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Bogdan Antonio (also known as FinNaL)
Origin Romania
Voiced By {{{voice}}}
Fighting Style Brawling
Age 13
Blood Type Unknown
Height 170cm
Weight 47kg
Occupation Student, aspiring writer
Hobby Writing stories
Likes Hwoarang, Asuka Kazama, Lee Chaolan, night, the rain, Rap music, Ray William Johnson, Annoying Orange, Your favourite Martian, Dangerous Minds(Movie)
Dislikes Kazuya Mishima, Jin Kazama, Justin Bieber

About me[edit]

  • Hiya I am a 13 yrs old tekken fan.
  • I'm from Romania.
  • I'm a male


  • Google Translate don't help me:((
  • The Tekken movie was cool but it didn't respect the storyline
  • Jin is too much in the spotlight.Now it's Lars X-(
  • Wang is too old to fight
  • Ganryu is thinner than Marduk? o_O NO WAY!
  • I am the worst player with King =((

Tekken Games I played)[edit]

  • Tekken 1(Tekken 5 Arcade History)
  • Tekken 2(Tekken 5 Arcade History)
  • Tekken 3
  • Tekken 4(demo)
  • Tekken 4
  • Tekken 5
  • Tekken 5: Dark Ressurection

{I own Tekken 5 for PS2. Tekken 3 and Tekken 4 are for PC )

My hate/like list[edit]

Characters I like:[edit]

Characters I hate[edit]

Characters I don't care about[edit]

Characters are in the middle[edit]

  • All the rest

To Do list[edit]

  • Add characters birthdays
  • Make a Tekkenpedia logo
  • REMAKE the Tekkenpedia Logo

Best Ending Ever[edit]

Story(I think its a funny idea)[edit]


Tekken 4[edit]

Gallery - Outfit

Antonio was a young normal boy.He was bad at sports. Someday a classmate annoyed him .He fight with him and Antonio wins. His classmates gave him the nickname FinNaL.

Two monhts later, a stranger with a black robe and a dragon mask entered in his classroom and gave him a envelope. It was an invitation to King Of Iron Fist Tournament 4.

Wondering if that stranger will be in tournament, FinNaL enters in the game

Ending animation: Revealing[edit]

In his ending he is fighting with Heihachi in the Arena Stage.Heihachi tries to throw a punch ,but FinNaL defended.After that, FinNal Grabs his hand and throws him in the crowd. FinNal goes to Heihachi, but he dissapeared.In the place where must be Heihachi,was the stranger's Dragon Mask. FinNal grabs the mask, and say : "Heihachi,you were?"

Tekken 5[edit]

Gallery - Outfit

After the King of Iron Fist tournament 4, FinNaL returns to his normal life.It is known that he defeated Steve Fox, and they became friends. After several months,Steve came in Romania and asked FinNaL if he heared about the death of Heihachi.Confused,he entered in the King of Iron Fist Tournament 5 to find more


Stage 4: Lee Chaolan

FinNaL runs into Lee (while at the Final Frontier) and asked him who is him.Lee said he is the adopted son of Heihachi and FinNaL said "So you're a Mishima...that means you are my rival"

After FinNaL wins, he says "Sorry buddy, but I need to solve something"

Stage 6: Asuka Kazama

FinNaL flirts with Asuka,but Asuka says she is not intestred. Then FinNaL say: "Don't worry sweetie, we will solve this"

If Asuka wins, she will say: "So you think you can be with me? NO WAY!"

If FinNaL wins,he will say: "Don't worry, my beautiful one. If i win, the prize is yours"

Stage 8: Heihachi Mishima

FinNaL says confused: "You're alive? How?". Heihachi replies: "It's not your job" .Then FinNaL asks: "So you're the stranger?" .Heihachi replies: "We will find the answer"

When FinNaL wins, Heihachi says: "I think you can know...I am the stranger. I followed you everywhere .I think you don't know, but you're special...I belive you can win this tournament." .Then FinNaL says "I've always known that you are good inside you"

Final Stage : Jinpachi Mishima

FinNaL walks through Final Stage 2. Jinpachi (in human form) walks up behind him and says, "I'm impressed that you've made it this far. I am Jinpachi Mishima. My goal... My goal is to destroy all existence!" Shortly after Jinpachi starts to speak, FinNaL turns around and notices him. After he finishes speaking, Jinpachi transforms into his "Devil" form.

Ending Animation: Good Friends[edit]

FinNaL Is Shown In the Mishima Zaibatsu Throne Room, holding Asuka's hand. She asks "What is this". FinNaL replies: "Remember that I said the prize is yours if I win?So, here it is". Asuka blushes and kiss FinNaL.First time, he was surprised, but he recovered.After 3 seconds, a scream destroyed the silence.FinNaL runs in the lobby and finds Lee rounded by the Tekken Force.FinNaL told: "Leave him alone".Lee raised from the floor and said "I heared you win against my father.I hate him too". FinNaL replies: Don't worry, I know he have a good side.And... I'm sorry I judged you".Lee gives a thumbs up.

