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Claudio Serafino
Origin Italy.png Italy[1]
Voiced By Unknown
Fighting Style Sirius Styled Purification Sorcery[2]
Age Unknown
Blood Type Unknown
Height Unknown
Weight Unknown
Occupation Leader of the Archers of Sirius (T7)
Hobby Unknown
Likes The Archers of Sirius
Dislikes The Mishima Zaibatsu


Claudio Serafino (クラウディオ・セラフィーノ Kuraudio Serafino) is the second new playable character in Tekken 7 spotted at the Tekken 7 Location Test which was held in Tokyo and Osaka from October 3 to 5, 2014[3]. He also can utilize his powers to conjure energy during the fight, even creating an arrow of energy for his rage art.[4].

Games in order of appearance:


Tekken 7

Gallery - Outfit

Claudio's CG-art in Tekken 7


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The Archers of Sirius are a group of exorcists who have been banishing supernatural entities from this world since ancient times. A highly secretive organization, its existence is unknown to the public. Although it is not known how their existence was revealed, the Archers of Sirius were suddenly approached by the Mishima Zaibatsu. They were heavy-handedly requested by the Mishima Zaibatsu to join their conglomerate but naturally refused. This did not stop the persistent pressure from Mishima Zaibatsu, however.

Eventually, the news of this approach from the Mishima Zaibatsu reached the de facto leader of the Archers of Sirius, Claudio Serafino. Determined to uncover the motives behind the Mishima Zaibatsu’s actions, Claudio begins to investigate the powerful conglomerate.


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Character Trivia

  • According to Harada: Claudio's black tattoo will become visible only when Claudio uses his powers.
  • His surname, Serafino, originates from the word, "Seraph", the highest of angelic beings in Christian culture.


Tekken 7

Pre-fight Win-quote
This is no place for amateurs
This is going to be easy
You're wasting my time. Get out of here.

Character Relationships

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