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Jin Kazama 2 TTT2 CG art.png
Name Jin Kazama
Origin Yakushima, Japan
Voiced By Isshin Chiba (T3-TTT2, SFxT), Brad Swaile (SFxT), Darren Daniels (T:BV)
Fighting Style Advanced Mishima Style Karate and Kazama Style Traditional Martial Arts (風間流古武術) (T3, TTT),
Traditional Karate (T4-T6)
Age 19 (T3, TTT)
21 (T4-T5)
22 (T6)
Blood Type AB
Height 180cm / 5'11"
Weight 83kg / 185 lbs
Occupation High school student and Martial Artist (T3),
Unemployed (T4-T5),
Head of the Mishima Zaibatsu (T6)
Hobby Walks in the forest (T3), Forest bathing
Likes His mother and her teachings (T3), Hwoarang, Ling Xiaoyu, Nina Williams, Flames
Dislikes Deception (T3), his father, his grandfather, the Devil Gene, Ogre ,his devil form and Azazel


Jin Kazama (風間 仁, Kazama Jin) was first introduced in Tekken 3, and he returned to every subsequent game. He was the protagonist of Tekken 3, Tekken 4, and Tekken 5, and is the antagonist of Tekken 6. While some fans consider Jin to be somewhat "one dimensional," he still has an incredible fan following.

Jin's actions and surroundings fit the mold of a quintessential "tragic hero," except for his lack of a tragic flaw. As with many tragedies, all of the major traumatic events that occur within the hero's life are wholly beyond his control. First and foremost, there's the fact that Jin's grandfather and father are two of the most ruthless individuals who've ever lived. Secondly, his mother was cruelly and abruptly taken from him while he was still a helpless teen. Third, he was betrayed and shot by his grandfather, whom he trusted and loved deeply. Finally, the return of his great-grandfather, has caused him to begin losing his internal struggle with the Devil within. Each of these occur to a helpless and unassuming Jin, who is simply doing what he can to set things right at every turn.

Jin has a very complex personality. He has the kindness of his mother, Jun Kazama, and his grandmother, Kazumi Mishima. He has the fighting spirit and determination of his half-uncle, Lars and his great grandfather, Jinpachi Mishima, and also has the hidden and personal silence of his legal uncle, Lee Chaolan. He also has the anger of his father, Kazuya Mishima and his grandfather, Heihachi Mishima. He also has a slight resemblance to his relative, Asuka Kazama, at times.

Jin's personality ranges from calm to angry at various moments, and his words and actions hint toward the bitterness within. He also has one personality trait which is common with many Japanese action heroes. Once Jin's mind is focused in any particular direction, it is very difficult to get him to change or even notice the events and people around him. People close to him, including his friends Ling Xiaoyu and Hwoarang, are always going to extremes to gain Jin's attention, and yet, he rarely seems to notice. It is known, however, that he will help them if they need it, as Ling Xiaoyu's Tekken 4 profile and Hwoarang's Tekken 4 ending have shown.

Jin's disinterest in close relations probably has one unique motivation. As a result of his family's Devil Gene, Jin knows that people close to him will likely suffer or worse if he ever completely loses control. In addition, Jin may not show any interest in women because he plans to wipe out his lineage entirely. During Tekken 4, Jin planned to kill his father and grandfather, and then himself, dying without children to put an end to the Mishima bloodline once and for all. However, Jin could not go through with the deed after defeating his two predecessors, so it's unknown if he has given up on this plan completely since then.

Jin is a Japanese male with black hair that is spiked upwards, in a style similar to the hairstyle of his father, but with the bangs of his mother. In fact, in the early screen showings of Tekken 3, many fans assumed that the yet unnamed Jin Kazama is Kazuya in his early teen years, due to their similarities. Jin is also very muscular and toned, as evidenced by his large biceps, visible abs, and pectoral muscles. Jin has a black mark on one of his arms, which Devil has branded onto him. Jin has worn a great deal of outfits in the course of the Tekken series. Many of these outfits feature flames on them, and with the exception of a single outfit in Tekken 6, he always wears either gloves or gauntlets.

His title in the original trilogy is Fatal Lightning.

See main article, Outfits (Jin Kazama).

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Tekken 3[edit]

Gallery - Outfit

Character Portrait: Jin, Tekken 3
Tekken 3 screenshot: Jin VS Jin.

Gameplay (Official Prima Strategy Guide)

Jin's main strength lies in his all-around ability. He possesses aggressive attacking moves, lots of power, plenty of speed, and even a reversal move, which in Tekken 3 is a huge plus point. If you can master these aspects of his abilities, you have a character who can do pretty much anything. A competent Jin player should be able to hold his own in a match against any other character, even if the human controlling this fighter is slightly better, simply because of Jin's versatility; a master Jin player could become unbeatable.

