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Due to the length of this article, the evolution of Jin's gauntlets and gloves have been made into a seperate article.

Jin Kazama has worn a great deal of outfits in the course of the Tekken series. Many of these outfits feature flames on them, and, with the exception of a single outfit in Tekken 6, he always wears either gloves or gauntlets.

Tekken 3[edit]

T3 1P: Consists of a pair of black pants with a flame colored in a linear tint, from yellow to red, on his right leg. The flame starts at the end of his pant leg and ends just under his hip. He also wears a pair of matching gauntlets with studs and foot protectors.

T3 2P: Consists of him wearing gloves instead of gauntlets and he has lost the matching foot protectors in favor of long black boots with knee cap protectors. He wears a long-sleeved, collared jacket/shirt, colored yellow with a black pattern, and the word "JAPAN" printed on the back. He however wears it with the sleeves rolled midway up his forearms and with the zipper open to the top of his abs. His pants are black with a white line along the inner seem, two red 'fire pillars' with white rims, and another red pattern with white rims around his waist.

T3 3P: Consists of a a standard Mishima High School male school uniform, and goes in contrast with Xiaoyu's extra outfit, which is the female version of the school uniform. Jin wears a dark blue, V-neck blazer, with the sleeves rolled up, and the school insignia on the left side of his chest. It is worn on top of a white, apparently short sleeved shirt which has its collar showing. His pants are green-ish with orange lines running through them, giving them a checker-like pattern, and he wears leather shoes. In addition, he wears his padded gloves. This outfit is unlocked when Jin is played 50 times.

Tekken 3 Outfits

Tekken Tag Tournament[edit]

TTT 1P: Based on T3 1P, his gauntlets/footguards are now dark blue, his pants have white drawstring waistbands, and his flames have a linear tint of jade to blue.

TTT 2P: Based on T3 2P, his gloves are dark blue and his jacket is red.

TTT 3P: Mostly the same as T3 1P, but his pants have white drawstring waistbands

TTT 4P: See T3 2P.

TTT 5P: See T3 3P.

TTT Outfits

Tekken 4[edit]

T4 1P: Consists of a black and white karate gi where the pants seemed to be based on his T3 1P. They have a black base with a large white flame on his left pant leg, as opposed to his old outfit's right pant leg. However, his right pant leg now also has a flame on it, the top of which barely reaches the knee. Additionally, Jin has a matching upper body gi, in a similar black and white color and motif, as well as a black belt with gold rims. He wears a pair of white and red gauntlets with the Kazama family symbol, as well as matching foot protectors.

During stage 9 of Jin and Kazuya's Story Battle, Jin fights without his gi top.

T4 2P: Consists of a white/navy blue nylon hooded jacket and blue pants with gold flame designs. The pants have pocket lines on both sides, he also wears a grey undeshirt, red sneakers with white soles, and his gauntlets remain the same as his 1P outfit. It is one of his iconic outfits. When knocked onto the ground, Jin's hood will fall back.

Tekken 4 Outfits

Tekken 5/Tekken 5: Dark Resurrection[edit]

T5 1P: Based on T4 1P, his gauntlets have changed slightly, the flames on his pants are patterned after his T3 1P's pants, but they keep their T4 1P color scheme and have a white small flame design on his left leg. He keeps the purple belt, but the gi top is gone. DR variant is a red (Gloves/Flames on pants/Leg guards) recolor.

T5 2P: Based on T4 2P, his gauntlets have changed slightly, it is violet/blue on the hoodie instead of white/blue. The hood has a gold flame design on it. Lastly, the hoodie has a silver zipper and silver pocket lines in order to keep a sporty and edgy design. Jin's hood will fall off after one second if he performs the Spinning Flare Kick or if he lands on the ground. DR variant is a red (Gloves) and plum (Sweat suit) recolor.

T5 3P: (Guest outfit made by Mutsumi Inomata). He wears a short, white, unzipped jacket that does not cover his full torso (the lower abs and back are revealed, even if zipped) with fluffy, black sleeves and a popped, rigid colar. The jacket has two chest pocket, each with a zipper, and the zipper of the jacket itself has a long, thin, red string or ribbon attached to it. On his back is a blue flame with an indigo trim that extend to the front left part of his jacket. He wears his shirt tied around his waist, and the white pants he wears have a zipper running through the front side of each pant leg, while his left one has a line-pattern the same colors as his flame on the backside. To complete the look, he sports black sneakers with white soles. This outfit can be purchased in the Customization menu.

Tekken 5/T5DR Outfits

Tekken 6[edit]

T6 1P: Based on T3 1P, his gauntlets are heavily updated, giving them spiked armguards and protection of his proximal phalanx of his thumb. The flames are covering up to his mid-thigh section, similar like Devil Jin, and he wears a belt with yellow outlines like T4 1P and T5 1P, but it is black instead of purple.

T6 2P: Consists of a black trench coat with long back-tails and Devil Gene mark on the left side of the coat, white dress shirt with black stripes all over the shirt, dark grey striped dress pants and black dress shoes. This is the first and the only outfit that he does not wear his gauntlets/gloves.

T6 3P: (Guest outfit made by CLAMP). Jin's Commander Suit. It consists of a waistcoat and white loose pants. On top, he wears a long white coat similar to a frock coat. The Devil Gene symbol is visible on both sides of the pass. A rigid epaulette is visible. A cape split in the middle, always of the same color, completely covers the back of Jin. A golden chain, which closes the cape, is hung on his left shoulder, in the mouth of a Komainu. Gilded pendants are hung on the mane of the animal. A strip of fabric matching the cape hangs on the front. The Devil Gene symbol is again visible on the back of his cloak. He wears white boots with Komainu, their mouthes enclosing rings. The patterns of the animal's mane are also on the sides of the boots. Finally, his hands are covered with white gloves.

Tekken 6 Outfits

Tekken Tag Tournament 2[edit]

TTT2 A: See T6 1P. Player 2 variant wears white gaunlets and white flames on his pants.

TTT2 B: Oilshock Designs extra outfit.

TTT2 C: Nintendo outfit, Link (Nintendo Wii U only.)

TTT2 Outfits