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Item Move is a new feature in Tekken 6 and Tekken 6: Bloodline Rebellion. This feature allows a certain item (two for each character) to have an effect on gameplay, rather than just being an accessory. Some "Item Move" features are used to inflict damage, however, their start time and recovery frames are too long and their damage is quite laughable. Others are only used for taunting or to alter certain grab attacks. Below is a list of the "Item Move" features for all of the characters in Tekken 6. The feature was later carried on to Tekken Tag Tournament 2 and a list was made here[1]

"Item Move" Features[edit]

Character Item name Command Effect Notes
Alisa Bosconovitch Battle Torso with Arm Module u+1+2 Head temporarily disppears and a flying bird appears No color restriction
Anna Williams Nurse Shoe, Bazooka 1+4, 1+3+4 Kicks off shoes towards opponent, fires a bazooka Does damage, no color restriction
Armor King Nail Bat f+2+3 Attacks with nailed wooden bat Does damage
Asuka Kazama Paper fan, Sacred Bow d+1+2(T6) u/f+1+2(T6:BR), 1+2+3 Attacks with paper fan, Shoots the opponent with an arrow Does damage and has bound effect, Does damage
Baek Doo San Beret 1+2+3 Throws a bomb Does damage
Bob Silk Hat 1+4 Releases pigeons from silk hat No color restriction
Bruce Irvin Mohawk 2+3+4 Plants chicks by his feet Color must be red
Bryan Fury Shotgun 2+3 Fires shotgun Does damage
Christie Monteiro Samba Feathers 2+3+4 Dances No restriction on item color
Craig Marduk Oni Rod f+2+3 Attacks with metal rod Does Damage
Devil Jin Demonic Face, Demonic Sword 1+2 (in mid-air, etc), 1+2+3 Fires a circular beam from forehead, Slash to the ground No restriction on item color, does Damage
Eddy Gordo Soulful Afro 1+2+4 Dances
Feng Wei Monk Head d/f+1+2, qcf+1+2, etc head glows after attack
Ganryu Kabuki Makeup d/b+1+2,1+2 Breathes fire Does damage
Heihachi Mishima Thunder God Drum, Tiger Coat 1+2+3, grab ff 1+2 Lightning aura generation, changes headbutt grab into a spanking grab
Hwoarang Feathered Hair 1+2+3 Kicks a soccer ball Does damage
Jack-6 Jack Cannon 1+2+3 Fires cannon Does damage and has no color restriction
Jin Kazama Devil Face, Sword Slash u+1+2, 1+2+3 Fires a laser blast from forehead, Slash to the ground Does damages
Julia Chang Face Paint 1+2+4 Plants a seedling No color restriction
Kazuya Mishima Neo Trump Sunglasses u+1+2 Fires yellow laserbeam similar to Devil / Angel Does Damage
King Short Tights d/b+1+2 Octopus Hold (replaces Figure Four) No color restriction
Kuma TOKISHIRA-Z 2+3+4 Throws a salmon Does damage
Lars Alexandersson Sub-machine gun 1+2+3 Fires sub-machine gun Does damage
Lee Chaolan Red Rose, Rapier 1+2+3, b+1+4 Throws a rose, attacks with rapier
Lei Wulong Police Suit 2+3 Fires handgun Does damage and has no color restriction
Leo Arquebus, Mace 1+2+3 Fires arquebus into the air, attacks with a mace Does damage
Lili Headdress, Devilish Shorts db+1+2, d+1+2,d,1+2 A throwing technique, penguins appear from the ground up to five times and attacks opponent No restriction on item color, Does damage and no color restriction
Ling Xiaoyu Cat Gloves, Panda Mask Gun b+2+3, b+1+4 (Panda Wand) A throwing technique, no color restriction
Marshall Law Legend Nunchaku 1+4 Wields nunchaku Press either punch button to attack with nunchaku
Miguel Caballero Rojo Revolver 1+2+3 Fires revolver Does damage
Mokujin Butterflies (Automatic during rage) Mokujin's rear catches on fire
Nina Williams Nurse Outfit 2+3+4 Throws item, shoot item Does damage and has no color restriction
Panda Gal Sunglasses 2+3+4 Rolls a bowling ball Does damage
Paul Phoenix Eraser Head D Hair extends The longer D is held, the long the hair extends
Raven Ninja Garb 1+2+3 Throws a smoke bomb near own feet No restriction in item color
Roger Jr. Snorkling Set 2+3+4 Produces 5 levitating, bubble-blowing clownfish
Sergei Dragunov Tear Gas 1+2+3 Throws a tear gas grenade
Steve Fox Regent Rocker Style,Huge Gloves 1+3+4,2+3 Taunt,Punches opponent high into the air
Wang Jinrei Kyonshi Hat 1+2,1+2,1+2... Jumps with every press
Yoshimitsu Bloody Mist (??) 1+2+4 Poison Breath 3x Does damage and has no color restriction
Zafina Scimitar f+1+2+3 Attacks with a scimitar Does damage