As your playing skills improve, you should start to mix up the range of your attacks, so that opponents will find it hard, if not impossible, to predict what is coming next. Varying your attack means you'll be much less likely to be on the receiving end of a reversal move, and confuse an opponent into making mistakes, too.

Jin possesses a large selection of throwing techniques, and this can be a real advantage when playing a skillful opponent. Jin has the ability to throw opponents from directly in front of them, behind them, and even from the side. A tactic that works extremely well (even on higher difficulty settings) is to sidestep an attacking opponent then perform a side throw before he or she has a chance to readjust to your new position. This even works against the faster characters in Tekken 3, like Ling Xiaoyu, but is particularly effective against the larger fighters.

In addition to all his other moves, Jin has two useful techniques that add yet another dimension to his fighting style: a reversal move and an Ultimate Tackle. If you played Tekken 2, you should be familiar with them both. You can reverse any mid or high-level attack, putting an aggressive opponent on his heels. For his Ultimate Tackle, Jin charges toward his foes and knocks them to the ground. From this point he can perform the Ultimate Punches or the Cross Arm Lock move. This two maneuvers make Jin even more unpredictable.

Compared to some of the other characters in Tekken 3, Jin has a small array of moves, and this can become restricting when you reach a certain level of play. You can find yourself relying on only a handful of moves to win matches, making your fighting style predictable and linear. An observant opponent can guess what you will do and act accordingly. For this reason, you must develop a balanced offense by learning almost all of Jin's attacking moves.

Another major problem is that a high proportion of Jin Kasama's moves take a few seconds to execute, and this can cause major problems on higher difficult settings, particularly when fighting against fast characters like Ling Xiaoyu or Nina Williams. You must think ahead while fighting and quickly recognize and react to the way the match is going. You need to know which moves you're going to use next, before you need to actually pull them off. If this skill sounds very difficult--it is, and takes time to perfect. Practice is the only solution to the problem.


Prologue (Manual)
Jin is Kazuya Mishima and Jun Kazama's son. He received intense training under his grandfather, Heihachi Mishima, all in an effort to avenge the loss of his mother by fighting and defeating Ogre. This Tournament is his chance to test his strength and to face his destiny.
Ending (Unofficial Synopsis)
Jin finally defeats his mother's murderer, True Ogre. True Ogre explodes into several bright lights, which travels into many directions. Just seconds after his victory, Jin is attacked by Heihachi and the Tekken Force, and he gets shot multiple times. Slowly succumbing to death, Heihachi shoots Jin in the head, therefore "killing" his own grandson. However, when Heihachi turns his back and walks away, he sees the bodies of the Tekken Force fly past him, and turns around to see Jin morphed in his devil form, Devil Jin. Jin slams Heihachi through a stone wall, then hurls him down into the ground violently. Outside, Jin spreads his wings and flies off into the night. Heihachi sits up and watches as his grandson, evidently heir of the cursed Devil Gene, fly away.


Tekken 4[edit]

Gallery - Outfit

Character Portrait: Jin, Tekken 4.
Tekken 4 screenshot: Jin VS Jin.

Gameplay (Official Prima Strategy Guide)

Jin has once again entered The King of Iron Fist Tournament, but this time he has forgotten his inherited style of fighting and has trained in traditional karate. If you are a Jin player and have come to Tekken 4, you must learn a whole new fighting style. However, Jin has all the power and speed that he did before, as well as some new moves and techniques that will frustrate and confuse your opponents.

Jin has fast combos, with good close combat abilities. His moveset consists powerful punches and kicks, and a parry as well. However, his playstyle can be quite predictable, with only a few moves and no 10-hit Combos. Most of his moves also have limited range. Though Jin has forgotten the fighting style that once took him to the top of his class, he has all the same quickness and power to return him to his glory. As with any character, mix up your moves to keep your enemy unaware as to what is coming next. Jin has a very limited amount of moves, mixing them up is crucial.

Jin has speedy jab combinations that can control the pace of the fight. His Left Right Combo strings (Left Right Axe Kick and Left Right to Spinning Hook Kick) are fast and extremely painful for an opponent to block, due to their guard-breaking capabilities. They cause an enemy to stumble slightly, just long enough for Jin to start another move combination. The Left Right Axe Kick (1,2,3) is fast and virtually inescapable, except with a well-timed sidestep. Use this to disrupt your enemies' attacks or even while they are blocking. The kick portion of this move staggers opponents slightly, allowing you to do the move again, or throw them for some decent damage. If you connect with the move on standing or crouching enemies, they will be left on the ground waiting for you to follow with a Right Sweep (d+4). Mix in Left Right to Spinning Hook Kick (1,2,4) to throw off your opponent or to quickly create space between you and your enemy.

