male Fundoshis and the Idolm@ster collaboration costumes. The release date is set to August 31.

31 Aug

The first DLC pack is released along with Patch 1.05.

6 September

Patch 1.06 is released addressing frame rate issues.

20 September

Patch 1.07 is released along with DLC panels for various characters

28 September

Patch 1.08 is released and updates are made towards Matchmaking.

5 October

The Tekken World Tour Finals are announced, and the version going to be used for the event will have Geese Howard available.

22 October

A second NJPW collaboration costume is revealed and is for Lars inspired by Hiroshi Tanahashi along with Lars's Rage Art being altered to Tanahashi's "Sling Blade" and Tanahashi's theme, Love & Energy being included into arcades. The second NJPW content set will also include new NJPW-themed customizations

13 November

Final Fantasy XV's Noctis Lucis Caelum is revealed to be the 3rd guest character.

28 November

Patch 1.09 is released with support for Geese and the Howard Estate being placed into the game as well as better optimization settings for online matchmaking.

30 November

Geese is officially released.

13 December

Patch 1.10 is released to help deal with input lag issues online.

19 December

Patch 1.11 is released to fix a bug where a combo's floating would be reset after a floor break in the Forgotten Realm.

14 March

Noctis is confirmed to be released by March 20. His release will also come with four additional DLC outfits, his casual wear, a royal raiment outfit, a kingly raiment outfit and the Choco-Mog style, a new stage. Additionally, the Japanese arcade site announced an incoming patch to be released by April 3s.

17 March

Collaboration costumes with Summer Lesson are announced for the female characters in arcades.

20 March

Noctis is released for consoles and PC.


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