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Name Devil Jin
Origin Unknown2.png Unknown
Voiced By Isshin Chiba
Darren Daniels (T:BV; English)
Fighting Style Unknown (Seemingly based on Advanced Mishima Style Karate and some Kazama-Style Self Defense)
Age 21
Blood Type AB
Height 6' 2" (188 cm)
Weight 210 lbs (95 kg)
Occupation The Devil Gene within Jin Kazama
Hobby Seeking out ultimate power
Likes Ultimate and supreme power
Dislikes Failure in fights
interferance with his plans
His human form
Kazuya Mishima
Asuka Kazama


Devil Jin (デビル仁 Debiru Jin) was first introduced in Tekken 5 and has returned for every subsequent game. Though Devil Jin made his first playable appearance in Tekken 5, he made his first non-playable appearance in Tekken 3 in Jin's ending. Devil Jin is Jin Kazama consumed by the Devil Gene, passed on to him by his father. According to Devil Jin's Tekken 5 prologue, Jinpachi Mishima, escaping captivity when Hon-Maru fell, triggered the evil that had been building up inside Jin.

His appearance is very similar to that of his human form with added inhuman traits including horns, wings, tattoos, a bone like horns protruding from his forearms, and light yellow irises. Many of Devil Jin's outfits have him wearing generally black pants, with his right leg having a flame graphic on it, covering up to his mid-thigh section. Devil Jin wears gauntlets coloured the same as the flame on his pants and shoes coloured the same the respective leg.

Although Devil Jin made repeated cameos and hints during Tekken 3 and Tekken Tag Tournament, his very first full appearance would occur in Tekken 4. Jin had received a portion of the Devil Gene from his father during the events between Tekken 2 and 3, resulting in his trademark tattoo. As Kazuya was reintroduced into the series, he would give more backstory to Devil Jin's origin. Kazuya notes that when he was revived by G-Corporation, part of the Devil Gene was forced out of his body because of his death at the hands of Heihachi, the gene would eventually find Jin Kazama, still a fetus within Jun Kazama, but was defeated by her, yet was inevitably able to enter Jin after Jun's disappearance.

Devil Jin's official debut occurred with Tekken 5, where he not only acted as the game's penultimate boss in the arcade run but also featured the return of Jin's forgotten Mishima Style Karate.

As Jin does not have as much control over the Devil Gene as his father or grandmother, Devil Jin's presence is often due to an involuntary transformation. It can be assumed that should Jin reach an extreme emotional state, or be severely wounded or defeated, he will transform into Devil Jin, and will typically be unconscious of actions done in this state. Having been utterly consumed, Devil Jin's main purpose is to absorb energies belonging to great beings such as Azazel and Jinpachi. Despite the Devil Gene being seemingly in full control of Jin's actions, one notable point is that there are two things that will cause severe trauma to Devil Jin. The first is the presence of the Kazama's purification powers. Devil Jin's dialogue with Asuka, as well as his win pose with Jun seem to hint that their purifying powers are hampering with the Devil Gene's control. The second are people who Jin believes are important. As such, despite not having any purifying powers, both Hwoarang and Xiaoyu can cause extreme pain to Devil Jin as shown in the Scenario Campaign.

As of yet, Devil Jin's only "match" was against Hwoarang, after the latter had seemingly defeated Jin. It is currently unknown if Devil Jin will make more canonical appearances in Tekken's story, as Jin progressively shows more control over the Devil Gene.

Games in order of appearance:

Other appearances:


Tekken 5

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Character Portrait: Devil Jin, Tekken 5
Tekken 5 screenshot: Devil Jin VS Devil Jin.
CG art in Tekken 5:Dark Resurrection


While Jin fights using Traditional Karate, Devil Jin has retained the Advanced Mishima-Style Karate as a fighting style.


Prologue (In-Game Text)
When the devil gene takes over Jin Kazama... Jinpachi was able to escape captivity as Hon-Maru fell. This triggered the evil that had been building up inside Jin. Two months later... evil has completely consumed Jin's mind and a deadly force has awakened...
Interludes (Unofficial Synopsis)
Stage 8 Asuka Kazama: Devil Jin tells Jinpachi to give "it" to him. Jinpachi replies saying that Devil Jin has no manners, thus he should die. Asuka then steps in, trying to find out what's going on. At first, Devil Jin only slightly turns his head in her direction but then averts his gaze. Asuka insists on not being ignored and pleads with him to listen to her. Devil Jin laughs at her, tells her to shut up, calls her "insignificant", and asks if she thinks she can stop him. Asuka admits she does not know what is going on but feels Devil Jin's a bit too cocky. She makes a rude bent elbow gesture at him and says she'll put him back in his place. Devil Jin then consents to allowing her to go first. After defeating Asuka, Devil Jin looks down on her and says that she has no right to interfere with their plans.
Stage 9 Jinpachi Mishima: Jinpachi calls Devil Jin a fool and that he cannot defeat Jinpachi after giving in to the Devil. Devil Jin seems genuinely confused by the notion and says Jinpachi does not understand and that he has taken full control of the Devil. Jinpachi replies that he must make that power his, and the two fight.
Ending (Unofficial Synopsis)
After having defeated Jinpachi, Devil Jin picks him up and absorbs his power, causing Devil Jin to mutate. Devil Jin's muscles expand suddenly, bursting through both of his gauntlets. His horns and wings grow longer, and he is covered with long fur. His power becomes so massive that it triggers a violent explosion, Devil Jin stands in the center of it, howling.