Most of Jin's moves have a short range, so to be effective you must get close to your opponent. Up close, he has an extensive repertoire of fast moves to dish out the damage. In addition to the Left Right Combo series, Jin can unleash Kazama Style 5 Hit Combo (1,3,2,1,4), and if the kick connects, stuns enemies long enough to let you have your way with them. The Double Chamber Punch (1+2) and Switch Blade (2,4) are also good on a close enemy. If you use the Left Right Combo series often, mix in the Double Thrust Roundhouse (2,1,4). This move also starts with a quick jab but goes to a mid punch. It's perfect for an enemy trying to duck the Left Right Combo's two high punches.

When your enemies move away from you, take the fight to them. For this, Jin can use the Laser Cannon (b,f+2,1,2) or Laser Scraper (b,f+2,1,d/f+2), which gives you a juggle opportunity. These moves cover a good amount of distance and hit hard. In addition to these moves, use the Left or Right Roundhouse Punch (f,N,d,d/f+1 or f,N,d,d/f+2) to close a gap with a bang. If all else fails, simply run up to your enemies and throw them. They will be blocking in anticipation of a running tackle or other running attacks. Should your opponents decide to close the gap, use the Spinning Flare Kick (4~3) or the Double Lift Kick (d+3+4) to stop them cold. The Double Lift Kick results in a juggle and can be used in close combat to break up the anticipated punch combos.

Defensively, Jin relies on his quick counters and his parry to ward off an attacker. Jin can safely pull you back into control with his quick defensive moves, such as the Spinning Sidekick (b+4). While not the fastest move, whether blocking or not, your enemy will be pushed back by the blow, allowing you to regroup. The Corpse Thrust (d+1) is another great escape maneuver, because it causes Jin to duck under a high attack, and if it connects, it sends your attacker flying. Jin's parry is another way to save your hide. It brushes away an attack, allowing you to quickly react with a counter.


Prologue (In-Game Text)
Brisbane, Australia. A city crowded with buildings, new and old. Nestled amongst the towering buildings was a small dojo. A young man trained there in silence, his face hidden by the hood of his jacket. Day after day, Jin trained in the traditional art of karate. Ever since his betrayal by Heihachi, Jin loathed anything related to the Mishimas--his lineage, his fighting style, the Devil Gene in his blood, everything.
Thanks to the dojo master's training, Jin unlearned the Mishima-ryu fighting style and mastered the art of traditional karate. Jin burned with desire to destroy the evil Mishima bloodline: his grandfather, Heihachi Mishima, and his father, Kazuya. Upon hearing rumors of The King of the Iron Fist Tournament 4, Jin hardened his resolve to enter the Tournament.
Epilogue (In-Game Text)
The tournament officials sent Kazuya a message: "The winner of Round 7 by default is Kazuya Mishima. Please proceed to the final stage." Though Kazuya sensed Heihachi's hand in Jin Kazama's disappearance, a fearless grin crept upon his face as he headed towards the final stage. While on his way to fight Kazuya, Jin was ambushed by the Tekken Force. Jin brought down scores of them--but was eventually captured and taken away...
Ending (Unofficial Synopsis)
After being captured by Heihachi's Tekken Force, Jin was held captive at Hon-Maru. While in a drug-induced haze, Jin struggles with the demon inside of him and the repeating voice of his father, Kazuya. "Give in to the anger," "Hate me," and "Curse me," are all that Jin hears through the echoing laughter of his father. Once Jin finally wakes, he finds himself hanging by chains from two pillars. Jin comes to his senses, breaks the chains, and gathers his strength. With his goal in mind, Jin makes Kazuya pay for all his wrongdoings.
Jin leaves Kazuya lying on the floor, but now Heihachi, in an attempt to take Jin's Devil Gene for himself, challenges the youngest of the Mishima bloodline. The two fight, and Jin proves that he's too much for Heihachi to handle. With Heihachi in his clutches, Jin's anger consumes him, and his wings sprout from his back. Rearing back to deliver the final blow to Heihachi, Jin catches an image of his mother, Jun Kazama. The very sight of his mother is enough to calm the demons inside him, and Jin releases Heihachi, telling him to thank Jun for his spared life. Jin then stretches his wings and bursts through the roof, leaving behind a single white feather in the midst of a dozen black ones.


Tekken 5[edit]

Gallery - Outfit

Character Portrait: Jin, Tekken 5.
Tekken 5 screenshot: Jin VS Jin.

Gameplay (Official BradyGames Strategy Guide)

Even though Jin has been drastically changed from his Tekken 4 incarnation, Jin is still a strong character. He no longer has a safe, unblockable juggle starter that you can sit on for 60% damage, so there is more risk involved in his play style. Jin's major strength is that he can play any style required. He has various ways to juggle an opponent. He can rush you down with his pokes, and he can play a defensive style with his parries and his good sidestep. In the end, Jin's best style is a defensive one. If you are facing a character who has a 10-frame jab, you will be able to use Jin's various pokes and strings to lock your opponent down. His Thrust to Roundhouse (d/f+1,4) string is best used against these types of characters. You can keep your opponent at Jin's ideal distance if they block Thrust to Roundhouse. If (d/f+1) connects, you can move in and continue with your strings and mind games.

