Edgar Grant

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Edgar Grant
Edgar Grant (a.k.a. Alan Smithee).jpg
Edgar Grant in Death by Degrees
Origin Unknown2.png Unknown
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Age 40
Occupation "Sneaker" (actually a "sweeper") and a Kometa executive
Appearances Death by Degrees

Edgar Grant is a character in Death by Degrees. Edgar killed John Doe (one of Nina Williams' team's "sneakers") and Lukas Hayes (a scientist responsible for the creation of Salacia). He is a Kometa executive. Edgar poses as one of Nina's team's "sneakers", using the alias "Alan Smithee". Nina, who is the game's protagonist, must occasionally protect Edgar / Alan from enemies (usually with a sniper gun). Nina does not realize that Alan is Edgar until he shows up after she defeats Lana Lei for the second time. Edgar shoots Lana multiple times, Lana says, "Edgar...", and she presumably dies. Nina also learns that Edgar is also a "sweeper". After Edgar reveals that he originally intended for Nina to witness his "death" and that he intends to destroy the Amphitrite to avoid publicity, Lana, who is barely alive, gets up and shoots Edgar while screaming, "I'll see you in Hell!". Edgar supposedly dies when the Amphitrite blows up. The reason being that as Lana lays dying she states "It's him..." to Nina. Likely she is referring to Edgar being the one to cause the Amphitrite to self-destruct. Indeed, if the player checks on Edgar's body, after the final Lana fight, it is gone, with only his 9mm Handgun left behind. In addition, there is a blood trail leading to the deep sea sub which is also mysteriously gone. Thus, it is possible that Edgar could have survived the incident and used the submarine to escape.

Character Relationships[edit]

  • Assists Nina Williams and John Doe as one of the team's "sneakers", under the alias "Alan Smithee". In actuality, he is working for Kometa, and he is a "sweeper", like Nina.
  • Killed John Doe.
  • Killed Lukas Hayes.
  • Attempts to kill Lana Lei by shooting her, but she survives. He is apparently killed by Lana afterwards.