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Kara - Tekken 2010 Movie.jpg
Origin United-States.png USA
Voiced By {{{Voiced By}}}
Age Unknown
Occupation Girlfriend of Jin Kazama
Appearances Tekken (2010 Film)
Mentioned in None


Kara, played by Mircea Monroe, was introduced in the 2010 live action film Tekken as Jin's girlfriend at the beginning of the film. When his mother is killed at Kazuya Mishima's command, Kara reveals to Jin that her father suffered the same fate of being killed during a Jackhammer raid. She resides in The Anvil, where she can be seen in a crowd watching Jin's fights in the Iron Fist tournament, all the way up to him winning the entire tournament. Kara has never appeared in any of the games, and she is a non-canon character.

Character Relationships[edit]