The main goal is to get you opponent on the ground. This way you can use Jin's ground game/mind games on get-up. Once you opponent is rising, you can use all of Jin's strengths. You can force your opponent into guessing what you are going to do. They do not want to get caught in your throw mix-ups, because they are very strong, so they may think about ducking. If your opponent does duck, you can anticipate this and do a mid hitting juggle starter, which Jin has several variations of, and juggle them for half-life. An example of this strategy would be to knock an opponent down with his Tidal Wave (u/f+1+2) throw. You can either follow up with a Right Sweep (d+4) or start your mind games. If your opponent attempts to roll away, you can lift them as they quick roll with a Mid Thrust (d/f+1), and juggle them with his Savage Sword (d/b+2,2,3) on the float. If the opponent decides to get up ducking, you can juggle them with a Crouching Uppercut (WR+2), Front Jump Kick (u/f+4) or Thrusting Uppercut (f,N,d,d/f+1).

Jin's weakness in a fight is against characters with 8-frame jabs. These characters can lock Jin down and make him block for the whole round. For example, Jin has a hard time against a character like Steve, who can just do his Left Right Left on you all day. His Crouching Uppercut easily gets interrupted, and his other high crushes are easy to avoid. An opponent who has a good defensive style will also give Jin problems. Since Jin's main advantage is his mind games/ground game, you have to get your opponent on the ground to be successful. Someone who can play a great defensive style can avoid this. Jin has few good low pokes that he can use to break a defensive player down. His Right Sweep does not have the range it did in Tekken 4 and does not do great damage. His Left Jab to Left Low Kick (1,d+3) poke does not do damage, and his Lunging Low Roundhouse Kick (f,N,f,d,d/f+4) is slow and easy to see. Jin will have to rely on throws to beat somebody with a good defensive mind. In the end, someone who plays a defensive style will be difficult to break.

Another disadvantage is that of Jin's good punishing moves are punishable if they are blocked. Many characters can just stand and block, waiting for Jin to make a mistake. or they can throw out a punishable move and retaliate. It is difficult to break down a defensive player because of Jin's lack of low moves. Another major weakness is that Jin does not have many "frame traps" in his arsenal. It's difficult to keep his offensive flow going because of the lack frame advantage on his moves. In Tekken 4, his Double Thrust (2,1) gave advantage on block, but now this has been taken away with nothing to replace it.

Jin does not have a particularly strong wall game. However, like all other characters in the game, he does have some damaging wall combos. An example of this would be juggle starter (near the wall) b,f+2,1,2~ (on wall hit) Left Right Axe Kick (1,2,3), Right Axe Kick (f,f+3). If you have your opponent against the wall, there are some strategies that you can use. If your opponent likes to duck when they are near the wall, you may do a Median Line Destruction (1+2), which causes a stun against the wall that you can follow up with a throw attempt. This throw can be ducked or interrupted, but you can punish your opponent for doing this by doing another MLD or Front Jump Kick (u/f+4). If you connect with MLD and it causes its normal stun, but you are near the wall, an opponent cannot duck a throw attempt. They must break a throw. Overall, Jin's wall game is not the best in the game, but it is not the worst either. Jin should fight in the middle of the stage, rather than near the wall.


Prologue (In-Game Text)
Jin Kazama, a child of destiny. After fighting Kazuya and Heihachi, an evil spirit welled up within Jin. Awakened by an unknown voice, Jin looked around at a forest completely destroyed; And he knew he was the one who did it. Returning to Yakushima, Jin was plagued by nightmares triggering the devil gene. "If these keeps eating away at me, I don't know how long I can hold on," says Jin. Jin sets out on a journey to end this evil, with destiny as his only guide.
Interludes (Unofficial Synopsis)
Stage 4 Hwoarang: Jin encounters his rival Hwoarang in the Burning Temple and tells him that he can't keep his promise of a rematch, due to "family problems", which Hwoarang dismisses almost immediately. Given no choice, Jin and Hworang proceed with their rematch. When Jin wins, an unsatisfied Hwoarang tells Jin that he will not accept defeat. Jin leaves, stating that he still has a duty to complete. He promises to return later.
Final Stage Jinpachi Mishima: At Ground Zero, Jin encounters Jinpachi in his Devil form and introduces himself as the heir of the Cursed Blood. Jinpachi tells him that his blood was screaming to destroy him. Jin declares an end to Jinpachi's evil presence once and for all.
Ending, "New ruler of the Mishima Zaibastu" (Unofficial Synopsis)
A dark figure walks into a throne room, filled with the Mishima Zaibatsu's top executives and personnel. Jin Kazama, the winner of the Tournament, proceeds to sit on the throne. Looking bored, he crosses his legs and smiles; he then proceeds to do something....
Devil Within (Unofficial Synopsis)
Jin is the protagonist of the Devil Within side game. In it, he has heard that his mother, Jun Kazama, may be alive. However, he does not find her anywhere. Instead, Jin confronts his worst nightmare, True Ogre, again. True Ogre will reveal another form after being defeated for the second time, Monstrous Ogre. Jin must defeat this form, as well. It is not known if Devil Within is canonical or not, but it was stated in his prologue that he sets out on a journey, with destiny as his only guide to end the evil that was plaguing him. It can be concluded that Devil Within was Jin's journey.
See main article, Devil Within.