Devil Within: Devil Jin is featured in the "Devil Within" side game in Tekken 5. While the player controls Jin Kazama, they are given the opportunity to change into Devil Jin by pressing the "L1" button and the "Triangle" button at the same time when the "Devil Gauge" is full while using Jin. As with the regular modes in Tekken 5, Devil Jin's moves are quite different than Jin's in Devil Within.


  • Devil Jin can be unlocked one of ways, by completing the "Devil Within" minigame, fighting 200 battles in any mode or by completing story mode 6 times after unlocking Heihachi.
  • Devil Jin's sub-boss is Asuka Kazama.
  • Devil Jin is the sub-boss for nearly every character in Tekken 5's / Tekken 5: Dark Resurrection's "Story Mode." The exceptions are himself, Jin Kazama, Kazuya Mishima, Heihachi Mishima, Asuka Kazama, Raven, Hwoarang, and Wang Jinrei.
  • In his ending before he absorbs Jinpachi's power, Devil Jin is shown wearing chains on one of his arms and one around his waist, but as soon as he starts absorbing, the chain on his arm is gone. When Devil Jin breaks both of his gauntlets, the chains that were on his waist are also gone.
  • Devil Jin's only intro quote is "Kyoufu wo oshiete yarou!" The official translation provided is "Fear the wrath of God," though the actual translation is usually "I shall teach you fear!". In the English dub of Street Fighter X Tekken during his Devil Beam super art, Jin says "I shall teach you fear!", confirming it as the official translation, though the Japanese version now has him say "Kyoufu wo atai te yarou!"
  • In Asuka's Tekken 5 ending, Devil Jin is wearing studded gloves but once he reverts back to normal, his gloves change to the spiral-pattern gloves. Whether this indicates that Devil Jin's gloves are part of his transformation, or if it was simply a mistake by the animators is unknown.
  • Some of Devil Jin's customizable items can make him look like Devilman, from artist Go Nagai.
  • In pre-rendered animated videos and CG images, Devil Jin has a chain wrapped around his waist, left leg, and right arm, but in gameplay and real-time cut scenes, these are not seen, and they are merely customization items in customization mode (only one of these can be equipped at one time).
  • Devil Jin is the only playable character that only has one pre-fight animation.
  • His ending is similar to Kazuya's Tekken 4 ending where Kazuya absorbs power from Jin and then transforms into Devil Kazuya.

Tekken 6

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Character Portrait: Devil Jin, Tekken 6
CG art in Tekken 6: Bloodline Rebellion and Tekken 6 console
Tekken 6 screenshot: Devil Jin VS Devil Jin


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Prologue (In-Game Text)
Under the control of the devil gene, Jin Kazama's power rivals that of a demon.
Ending (Unofficial Synopsis)
Devil Jin has defeated Azazel. He then retrieves Azazel's orb, which absorbs his devil power and he turns him back to his normal state. Zafina, who was standing nearby, picks up the orb and carries an unconscious Jin outside. She returns to temple with the doors closing behind her, and the site collapses.


  • Devil Jin is the only playable character that only has one pre-fight animation.
  • In the Scenario Campaign mode of Tekken 6, Devil Jin is a boss on the Nightmare Train stage. This stage is notoriously difficult. The preferred method of defeating him here is knocking him off of the train.

Tekken 7

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Devil Jin's CG-art in Tekken 7.

Devil Jin was confirmed to return as one of the first set of time release characters alongside Josie and Jin. Prior to the official announcement, his render was leaked. He was officially added into the game on April 7, 2015.


Aside from retaining many of his exclusive commands, he has received new moves coming from Angel.

Story (Official Website)

After he defeated Azazel, Jin Kazama was apprehended by UN troops. As his unconscious body was being transported by helicopter, he became possessed by his devil form, ripped free from his straitjacket, tore through the helicopter's fuselage with a powerful beam attack, and then escaped.

