Origin Saudi Arabia.png Saudi Arabia[1]
Voiced By Unknown
Fighting Style Military Fighting Style (軍隊式格闘術)[2]
Age Unknown
Blood Type Unknown
Height Unknown
Weight Unknown
Occupation Unknown
Hobby Unknown
Likes Unknown
Dislikes Unknown


Shaheen (シャヒーン Syahin) is the fourth new playable character in Tekken 7. His concept art was first shown during August 2014, in which Harada asked arab fans if the design was acceptable due to an accident regarding the Tekken Tag Tournament 2 stage, Modern Oasis. Shaheen received favorable reactions, and his inclusion was announced at Harada's twitter on January 1, 2015.

Games in order of appearance:


Shaheen's CG-art in Tekken 7


Shaheen has Lee Chaolan's "Gut Polisher", and a version of Lee and Law's slide. Whether the two are related in story or if this is just a coincidence is unknown.


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  • Shaheen's design was made by Ninnin
  • Shaheen's keffiyeh can be knocked away if he is hit enough times in Fated Retribution.


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Character Trivia

  • His name, Shaheen, is a name of Persian origin, referring to the Shaheen Falcon.
  • In South Korea, Shaheen cannot be customized with certain colors and clothing in order to prevent religious issues.


Pre-fight Quotes Win Quotes
Do you think you can defeat me? I take no joy in this victory...
I demand to know the truth! It was my destiny to win.
I do not wish to hurt you, but I will fight if I must. I will never give up.

Character Relationships

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