  • Jin is the only character in the game whose prologue didn't state that he entered The King of Iron Fist Tournament 5.
  • Jin (alongside Mokujin) was the only in-game character not shown in the console opening, although Devil Jin was shown.
  • Jin had a customization item that resembled Super Saiyan Son Goku's hair from Dragonball Z. In T5:DR, the color was blue and would become darker and lighter every few seconds.
  • Jin can be customized to look like Mitsurugi from the Soul Calibur fighting series by purchasing the following items: Wild Samurai Style, Headband, Battle Surcoat, and Hakama. Although you can't buy the katana because you can't have two lower body items.
  • Jin can be customized to look like Angel with a halo and white angel wings.
  • In Street Fighter X Tekken his main stance is his Tekken 5 CG art pose

Tekken 6[edit]

Gallery - Outfit

Character Portrait: Jin, Tekken 6.
Tekken 6 screenshot: Jin VS Jin.

Gameplay (MyCheats)

Jin’s newly acquired mid attacks, Shun Masatsu (b+2,1), and his safer lows, Right Low Roundhouse (d/b+4), helps his game a lot more than it has in Tekken 5: Dark Resurrection. Jin also has good poking attacks like Double Thrust (2,1), Thrust (d/f+1), and Demon’s Paw (f,f+2), and great counter attack moves to deal with your opponent’s unsafe moves. However, Jin’s juggles do not do a lot of damage compared to a handful of the cast's. His wall pressure is only decent at best, and his damage output in general is low.

Jin’s new mids and buffed up low attacks helps Jin’s offense by a lot. Before, his low attacks were much more unsafe, like his Right Sweep (d+4). When an opponent blocked this in the previous Tekken games, they would be able to launch Jin in the air for a juggle. Even though it’s not completely safe now, it cannot be launched, so it was not bad as it was before. It also crushes high attacks very well. Other lows like Lunging Low Roundhouse Kick (Crouch Dash qcf+4) that will allow you to juggle off of on a regular hit and Right Low Round House (d/b+4), which is around the same level of safeness as Right Sweep, does a good chunk of damage and has good reach. He also has good attacks to keep pressure your opponent, such as the 1st part of Thrust to Roundhouse (d/f+1). It’s a very quick mid attack that has the option to continue the mid kick follow up for it and if not delayed, both hits will connect for a good amount of damage. The kick has nice range to it, plus it is also safe. You can also fake out the kick into a low sweep (the full command is d/f+1,4~4) if you think your opponent cannot react to it fast enough. Jin's counter attack options are pretty good as well, like Switch Blade (2,4), a high knockdown string and the first 2 hits of his Double Thrust into Roundhouse (2,1,4).

Jin’s safe mids like Shun Masatsu (b+2,1) and Front Thrust Kick (f+4) are good moves to keep the opponent at bay. They also deal decent amounts of damage and the best part of Shun Masatsu is that if you can see if the first hit connects, you have enough time to do the rest for it all to connect, not too bad for a safe and fast attack. He also has a safe tracking mid attack Rising Left Roundhouse (Crouch Dash f,d,d/f+3), which knocks down, that he can use with his Crouch Dash. Jin has fast basic launchers as well. Crouching Uppercut (WR 2) is his fastest launching attack, which is used mostly after you block your opponent’s big low moves or sweeps. Double Lift Kick (d+3+4) is another fast launcher and (Crouch Dash f,d,d/f+2) is a big launcher for longer distances that leads to his more damaging juggles. It has an "electrified" version for faster recovery to perform better juggles.

Since Jin’s damage mainly comes from his poking tools, he isn’t doing much damage as some other characters. Since they are just pokes, they are not as threatening as one big hit from other characters into juggles. Jin has to land his attacks more than a few times, while some other characters can hope for a counter hit into a big combo from one of their safe moves that allow them to juggle on counter hit. Jin is sort of unlucky to not have much of those types of moves, and for his damage output, you should expect your launchers to hit each time or else they will counterattack your launchers when blocked. The only thing like those types of moves is his Right Roundhouse Punch (Electric Wind Hook Fist; Crouch Dash f,d,d/f+2) which is a move that comes out extremely fast (be sure you are doing the electric version) that knocks the opponent down face down to the floor and will give chance at a juggle on Counter Hit. Unfortunately his “Wind God Fist” move does not launch like his father’s or grandfather’s, only on CH.

