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As his name suggests, Armor King I always wears armor through the Tekken series as his Player 1 outfit. For the first time in Tekken Tag Tournament, and then in every appearance of him, he also had an outfit without the armor.


T 1P: Armor King's attire consists of armor and a jaguar mask and tail similar to King's. The differences between their masks are that Armor King's is black instead of yellow, it has longer teeth, and has a red eye with a scar on it. The tail is also darker than King's, but curiously is a different color than Armor King's mask. The armor consists of a black body part, black shoulder pads with a sting on them, a pair of white arm protections with stings, and white metallic shin-pads and foot protections. He also wears black trousers, black gloves with nine white rivets, and seems to wear a suit with long sleeves under the armor.

T 2P: Blue recolor of T 1P.

Tekken Outfits

Tekken 2[edit]

T2 1P: See T 1P.

T2 2P: See T 2P

Tekken 2 Outfits

Tekken Tag Tournament[edit]

TTT 1P: His outfit now resembles how it appeared in the intro for Tekken 2. The main difference is that the armor is gray instead of black. He now doesn't wear gloves nor a long sleeved suit under the armor, the suit is now sleeveless and barely visible in game. He has some armor parts around his hip, and the white parts of it are now the same color as the rest of the armor. His skin is visible for the first time.

TTT 2P: Blue recolor of TTT 1P.

TTT 3P: His TTT 1P, but he wears black wristbands and no shirt or upper armor. This outfit is unlocked when Armor King beats Arcade mode.

TTT Outfits