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T4 - Statue Stage.jpg
BG Music Random music from Tekken 1 and Tekken 2
Walls Yes
Multi Tier No
Flat No

Statue is a stage in Tekken 4. As the name suggests, it is a room with a large statue in it. The walls are orange with a black stripe on the bottom along with the doors which are on two sides of the room. There are some columns that have metal statues that hold up illuminating lights on the tops of them. The columns and statue can be broken, allowing for more room.

Background Music[edit]

Note: This is only the Mid Boss music and not the whole soundtrack

Full music list

All things are in flux and nothing is permanent (Kyoto)

Almost Frozen (King George Island)

Ancient Temple CBD (Angkor Wat)

Here is the Point of No Return (Monument Valley)

Hit Out (Marine Stadium)

It Makes Me Higher (Chicago)

Made of Stone (Windermere)

March to the Columns (Acropolis)

More Healthy! (Fiji)

Rhythm of China (Szechwan)

Surprising Truth (Venezia)

Tekken 2:

Baek Doo San -Killing Hawk- (Korean Temple)

Heihachi Mishima -Iron Fist King- (Pagoda Temple)

Jack-2 -Super Killing Machine- (Akibahara)

Jun Kazama -Ecological Fighter- (Morning Fields)

Kazuya Mishima -Devil Kazuya- (Eternal Darkness/Mirror Darkness)

King -Wild Beast Priest- (Church Sanctuary)

Lei Wulong -Super Police- (Hong Kong Rooftop)

Marshall Law -Legendary Dragon Once Again- (The Great Wall)

Michelle Chang -Wandering Female Fighter- (Arizona Desert)

Nina Williams -Silent Assassin- (Athens, Greece)

Mid Boss (Sub-boss fight)

Paul Phoenix -Hot Blooded Martial Artist- (New York)

Yoshimitsu -Mechanized Space Ninja- (Serene Forest)


  • This stage becomes available after beating the game with Steve Fox.
  • The statue in the center of the stage is actually Laocoön and his Sons, an existing sculpture which is located in the Vatican Museums of Vatican City, Rome.
  • This is where Steve Fox fights Nina Williams during Stage 7 of Steve's Story Mode.
  • All music that plays in this stage comes from the Arcade versions of Tekken and Tekken 2.