Jin’s wall game doesn’t stand out much either. While he does have a few safe mid attacks that will wall splat your opponent such as Demon’s Paw (f,f+2, a great safe, mid poke by the way) and Thrusting Mid Kick (b+4), his wall damage output is only average. As time passes by when you play Jin, you will discover most of your damage won’t be from launchers, but from Jin’s “regular” game play. Jin can be an easy character to pick up, but in high levels of play, he will be hard to master.


Prologue (In-Game Text)
Jin Kazama defeated Jinpachi Mishima and took over the Mishima Zaibatsu. He utilized his elite military unit, the Tekken Force, to carry out covert missions in order to engulf the world in chaos. Once he had rendered most countries' military power useless, he took over space colonies, oil fields, and other energy producing resources. He declared the Mishima Zaibatsu’s independence and waged war against the rest of the world. The Mishima Zaibatsu swept across the globe, taking over nation after nation. But as the war continued, new opposing forces slowly began to show their presence. Jin learned that Kazuya Mishima was controlling the first and most powerful opposition, the G-Corporation. When the G Corporation put a price on his head, Jin announced The King of Iron Fist Tournament 6, as if he had been waiting the G Corporation to make its move.
Ending, "Fighting a GrandFather and Father/Escape" (Unofficial Synopsis)
After defeating Azazel, Jin defeats his father, Kazuya, who is waiting outside the temple. A helicopter appears with Nina, his hired bodyguard, standing in the doorway. Suddenly, she drops from the helicopter and his grandfather, Heihachi appears, challenging him for the claim of the Mishima Zaibatsu. Jin defeats Heihachi, and as he stands over his grandfather's body, the temple starts to crumble. The Tekken Force takes Jin to safety as the temple collapses, taking Kazuya and Heihachi with it. Ruins are all that's left where the temple had once been.
Scenario Campaign (Unofficial Synopsis)
Jin appears in the Scenario Campaign mode as the main antagonist in in the beginning. At the end of the mode, Jin reveals that he started a war to save the world from an evil creature named Azazel. Jin then kills Azazel and saves the world. Jin was found by Raven half-buried in the sand, naked. It is unknown if he lived or died.


  • Heihachi is his final boss in Arena, rather than Azazel. Additionally, Kazuya is his sub-boss.
  • Jin has the most pre-fight animations, with a total of seven pre-fight animations.
  • Because Jin has become a darker character, he has been given some new pre-fight and win animations to suit this.
  • Jin Kazama's "Item Move" feature in is firing a purple circular-shaped beam from his forehead into the air. The command for this move is u+1+2 ([1]).
  • In Tekken 5, Jin's katana was merely a customization item. In Tekken 6, it has become his item move, and his movements with it are similar to that of Heishiro Mitsurugi from the Soul series.
  • On the NA official website, Jin was incorrectly stated as being Asuka's half-brother, despite them not sharing a biological parent. While they are related, they are 'only' cousins. This has since been corrected on the NA site, but the official EU site still states them as being half-siblings.
  • He and Armor King are the only characters that have 2 parts to their endings.

Spin-Offs and Related Games[edit]

Tekken Tag Tournament[edit]

Gallery - Outfit

Character Portrait: Jin, Tekken Tag Tournament.
Tekken Tag screenshot: Jin VS Jin.

Gameplay (Official Prima Strategy Guide)

Jin is an all-in-one character, both powerful and fast. He has good reach and distance-closing moves, with plenty of juggling moves, and a reversal. However, Jin has a few number of moves, and especially few low-hitting attacks. Most of his moves have slow execution, making him predictable.

Power. Speed. Good looks. It's not hard to see why Jin Kazama is one of the most popular characters in Tekken. Though he comes with fewer moves than many of the other characters, he still has enough to keep your enemy guessing. Master the skills he does have and you'll be tough to beat.

Jin is an offensive fighter. He's at his best when attacking. With this in mind, begin with quick attacks such as the Flash Punch Combo (1,1,2) or Demon Slayer (1,2,2). These moves are usually fast enough to connect before your enemy's hit does.

One of Jin's strongest points is his efficient use of juggle moves. Quick to execute, they can be the start of some deadly combos. The beauty of juggles is that once your enemy is in the air, they're at your mercy until you finish with them. The Tooth Fairy (ss+2) is great because not only does launch your enemy into the air, but its Sidestep lets you dodge many attacks. Follow it up with left punch and the Laser Cannon (b,f+2,1,2) and you'll have knocked a good chunk off your enemy's health bar.

