Dragon Fighting Jack

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Dragon Fighting Jack
Origin N/A
Voiced By N/A
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Dragon Fighting Jack was supposedly a character found by some of fans in the original Tekken. He was allegedly planned to be in the first Tekken as a final boss after Heihachi. Dragon Fighting Jack's appearance is taken from a mysterious blue entity found in the original Tekken's box art. His name came from a misspelled statement regarding Marshall Law, fighting Jack, which read, "Dragon fighting Jack", rather than, "Law, fighting Jack". "Dragon Fighting Jack", however, is actually just P. Jack. With comparisons between the Arcade poster (Which featured all the playable characters with the exception of Heihachi) and the console picture (Which was supposed to remove the "rivals" from the artwork). The mysterious blue entity was actually simply the head of Prototype Jack (who was colored blue in the Arcade poster), who could not be completely cut out. This possibly caused players to immediately search for this blue entity, but as they couldn't find the entity, dubbed him, "Dragon Fighting Jack", based on the mistranslation on the box. This also lead to multiple speculations whether or not Dragon Fighting Jack was or was not meant to be a character for the console.


Tekken 1

Gallery - Outfit

Dragon Fighting Jack was supposed to be a final boss after Heihachi, but was scrapped due to his complex moveset. He had Jack's Power Fighting and some of Law's Jeet Kune Do.