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New Tekken 6 Images[edit]

I have recently uploaded images of the characters in Tekken 6 that have had their stories released. These images are their new CG art images. However, because I found these images at Tekken-Official, they feature their profiles on them. I would like your opinions on whether I should put them in the Infoboxes or not. Because there are better images of Leo, Zafina, Miguel Caballero Rojo, Bob, Jin Kazama, Kazuya Mishima, Heihachi Mishima, and Yoshimitsu, these images will not be used in the Infoboxes. But I would like your opinions on the others. I will put the images here just in case anyone is wondering what these images look like. Post your opinions on my "Talk" page.

Maria's Uploaded New Tekken 6 Images[edit]

These are images that have been uploaded to Tekkenpedia by Maria, not by me. They are similar to the previously mentioned images. I feel that they should be here, even if I didn't upload them.

Again, I did not upload these images. Maria did. If you still want to state your opinion or opinions about this topic, feel free to. It can be discussed here. I'm still allowing more people to discuss their opinion or opinions about this.