Jin can close the distance between he and his opponents very nicely. This allows you to stay out of reach while coming in for an attack. With the right timing, Jin's long legs can put a stop to any onslaught before it even reaches him. Frustrate your opponents with the simple Spinning High Kick (f+3) every time they attack. Alternately, the Demon's Paw (f,f+2) can close the gap and bring you close enough to bury Jin's fist into the enemy's midsection. Jin's Demon Steel Pedal (b+4) is good for stopping your enemies dead in their tracks too. If it connects as a Counter Hit, follow it up with another one to completely flip them head-over-heels.

The Crouch Dash (f,N,d,d/f) is dangerous simply because your enemy won't know what's coming. In addition, this move quickly brings you within striking distance of an opponent. Follow it up with (1) or (2) for mid and high attacks, or use (4) to sweep them low. Mix it up and your enemy won't know whether to block high or low.

Jin can deal out damage even when he is on the defensive. Jin's Attack Reversal (b+1+3 or b+2+4) can change the momentum of a fight. Reversing your opponent's attacks forces your opponent to plan his or her attacks better. Against inexperienced players, this tactic works almost every time. With experienced players, use the Reversal a little more sparingly. If you use it too often, the experienced player will invariably Chicken it. Use the attack Reversal only when your enemy least expects it.

Jin doesn't have a lot of moves to work with, so learn them all. Keep your opponent guessing by mixing up Jin's high and low attacks. Know the juggle moves and take advantage of them. Keep Jin on the offensive and be the King of the Iron Fist Tournament.


Tekken Tag Tournament is a non-canonical Tekken game containing no plot.

Ending (Unofficial Synopsis)
Jin has apparently defeated Kazuya Mishima. Jin picks him up off of the ground with one hand. Jin prepares to punch Kazuya with his other hand to finish him off. The screen flashes white for a couple of seconds. Jin drops Kazuya, and then he looks at his hands, which are shaking uncontrollably. Jin falls to his knees. His hands are still shaking uncontrollably. Then, Jin lowers his head. This ending takes place in Jin's first Tekken Tag Tournament stage, which is called "Jin-A".


  • Jin Kazama's sub boss is Kazuya Mishima in 1 on 1 mode.
  • He has a special tag throw with Jun when he will stonehead the opponent into Jun's parry-like throw.( This also works for Kazuya and Heihachi. )

Tekken Tag Tournament 2[edit]

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Character Portrait: Tekken Tag Tournament 2
Jin and Asuka


Jin will be featured as a playable character in Tekken Tag Tournament 2, a non-canonical Tekken game.


Tekken Tag Tournament 2 is a non-canonical Tekken game containing no plot.

A defeated Unknown falls into Jin's arms, who watches her power disappear as she becomes Jun once more. Jun however disappears shortly after, vanishing into thin air. Jin remains crouched down in silence for a moment before letting out a devastated scream, transforming into Devil Jin and shooting off into the air.


  • In the first Tekken Tag Tournament 2 trailer at TGS 2010, Jin is shown fighting alongside Asuka Kazama, against Kazuya and Leo, making him one of the first confirmed characters. In the trailer, Jin is shown having a special team winpose with Asuka, where she offers a "good teamwork" handshake, but instead, he did not respond to her and kept walking.
  • If Jin is partnered with Devil Jin he can either transform or do the regular tag.
  • Jin has a special win pose if partnered with Devil Jin where he will either transform into Devil Jin. This also counts vice versa.
  • When Jin's partner is either Heihachi, Kazuya or Devil Jin, he is once again able to enter his Omen Stance using B+1+2~1~4. He also regains some of his old moves from his pre-Tekken 4 command list when entering Omen Stance.
  • He has a special tag throw with Kazuya when he will perform the Shun Ren Dan on the opponent but, instead of performing the final kick, Kazuya will finish it by running in and hitting the Dragon Uppercut.
  • He has a special tag throw with Hwoarang with he will perform Shun Ren Dan and but he and Hwoarang do a double leaping side kick to the opponent.
  • He has a special tag throw with Nina when he Tidal Wave the opponent into Nina and she snap the opponent's neck and hold the opponent still While Jin delivers a powerful right punch to the opponent's Chest, Knocking them across the stage sliding backwards.
  • He has also a special winpose with Kazuya, mimicking the entrance scene of the TTT2 arcade intro.

Street Fighter X Tekken[edit]

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Jin's official SFXT artwork.
Jin and Xiaoyu

Jin has been confirmed to be playable in Street Fighter X Tekken. His offiical tag partner is Ling Xiaoyu [2]

Prolouge (In-Game text)

The Mishima Zaibatsu and Shadaloo continue their vicious battle over Pandora, the mysterious box that was found in the Antarctic. By obtaining the box and its contents, Jin, leader of the Mishima Zaibatsu, believes he be better able to understand the Devil Gene with him, so he decides to travel to the Antarctic to search for the box himself.

