Lana Lei

Lana Lei
Lana Lei.jpg
Lana Lei in Death by Degrees
Origin China2.png China
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Age 28
Occupation Kometa Executive
Appearances Death by Degrees

Lana Lei is an antagonist and a Kometa executive in Death by Degrees. She has Bryce Adams as her bodyguard and a butler named Douglas Taggart. Lana is the antagonist that Nina Williams must fight three times, being the most for any boss.

Lana uses bladed feather fans during fights and also has the ability to teleport to another spot. Apparently, she can also summon zombies and clone people such as Bryce Adams and Enrique Ortega, two of the game's other antagonists. Every time Nina fights Lana, they go to a different place than they are currently at. The first two times, they fight in a snowy area where a plane has apparently wrecked. However, in the third fight, they go to another snowy location with many broken stone statues in it. After Nina defeats Lana, they go back to the place where they were prior to the fight.

Along with Bryce being her bodyguard, he also appears to be her boyfriend. Lana cares a lot about him, as shown before Nina fights her for the first time in which she angrily says, "You're the one who murdered Bryce!" to Nina. Towards the end of the game, it is revealed that Lana kept his corpse on a bed covered in roses on the Amphitrite.

Lana is difficult to kill; she doesn't die after getting defeated twice by Nina and she doesn't die after getting shot with a gun multiple times. After their third fight, Lana apparently dies. However, she does manage to say, "It's him..." before Nina flees the Amphitrite indicating that Edgar Grant is the one who blew up the ship. She is left for dead, as she was on the Amphitrite when it blew up, but due to the ship's layout, she may have escaped and survived the explosion.


Closeup of Lana's face, showing her heterochromia.
  • Lana has Heterochromia ([1]), a condition where there is a difference in colouration of the iris. Closeups of Lana show she has one green eye and one red eye.
  • The purple catsuit Nina wears for a portion of the game came from Lana's Wardrobe.
  • She is the only boss to be fought 3 times, also making her the character with the most boss fights.
  • The first snowy area where Lana can be encountered was actually the area in Nina's flashbacks of when Richard Williams died.
  • The second snowy area resembles one of the broken statuettes in Lana's room next to the lift.

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