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T 1P: Consists of a brown swade jacket that ends just above her hips, a small Native American hair band with a feather stuck in it, a white shirt that is tucked into her jean shorts, a choker and a low beaded necklace, white thigh-high socks, brown cowboy boots, and brown gloves.

T 2P: Consists of a black sweater with a white shirt under, white jeans, red socks, brown sneakers with white stripes, and brown gloves.

Tekken Outfits

Tekken 2[edit]

T2 1P: See T 1P.

T2 2P: Consists of a turquiose bikini under a white crop top, blue jean shorts with a black belt, and normal brown boots. She also wears some zebra print elbow bands and thigh-high socks.

Tekken 2 Outfits

Tekken Tag Tournament[edit]

TTT 1P: Mostly the same as T2 1P, but her hair band is differently colored, and her jacket, gloves, and boots have patterns on them.

TTT 2P: See T2 2P.

TTT 3P: Consists of a brown shortsleeved knee-length duster coat with Native American patterns on the back, a green hair scarf, some long green tied sleeves, jean shorts, a red choker, and cowboy boots.

TTT Outfits

Tekken Tag Tournament 2[edit]

TTT2 A: Consists of a navy blue top with a white and red flower design on it, red and green bracelets and hair band, brown fingerless gloves, zebra print sleeves that cover her neck and arms, as well as blue denim short-shorts and light brown cowboy boots. Player 2 variant wears a white top, plain brown sleeve, blue gloves, black denim shorts and white boots.

TTT2 B: Generic extra outfit.

TTT2 C: Nintendo outfit, Princess Zelda (Nintendo Wii U only.)

TTT2 Outfits