Xiaoyu: Jin, please it's too dangerous! Didn't you hear what they said on the news!? People are going crazy because of whatever is in that box! You don't know what will happen to you if you open that thing!

Xiaoyu, tries to reason with Jin, knowing the danger that he may be putting himself in. But Jin is determined to go. So Xiaoyu decides to go along with Jin on his journey to protect him.

Jin: If there's even a chance it could help... I have to go.

Xiaoyu: Well fine then, I'm going too! There's no way I can let you go alone!


  • His title is "Pitch Black Wings", and with Xiaoyu their team is called "Destined Partners".
  • Jin serves as one half of the sub-bosses for the game's Street Fighter characters, alongside his partner Xiaoyu. They are both in "Pandora" mode for the entire duration of the match.
  • Jin and Xiaoyu's "Rivals" fight is against Cammy and Chun-Li.
  • Jin is the only character to say profanity in the game. He says in his win quote with Asuka"I don't have the time to listen to your bullshit"
  • In one of the Cinematic Trailer, Jin and Xiaoyu are attacked by a M. Bison and Juri.

Project X Zone[edit]


Character Portrait: Jin Kazama, Project X Zone.


Jin is a playable character in the tactical role-playing game, Project X Zone, with Ling Xiaoyu as his partner.


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Namco X Capcom[edit]

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Character Portrait: Jin, Namco X Capcom


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Story (Unofficial Synopsis)

The year is 20XX (sometime in the twenty-first century), and the game is driven by the characters Arisu Reiji and Xiaomu. The two of them work for a special unit called Shinra, and they are tasked with investigating spirit and otherworldly disturbances. They are investigating a strange "sleeping sickness" in the Shibuya area of Japan, when it becomes apparent that something much larger is at stake. Characters, both good and evil, from other times and other worlds begin appearing in Japan in the year 20XX.

Jin appears as a playable Tekken character in Namco x Capcom. He teams up with Ryu and Ken Masters. At the end of the game, Devil is defeated and Jin's wish comes true.


  • Namco × Capcom is a hybrid of an action-RPG and a strategy-RPG, released by Namco only in Japan.

Other Media[edit]

Tekken (2010 Film)[edit]

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Tekken (2010 Film) screenshot: Jin Kazama.

Story (Unofficial Synopsis)

Jin appears in the Tekken Movie as the main protagonist, in the film Jin enters the King of iron fist tournament after his mother's death. He also befriends Steve Fox and Raven and develops a romantic relationship with Christie Monteiro. At the end of the film he defeats Kazuya and wins Iron Fist.


  • Jin is portrayed by Jon Foo in the 2010 Tekken movie.
  • This film is the only time when he doesn't wear footguards, or his flames do not match his Gauntlets.
  • In the film Steve gives him red gloves/gauntlets saying that they are his (Steve's) old power gloves, when in the games Jin has his own gloves.

Tekken: Blood Vengeance[edit]

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Character Portrait: Jin, Tekken: Blood Vengeance.

Story (Unofficial Synopsis)

Jin Kazama will be featured in the upcoming Tekken Movie called Tekken: Blood Vengeance.

Minor Appearances[edit]

Tekken: The Motion Picture


Character Trivia[edit]

  • Jin has been voiced by Isshin Chiba since Jin debuted in Tekken 3.
  • Jin is the youngest fighter to win a Tekken tournament.
  • Jin's clothing 'theme' is fire, and a flame motif appears on at least one of his costumes in every game.
  • Very little is known about his school life. It is assumed that he dropped out of senior high school after the events of Tekken 3.
  • Jin rivals in Tekken Card Challenge are Nina Williams, Yoshimitsu and Hwoarang.
  • Jin was ranked #4 in Game Informer's "Top ten Best Fighting Game Characters".
  • Jin is the second character to transform into another form in a tournament. (The first being Ogre who Jin coincidentally beat in it's second form)
  • He has the most unique projectile in Street Fighter X Tekken as it's the only one where the projectile will stay in one area at a short time


Pre-fight Quotes Win Quotes
Come on. The Mishima Bloodline ends here. (T4-T5/T5:DR)
He’s waiting for me... (T5/T5:DR) Forgive me. (T5/T5:DR)
Don’t get in my away. I’ll get you... (T5/T5:DR)
Power is everything. This is reality.
Fear the wrath of God. You're a joke.

Tekken Tag Tournament 2

Come on.

Street Fighter X Tekken

I can’t let you live.
This is my fight, don't interfere.

Character Relationships[edit]

Jinpachi Mishima
Heihachi Mishima
Kazumi Mishima / Devil Kazumi
Lars Alexandersson
Lee Chaolan / Violet
Kazuya Mishima / Devil
Jun Kazama / Unknown
Asuka's father
Jin Kazama / Devil Jin
Asuka Kazama