Tekken 5: Dark Ressurection[edit]

Gallery - Outfit

FinNaL's storyline is unchanged between Tekken 5 and Tekken 5: Dark Resurrection.

Tekken 6[edit]

Gallery - Outfit

After King of Iron Fist Tournament 5,FinNaL became friend with Lee Chaolan, boyfriend of Asuka Kazama (According to his epilogue) and find the mystery of the stranger who invited him in KOIFT4. Again,he returned in Romania at his friends and parents.

Arrived, he was greeted by his friends and his parents.They asked him about his new life.He was surprised when he saw Steve Fox,his old friend. He celebrate his 18 anniversary along with his old and new friends.

Months later,FinNaL was invited In the King of Iron Fist Tournament 6.He was happy because he will meet again his team.

Ending Animation: Girl Fight[edit]

FinNaL is shown talking with Lili. She flirts with him .Lili aproaches and tries to kiss FinNaL,but Asuka appeares and says "What are you doing".Lili replies "Look who is here" and immediately kiss FinNaL. Asuka remains shocked.After 3 seconds, she say "Who do you think you are to kiss my boyfriend?" ,and she attacks Lili. Lili remains unconscious, and Asuka aproaches to FinNaL and say "And what are you doing with she?". FinNaL says "Uhm, I..." but Asuka gives him a slap.

Tekken 6: Bloodline Rebellion[edit]

Gallery - Outfit

FinNaL's storyline is unchanged between Tekken 6 and Tekken 6: Bloodline Rebellion.

Tekken (2010 film)[edit]

Gallery - Outfit

Although he never actually appeared in the movie, FinNaL s given a slight mention by Steve Fox

Tekken Tag Tournament 2[edit]

Gallery - Outfit

FinNaL is set to appear in Tekken Tag Tournament 2. FinNaL was announced as a playable character in the game by Harada

Fights I would like to see(This is becoming popular)[edit]

Final Battle:Steve Fox vs Baek Doo San


Fight for your life[edit]

Some battles against my brother:

Myh opinions about the T6 CG Art Images[edit]

Anna Williams[edit]

This suits her,but it's not her style 4.5/5

Asuka Kazama[edit]

Probably her best pose ever! 5/5

Armor King[edit]

Wow!This realy suits a wrestler! 5/5

Baek Doo San[edit]

This really suits a Taek Won Do practitioner. 5/5


How did he fit in the photo? 2.5/5

Bruce Irvin[edit]

Gangsta man ,yo!. 5/5

Bryan Fury[edit]

Angry as everytime 4/5

Christie Monteiro[edit]

Sooo Hot. 5/5

Craig Marduk[edit]

He looks like a gorila... 2/5

Devil Jin[edit]

Almost the best CG Art image! Almost! 3.5/5

Eddy Gordo[edit]

Thumbs Down.Opposite of Lee Chaolan :)). 4.5/5

Feng Wei[edit]

Boooring. 1/5


Same as Devil Jin's...That's why Devil Jin's it's almost perfect. 2/5

Heihachi Mishima[edit]

He looks angry !I hope he will not throw me off of a cliff 3/5

Hwoarang (T6) (T-O).jpg

Look at Baek's description. 5/5


This not suits Jack. 2/5

Jin Kazama[edit]

I really like this one! 4.5/5

Julia Chang[edit]

This CG Art Image needs more action. 4.5/5

Kazuya Mishima[edit]

His eye looks like it's bruised!. 4/5


I'll be short: 5/5


This really works,but not for Kuma 3/5

Lee Chaolan[edit]

Thumbs up" 5/5

Lei Wulong[edit]

He looks like my grandpa 4/5


She looks cool here 4.5/5


I can really change my mind about her. 5/5

Ling Xiaoyu[edit]

She looks like a 13 years old 3/5.

Marshall Law[edit]

Forest is back!Or not? 3.5/5

Miguel Caballero Rojo[edit]

Only one word: Cool! 5/5


Who is mimicrying here? 4/5

Nina Williams[edit]

"Come on baby, show me what you've got." 4.5/5


Time to sleep. 2.5/5

Paul Phoenix[edit]

This pose is so cool! 5/5


I like it! 5/5

Roger Jr.[edit]

So cuteeeeeeeeeee!4.5/5

Sergei Dragunov[edit]

This pose really suits him! 4/5

Steve Fox[edit]
Steve (T6) (T-O).jpg

From this angle he looks...fat. 3/5

Wang Jinrei[edit]
Wang is bot one of my fave characters, but this really suits him! 3.5/5

Probably one of his best incarnations. 5/5


This pose suits Christie,not Zafina. 1/5