Intermittently fending off the UN's attempts to recapture him, Devil Jin wandered the desert until he stumbled across a town in the Middle East. His arrival at the town's bazaar sent the civilians fleeing for their lives, turning the once buzzing settlement into an abandoned husk.

That is until a certain someone showed his face...


Hwoarang, though wounded, barely gets up and attempts to continue fighting Devil Jin, however, UN soldiers begin shooting at both of them. When one flings a grenade, Hwoarang immediately kicks Devil Jin out of the way, and is knocked unconscious by the blast.

After which, Devil Jin proceeds fly and shoot his laser at the soldiers.


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Spin-offs and Related Games

Tekken Tag Tournament 2

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Character Portrait: Devil Jin, Tekken Tag Tournament 2
Devil Jin Intro

Devil Jin will be featured as a playable character in Tekken Tag Tournament 2.


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Story (From Wii U Edition)

Under the control of the Devil Gene, Jin Kazama's power rivals that of a demon. He will stop at nothing to fulfill his motives[1].

Ending (Unofficial Synopsis)

Devil Jin is flying higher with incredible pain in his head as images of both Jun and Unknown run through his mind. He manages to reach space and while looking down on Earth, is hugged by an image of Jun. Later Jin is seen unconscious on a beach being taken care of by a few Tekken Force members


  • He has a special win pose with Kazuya where he will begin shooting his laser repeatedly, amusing Kazuya.
  • He has a special win pose if partnered with Jin when he will transform back into his human form.
  • He has a special win pose if with Hwoarang where Hwoarang will attempt to punch Devil Jin, but Devil Jin flies away.
  • He has a special win pose with Jun where he appears to have stopped any movement because of Jun.
  • His item move forces the opponent to tag out
  • In the Prologue players can choose to play as Devil Jin and he has an exclusive costume in that game which is his appearance in Blood Vengeance.
  • He has a special tag throw with Angel. When he throws the opponent in the air and fires his laser (Performing "Obliteration") on him or her, and Angel will fly above the mid air opponent and fire her laser simultaneously.
  • He has a special win pose with Asuka when he will fire a beam at her and she will crouch below it, causing him to miss.

Tekken Revolution

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Devil Jin is featured in the free-to-play online game Tekken Revolution as an unlockable character, added in the August 9th, 2013 update as part of the Summer Campaign ([1]). As with the rest of the cast, his appearance and moveset are carried over directly from Tekken Tag Tournament 2. However, his laser firing moves have received aesthetic changes, with the beams having increased in size.

Special Art/Critical Arts

Corpse Thrust: d+1.
Hisou: f+3+4.
Samsara: u+4.
Wind God Fist: f,N,d,d/f+2.
Spinning Demon: f,N,d,d/f+4,4.

Other Media

Tekken: Blood Vengeance

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Character portrait: Devil Jin, Tekken: Blood Vengeance

Devil Jin appears towards the end of the movie but during this time, Jin can already control his devil gene as he was shown with full control in the movie. He used the transformation after Devil Kazuya taunted him. He first starts in a monster-ish form and devil Kazuya is still winning the fight. But after a while he transforms to a humanoid form and is able to defeat Kazuya. He then talks to Xiaoyu and leaves off into the distance as Devil Jin.

Soul Calibur V

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A custom Devil Jin against Practice Mode Edge Master.

Though he himself is not in the game, Devil Jin's fighting style is available to all created characters, both male and female, in Soul Calibur V. It is labeled under "Devil Jin (Tekken)", and is represented by Jin Kazama's trademark tattoo.


Character Trivia

  • Asuka Kazama seems to have the ability to under Devil transformation,a trait she shares with her relative, Jun Kazama.
  • Jin cannot control his Devil transformation unlike his father.
  • His name is a pun for the Devil Gene. This was further proven in Tekken 6 if the player selects him at the character select.
  • While Devil Jin is not actually in Street Fighter X Tekken, Jin's Devil Beam super art ends with him flying into the air with black, aura-like wings (unlike Devil Jin's physical, angel-esque wings) and blasting the opponent with a signature Devil Beam, and he transforms into Devil Jin in his debut trailer after Bison attacks Xiaoyu.
  • Based from the dialogue in the Scenario Campaign Devil Jin seems to suffer head pain when Hwoarang, Asuka or Xiaoyu is in his sight. (Likely from trying to put together the scattered memories of his human self)


Pre-fight Quotes
Fear the wrath of God!

Tekken Tag Tournament 2

I'll take on all of you at once.
Fear my wrath.

Character Relationships

Family Tree

Jinpachi Mishima
Heihachi Mishima
Kazumi Mishima / Devil Kazumi
Lars Alexandersson
Lee Chaolan / Violet
Kazuya Mishima / Devil
Jun Kazama / Unknown
Asuka's father
Jin Kazama / Devil Jin
Asuka Kazama