Forgotten Realm

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Forgotten Realm
T7FR Forgotten Realm.jpg
BG Music Ruin 65 1st (First Phase), Ruin 65 2nd (Second Phase)
Walls Yes
Multi Tier Yes
Flat Yes

Forgotten Realm is a stage in Tekken 7 that takes place in, what appears to be, a temple. The characters initially start off at the top floor, and the stage contains a maximum of three floor breaks. The top floors have multiple stone pillars and ruined balcony guards, the lower the players go, the more visible a separate part of the temple is. Notably, there is also a considerable amount of sand within the area, hinting that the stage is in a desert. On the lowest floor, an underground temple can be found with many statues featuring elephants and humanoids with features belonging to elephants. There are also braziers lit with a blue flame in the underground area. A tufted gray langur can also be found on the stage's top floor.

Given the elephant statues, including the ones of Ganesha at the bottom floor and the langur present, it is possible to guess that the stage takes place in India.

In Fated Retribution, there is more vegetation in the area, as vines can be seen growing on the columns as well as trees behind the temple.


  • This is the first stage that repeats a single type of stage interaction.
  • During Location Test versions of the game, the stage only contained 2 floor breaks. When Tekken 7 was released, a third break was included along with the underground temple.
  • This is the only stage in Tekken 7 that features the floor break.
  • During Patch 1.10, the floor break will reset the combo scale.