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Name Roger
Origin None
Voiced By N/A
Fighting Style Commando Wrestling
Age Unknown
Blood Type Unknown
Height 160 cm
Weight 80 kg
Occupation Training
Hobby Being Happy
Likes His son
his wife
his creator
Dislikes Kazuya Mishima
Doctor Abel


Roger (ロジャー Rojā) is a character in the Tekken series who made his first appearance in Tekken 2 and his last appearance in the non-canonical game Tekken Tag Tournament. Roger is a kangaroo that was made by Doctor Bosconovitch for the same purpose as Alex. Jun Kazama later arranged for Roger and Alex to live out their lives in Australia.

His title in the original trilogy is Animal Commander.

Games in order of appearance:

*only in Roger Jr.'s ending

Other appearances:


Tekken 2

Gallery - Outfit

Character Portrait: Roger, Tekken 2
Tekken 2 screenshot: Roger VS Alex


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Both Roger and Alex are the results of a military experiment. Doctor Boskonovitch wanted to combine the genes from a martial artist and cross them with wild animals. It is rumored that Doctor Abel has stolen Roger and Alex and is keeping them with him in his secret laboratory.
Ending, "Wild Roger" (Unofficial Synopsis)
A countdown (from 3) of a wildlife documentary is shown before the start of the scene. A traffic sign is seen with the words "Roger won" on it. A herd of kangaroos are hopping along the Outback. Before the finish, the scene is rewound and Roger can be seen running through the herd with his enhanced mind. The scene ends showing Roger waving a boxing gloved fist at the camera.


  • Roger's Stage 8 sub-boss is Alex.

Spin-Offs and Related Games

Tekken Tag Tournament

Gallery - Outfit

Character Portrait: Roger, Tekken Tag Tournament
Tekken Tag Tournament screenshot: Roger VS Alex


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Tekken Tag Tournament is a non-canonical Tekken game containing no plot.

Ending (Unofficial Synopsis)

Roger is playing "Rock, Paper, Scissors" with Yoshimitsu. Roger's boxing gloves force Roger to choose "Rock" every time. Knowing this, Yoshimitsu picks "Paper" every time and wins every time. This ending takes place in Paul Phoenix's Tekken Tag Tournament stage.


  • If you partner Roger and Kuma II together at the start of the fight they will do a unique dance.
  • Roger's Stage 7 sub-boss is Heihachi Mishima.

Other Media

Tekken: The Motion Picture

Gallery - Outfit

Tekken: The Motion Picture Roger.

Roger is featured in Tekken: The Motion Picture. He is spotted by Lei Wulong while he and Jack-2 search for Doctor Bosconovitch. When Roger and Lei meet face to face, Lei cries "What the hell is that thing?!" It is unknown what happened to Roger after the tournament, since he was not seen beyond this scene.


Character Trivia

  • Roger's wife, a female transgenic kangaroo, is unnamed at this time, but is referred to as "Roger Mama" in the Japanese version of Tekken 5.
  • Roger is not playable in Tekken 5 and Tekken 6 but makes an appearance in both games.
  • Roger along with his family are referenced by Ken's win quote against Kuro. Ken says, "A cat walking around like a human. What's next, a boxing kangaroo?"
  • According to Kazuya, Roger was actually a failed experiment that was supposed to have been disposed of.

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