Origin Unknown2.png Unknown
Voiced By TBA
Fighting Style Unknown
Age 1000+
Blood Type Unknown
Height Unknown
Weight Unknown
Occupation Unknown
Hobby Unknown
Likes Blood
Dislikes Unknown


Eliza (エリザ Eriza) is a character introduced in Tekken Revolution. Originally known as "female vampire", she was revealed in a poll of unused Tekken characters who never made it into the games. When she won the poll, she was announced to appear in Tekken Revolution.

Eliza was born more than 1000 years ago. At some point, she decided to take a small nap, but her 40 winks turned into a Rip Van Winkle style slumber that lasted for hundreds of years. During her sleep, the estate of Lili Rochefort's family was built atop her resting ground, leaving her imprisoned[1].

Games in order of appearance:

Eliza's sketch (used instead of CG art).
Eliza mirror match.


  • Practically using flying objects and having special ways to move around, Eliza is a character with a new style.

There are times she suddenly starts sleeping during battle and has a peculiar characteristic of being able to recover her health when she's asleep.

Special Art/Critical Arts

Astral Shot: b+3.
Shadow Ring: d/b+4.
Rising Chaos: b+1,2,4.
Splendid Edge: u/f+4,2.
Bloody Claw: f,F+2.

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  • She was among the candidates to be voted for Tekken Revolution's "Original Character" campaign, in which she was the most voted character to be playable[2].
  • Unlocking her requires the player to obtain 20,000 Blood Seals. These can be obtained through either Online VS or in Arcade Battle. Players gain a random amount of them each time they are rewarded, although the amount will always exceed 10 if a Premium Coin or a Premium Ticket is used. A premature end to a match (i.e., a disconnection from either end) will result in no Blood Seals being awarded to either player[3][4].
  • If the player unlocks Eliza, continuing to collect Blood Seals will allow them to buy alternate costumes for her. When all of those are purchased, the Blood Seals will be converted into Fight Money.
  • Eliza was added to the North American version of Tekken Revolution on January 7, 2014[5].
  • When chosen on the "Character Select" screen, instead of the announcer calling out her name, Eliza will do it instead.
  • When Eliza grabs an opponent with her "Bloody Bite" throw, the attack causes their body to shrink as she sucks the blood from them. [1]However, the move doesn't alter the appearance of Jack 6 and Mokujin possibly because they aren't living things.


Tekken Revolution

Pre-fight Quotes Win Quotes Other
You look like a treat. I could use a drink. Stay Still! (When Performing "Bloody Bite")
Unrelenting night awa-Zzz... Was that too much?

Character Relationships


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